How to Style a Console Table

Time Several Hours

Budget $ $$$

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on October 22, 2020

First impressions are important—that’s why styling your entryway console table should be at the top of your to-do list whether you’ve just moved in or have been eyeing that empty space in your home. How to decorate your console table is actually easy and is another great way for you to play around with your favorite furniture styles, accent pieces, and artwork. Need some inspiration or a good idea of what a console table looks like? 

The first step to decorating your console table (unless you have that perfect piece that you’re dying to put somewhere) is to decide its purpose: a simple space to do a makeup-check before running out the door, or a full-on storage and decor area that’s multifunctional? (The good news if you’re undecided is that your console can totally be both.) If you’re someone who could use some extra storage space or a convenient place for bonus seating, keep in mind what features you’d most like to have; if you’re more of a minimalist style-guru, think of what kind of attitude and aesthetic you want to bring to your entryway.

A killer console table almost always has either a show-stopping mirror or piece of art hanging above it—what’s the harm in aiming to impress anyone that walks through your door? Consider a bold painting or set of artwork that will have your guests intrigued and engaged, or a glam mirror that serves everyone (last-minute outfit checks or pre-dinner-party hair fixes put everyone entering or exiting your home at ease). Go for a frame that speaks to you and fits your home’s aesthetic. Not sure what that is? Take our style quiz to find out.

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Have fun with finding your perfect console table; if you’re an avid thrifter, there are a ton of quality options and opportunities for a fun DIY project. If you’re looking for a simpler fit, just remember the look you’re after and how you want your console table to function (think: Drawers? Lower shelf storage? High enough to sneak in some extra seating?) If modern or minimalist is your vibe, plenty of bold black or sheer white tables exist to pack an extra, first-impression style punch. For a more bohemian feel, consider a wooden console table made of oak or pine, or get crazy with wicker (currently trending!).

How you arrange your decor when decorating your console table says a lot about you and your home to those who step beyond the threshold. A stack of hardcover books and dried flowers in a vase offer sophistication and grace; hand-woven storage baskets and ceramic key bowls demonstrate a taste for the handmade and functional; and showing off a chic purse or your favorite scarves (like we suggest in this article about accessorizing your home) tells guests you’re both fashionable and creative.

Words by Erica Buehler