Chazeen’s Tropical New York Living Room

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Published on March 12, 2021

When Chazeen Pemberton, a New York-based video producer and content creator, took Havenly’s style quiz, the results took her by surprise. “I’m fancy!” she says, laughing. But what spurred her makeover wasn’t a surprise at all: so many of us can relate to being confined to our homes during the pandemic, and Chazeen was no different. 

“I was spending a lot more time at home and feeling a lack of creative inspiration, which is not an option for a video producer,” she says. Since her living room is equal parts work space, entertainment space, shooting space for videos, and a space to unwind, she needed a multifunctional design that also helped spark creativity — and she enlisted Havenly to help get the job done.

A Tropical Oasis in the Big City

Chazeen’s parents are from St. Kitts and Nevis, and she often takes trips to the West Indies (pre-pandemic!), noting how the palm trees and relaxed setting both inspire and renew her. “I decided it was time to spice up this space and create my own tropical vibe,” she says. Her New York living room was the perfect place to bring in a vacation-inspired aesthetic to help her relax, while also inspiring her work in a creative industry. “The Caribbean had a very heavy hand in the design inspiration,” Chazeen says. “My designer, Ghianella, referred to it as ‘tropical luxe,’ but it also still feels comfortable, not like an untouchable museum.”

To bring in that vacation vibe, Ghianella guided Chazeen toward a color palette with rich greens, shimmering golds, and grounding neutrals. Rounded shapes throughout the room — from side tables to planters — add a sense of tranquility. 

The Zoom Room

A priority for Chazeen was a space where she could Zoom to film live interviews, panels, and workshops in a setting that was both eye-catching and professional. “Hopping on a call with Ghianella was the best decision, because it allowed for a conversation about my life and what the space would be utilized for,” she says, admitting she can be indecisive when it comes to design. Ghianella suggested a bold statement wall with gold palm fronds as well as blackout curtains in a deep, velvety green, which Chazeen can use during video shoots. “It offers that luxe vibe and also showcases my love for the Caribbean,” she says. “When I do Zoom meetings, I always get compliments, so mission accomplished! It absolutely looks professional.”

Surprises and Delights

Chazeen says her favorite part of the project was seeing her 3D rendering — and then seeing her space actually look like the 3D render! She also appreciated Ghianella’s ability to stick to budget but create a beautiful, comfortable, and cozy space that feels like home, while selecting pieces from unexpected stores. “Who knew Home Depot had so many beautiful items,” Chazeen says. “It’s not the first place I think of when it comes to interior design, but we got my wallpaper, side tables, and curtains from there,” she says. “I splurged on the Article sofa, and of course, I stained it after the first day. But the stain literally lifted right up as soon as I dabbed it with dish soap and water. I was so hesitant to purchase an off-white couch, and I emphasized the importance of getting something that would last and stay clean,” she says. “My designer delivered!”

A 'Wow' Moment

Chazeen says her final design makes her feel joyful and creative, while still maintaining a professional feel. “I wanted guests to walk into my space and say, ‘wow.’ And I wanted to be able to have the same feeling — walking in and saying ‘wow’ every morning.” While every piece contributes to the overall tropical-glam effect, check out a few of her favorites below:

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Words by Sara Watson