This Scandi-Boho Home Is Proof Kid-Friendly Can Be Seriously Stylish

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WORDS BY Staci Sturrock

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Published on June 29, 2021

What do you get when you mix a bit of boho, a little California cool and a heap of Scandinavian hygge?

An effortlessly styled look like the one in Meghan’s living room: a family-friendly space that’s both relaxed and sophisticated.

It’s the seamless blend of influences that makes Meghan’s home so interesting, says Heather Goerzen, Havenly’s Design Editor: “Nothing about it feels cookie-cutter and showroom-copied, but rather curated for comfort and a laid-back chicness. 

“Meghan’s home tells the story of the family who lives there — carefree, well-traveled and fun!”

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Furniture and decor for a Scandinavian boho look

1. Wall Basket  //  2. Rattan Lounge Chair  //  3. Jute Rug  //  4. Sofa  //  5.  Lumbar Pillow  // 6. Leather Pillow  //  7. Wool Pillow  //  8. Rattan Pendant  //  9. Dining Table  //  10. Dining Chair  //  11. Cove Goods Chatham Striped Baskets  //  12. Olive Tree

Set the Stage in Neutral

If you’d feel right at home in an interior as light and airy as Meghan’s, stick to a minimalist palette of white and neutrals, with black accents.

Neutrals are easy on the eye. They visually convey peace and quiet. And, believe it or not, neutrals are suitable for young families (Meghan has two children under the age of 2). 

“Consider this your proof that neutrals can work with young ones,” Heather says. “So if you’ve been debating on that ivory sofa, go for it. There are a lot of durable and stylish stain-resistant fabrics out on the market.”

Your Havenly designer is happy to provide high-performance recommendations!

(Need more convincing that your home can be both kid-friendly and Instagram-worthy? Read on.)

This Cali-Cool dining room features a clean, modern dining table, wishbone chairs, a rattan pendant, and a bit of bohemian flair

Layer in Natural Textures

A deft mixing and matching of organic materials takes Meghan’s home to the next level. 

The foundational jute rug is paired with rattan chairs and an airy rattan chandelier in the dining area. Leather pillows and a leather pouf hang in the living room. Light wooden tables and woven baskets show up throughout the home. 

The restrained color palette allows the interplay of all those woven and wooden textures to really pop, adding warmth and dimension to the room.

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This well-traveled living room features global patterns and lots of natural texture

Go Global at Home

Meghan’s home is the perfect example of what Heather describes as “a storied sense of minimalism.”

The lack of clutter allows the visual emphasis to come to life through global accents such as handwoven baskets, coffee-table books about different cultures and photos of far-off places. 

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Hanging photo in dining room, with wishbone chairs and rattan pendant

Convey Warmth & Comfort

While Meghan’s home is beautifully styled, nothing is too precious. 

The open layout allows room for the toddlers to roam, while the furniture’s soft, rounded edges prevent bumping (and subsequent tears). The wooden table tops are durable enough to withstand spills and still look good.

Perhaps most importantly, the home’s relaxed vibe, gorgeous natural light and hygge simplicity  say, “Feel free to kick up your feet and get comfortable.” 

A universally appealing message for everyone who lives there and all those who visit. 

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warm neutral living room

Words by Staci Sturrock