This Newlywed Home Marries Styles for a Chic Parisian Farmhouse Vibe

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WORDS BY Staci Sturrock

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Published on July 2, 2021

When Denver resident Matthew married his girlfriend, Shannon (along with her cute pup, Oliver), the couple turned to our design team to transform Matt’s sleek bachelor pad into a chic home that reflected two sets of style likes and dislikes.

The result is an airy, elegant marriage of Parisian Modern and Modern Farmhouse styles. Call it Parisian Farmhouse. Call it cozy yet sophisticated. Call it a well-balanced design that’s gender-neutral but hardly generic. 

“Their space reflects a marriage (quite literally) of Shannon’s and Matt’s individual preferences, which is perfect for young partners blending their multifaceted lives into one space,” says Vivian Torres, a lead designer at Havenly.

Matt and Shannon’s home is one of dozens featured in our new guidebook, Design the Home You Love. Across 272 photo-filled pages, Havenly founders Lee Mayer and Emily Motayed share tips on how to discover your unique style and bring it to life in a space designed for actually living.

Check out Lee’s coastal-inspired home here, and follow along as we share how to get the look of Matt and Shannon’s polished, easy-to-enjoy space (and for more design expertise — get the book!):

Parisian Farmhouse furniture and decor

1. Artwork  //  2. Sectional  //  3. Side Table  //  4. Cane Chair  //  5. Rug  //  6. Coffee Table  //  7. Black Pillow  //  8. Green Pillow  //  9.  Stripe Pillow  //  10. Chandelier // 11. Dining Table  //  12. Dining Chair  //  13. Portrait Art  //  14. Pampas Grass  //  15.  Vase  //  16. Abstract Art

Build on neutrals

Matt and Shannon’s design is based on a neutral palette for larger furniture pieces. Exhibit A: the plush Interior Define sectional in a wheat fabric with walnut legs. 

From there, muted colors in classic hues are layered in — like the rust undertones in the rug, the olive green pillow, and a smattering of burnt orange accents.

“The color palette is bold and interesting, yet not unachievable or unrealistic, so overall it’s a great mix of trend, timelessness and relatability,” Vivian says. “Nothing about it feels overly fussy, but it’s curated and cultured, and enough of a departure from Pinterest-featured looks to feel exciting.” 

(Need help merging two styles without hurting anyone’s feelings? We’ve got you.)

coffee tables for small spaces

Anchor with black accent pieces

While the use of black, white and cream feels current, black accent pieces add a cosmopolitan touch to Matt and Shannon’s space.

The two black counter stools that face the kitchen — as if awaiting orders of pommes frites and French 75s — echo the pair of black frames hanging over the sectional and the bistro-inspired chairs flanking the dining table. And if you’ve been looking for the Parisian influence, this is where we say ‘oui, you found it.’

“One of my favorite elements of this design is its use of rich, dark and warm accent colors and how that gives life to its clean and calm foundation,” Vivian says.

(Curious about Matt’s pre-Shannon bachelor pad, which was also designed by Havenly? Check it out here.)

Modern farmhouse kitchen
Parisian Modern dining table

Throw in some pillows (and more pillows)

Textural pillows soften the living space and strategically layer in the muted patterns that Shannon prefers. More importantly, they help create a space that is warm and welcoming.

“The open layout and clean-lined, comfortable furnishings allow for both effortless entertaining and maximum coziness on Netflix-and-chill nights,” Vivian says. 

(Did you know you can never have too many pillows? We will take on all who believe differently.)

Layer in textures

We like Matt and Shannon’s design because it’s an example of one of our most popular styles — Modern Farmhouse — with a French twist (which we lovingly call Parisian Modern).

Bonjour to Parisian Farmhouse, blending the warmth and comfort of countryside elements like reclaimed woods and linen fabrics (aka the Farmhouse influence) with more upscale materials such as marble, brass and cane (bonjour, to our French friends).

“This home’s layered and unique mix of rustic and rich defines this as a standout design for any design enthusiast who wants an elevated and sophisticated version of farmhouse style,” Vivian says.

Accent with unique pieces

Matt and Shannon’s space includes items that tell their story, such as a set of Chinese prints, a vintage clock inherited from Matt’s grandfather and a gorgeous drinking cabinet. Heritage pieces and family artifacts are, of course, a key component of a Parisian-inspired lifestyle, where history and modernity mingle.

We have long been about incorporating vintage pieces, and this home is a shining example of why. As Lee and Emily write in Design the Home You Love, “There’s nothing we love better than a look that combines heirloom pieces with the sleeker lines of foundational items that reflect the way we live today.”

The way we live today. Words to live by. Your current lifestyle is always among the most important design considerations, whether you’re moving into a new place, welcoming a new family member or, like Shannon and Matt, merging households — and styles. Let’s raise a glass to our newlyweds, and their stunning and cozy home.  

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Modern farmhouse entryway

Words by Staci Sturrock