Morgan’s Serene Scandinavian Home

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WORDS BY The Havenly Team

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Published on October 1, 2018

It’s easy to see why Scandinavian style is a perennially sought-after look. Tenets of this design style include clean, simple lines, a light color palette (think lots of white), and functionality that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics.

Scandinavian style is completely clutter-free. The way Morgan sees it, ample visual breathing room is the perfect antidote to a busy day.

Of course, skewing too minimalist can result in a space that feels cold or impersonal. Such was Morgan’s worry. She knew she wanted her living room to feel warm and approachable. So, she tasked Havenly with creating a super clean yet super welcoming Scandinavian design.

Nailing Scandinavian style can be tricky. But it’s a whole lot easier when your designer is Norwegian. Morgan chose Havenly designer Stine Rypestol to help her balance minimalism and comfort.

Throughout the space, Stine helped Morgan choose neutral colors like gray, charcoal, cream, and white. The greige walls infuse the space with an airy quality, while dark upholstered pieces anchor the look.

Going Scandinavian doesn’t mean avoiding color altogether. Look closely and you’ll see Morgan’s living room includes hints of blue as well as glam touches like brass knobs and gold accents.

Stine suggested upholstered furniture with clean lines. The sectional and chairs are ultimately soft and cozy, but their geometric shapes maintain a clean, understated look. Nubby, tweedy fabrics in gray tones are the perfect backdrop for lighter pillows featuring simple graphic patterns.

By opting for a sectional style sofa and two chairs (they’re from Interior Define), Stine helped Morgan realize her lounge-worthy living room dreams. Sheer curtains add to the restful atmosphere.

Stine guided Morgan toward surprising, rounded shapes that offer a necessary counterpoint to her streamlined furniture. Softness isn’t just about materials and textures. Shapes can be soft, too!

The coffee table adds a feminine touch, as do two knitted poufs—they serve a functional purpose, too.

Using Stine’s three tips—a simple palette, sleek upholstered furniture, and round accents—you can achieve a comfortable Scandinavian living room like Morgan’s.

Need a helping hand? Follow Morgan’s lead, and let Havenly help! Get started on your Scandinavian-inspired space today with our interior design style quiz.

Words by Kate Connors and Sara Watson