16 Romantic Bedroom Colors Designers Love for a Swoon-Worthy Space

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WORDS BY Rebecca Deczynski

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Published on December 6, 2023

Want to set yourself up for sweet dreams? A bedroom redesign can be a good place to start — especially if you want to embrace your inner romantic.

But we’re not talking about decking your space out with rose petals and hundreds of flickering candles. When it comes to your interior, romance is all about sumptuous textures, touches of nature, and, of course, the right romantic bedroom colors. Think Bridgerton or Pride and Prejudice — both BBC mini-series and 2005 film alike.

The best romantic bedroom colors for a swoon-worthy space of your own will depend on your personal style, whether you prefer a more neutral palette, pretty pastels, or richer tones. No matter what, though, these hues will help make your bedroom even sweeter. Pleasant dreams are bound to follow.

1. Romantic Bedroom Colors: Deep Burgundy

Romantic Bedroom Colors

Forget what cheesy honeymoon suite assumptions you might have about red upholstered beds. Interior Define’s Graham Bed in Wine lends an air of romantic sophistication to this bedroom. Its deep burgundy hue gives the space a touch of warmth and plays nicely with warm woods.

2. Romantic Bedroom Colors: Peachy Pink

Romantic Bedroom Colors

When you want to evoke the feeling of a Sofia Coppola film, pink is the only answer. A warm peach tone feels a bit more grown-up than a cooler peony hue and sets the perfect background for The Inside’s Modern Wingback Bed in Bamboo Garden — a perfect floral.

3. Romantic Bedroom Colors: Soft Blues

Romantic Bedroom Colors

Simple pops of sky blue — in the form of throw pillows, sheets, and a piece of art — give this mostly neutral bedroom a more playful, romantic feel. A mix of patterns keeps it lighthearted, with The Inside’s Slipcover Bed in Sky Fritz setting a sweet foundation. 

4. Romantic Bedroom Colors: Earth Tones

Romantic Bedroom Colors

Light tans and mossy greens as just as suited for romantic, pastoral watercolor paintings as they are for contemporary bedrooms. Just see how The Inside’s Modern Wingback Bed in Fawn brings a natural, yet almost magical, touch to this space.

5. Romantic Bedroom Colors: Warm Gray

Romantic Bedroom Colors

Shades of gray may not be the defining colors of this bedroom — but they do give it a feeling of calm, with both The Inside’s Modern Wingback Bed in Onyx Austin Stripe and a simple, traditional nightstand. 

6. Romantic Bedroom Colors: Dark Olive

Romantic Bedroom Colors

In a largely cream-colored space, The Inside’s Slipcover Bed in Olive Linen has a defining presence. The dark green hue of the bed is grounding but still looks welcoming and visually soft. 

7. Romantic Bedroom Colors: Rust

Romantic Bedroom Colors

A more vibrant alternative to a deeper, moodier burgundy, a true rust brings a bit of energy to a mostly white room. The Inside’s Arch Back Bed in Rust Velvet is a defining piece of furniture that can be truly transformative.

8. Romantic Bedroom Colors: Dark Charcoal

Romantic Bedroom Colors

Don’t be afraid of dark colors! They can actually be some of the most romantic bedroom colors. Case in point: Dark gray walls and ceiling lend this space a deeply intimate feel. The Inside’s Slipcovered Bed in Charcoal Fritz complements the dramatic paint job.

9. Romantic Bedroom Colors: Periwinkle

Romantic Bedroom Colors

The Inside’s Modern Platform Bed in Ocean Velvet adds just a kiss of color to this warm-toned bedroom. It’s a hue you’d likely find in a Monet painting — and though it’s subtle, it’s highly impactful.

10. Romantic Bedroom Colors: Soft Cobalt

Romantic Bedroom Colors

Here’s another blue option for those who like to be a bit more bold. The Inside’s Modern Wingback Bed in Blue Aviary is an absolute showstopper in a neutral space, but the hue is classic enough (think: old blue and white pottery) that it doesn’t feel totally out of place.

11. Romantic Bedroom Colors: Blue and Brown

Romantic Bedroom Colors

This color combination may be unexpected but it works for a reason. Especially when used in floral patterns — like The Inside’s Classic Wingback Bed in Delft Chintz and this room’s patterned brown curtains and sheets — these hues create a soft, serene atmosphere.

12. Romantic Bedroom Colors: Medium Gray

Romantic Bedroom Colors

If you don’t want to go too dark, a true medium-dark gray can create the foundation for a calming, romantic space. Don’t be afraid to use it all over — gray walls paired with a gray rug create a cocoon-like effect.

13. Romantic Bedroom Colors: Black and White

Romantic Bedroom Colors

This color combo is a classic for a reason! Black and white stands the test of time when it comes to the best bedroom color combos — it’s simple, refreshing, and clean. What’s not to love about that?

14. Romantic Bedroom Colors: Light Tan

Romantic Bedroom Colors

A touch of warmth can do a lot to transform a room. In this space, small hints of light tan in textile accents make it feel a bit more lived-in and welcoming. Plus, some natural texture — a woven pouf and a large planter basket — give it a more casual, breezy appeal.

15. Romantic Bedroom Colors: Soft Sorbet

Romantic Bedroom Colors

Light gray and blue mingle perfectly well in this romantic bedroom — but it’s the splash of light, Creamsicle orange in the form of detailed shams and a throw blanket — that gives it a sense of whimsy.

16. Romantic Bedroom Colors: Warm Cream

Romantic Bedroom Colors

Consider this your sign to mix your whites. Warmer-toned creams make this white bedroom feel more organic and relaxed. The result feels quite contemporary yet simultaneously timeless: Neutrals never go out of style.

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Words by Rebecca Deczynski