Why Pantones 2019 Color of the Year Left Us Feeling Blue

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on January 20, 2020

Pantones 2019 color of the year left Autumn Williams feeling ironically blue. “There are many things I do love about the color blue, the main thing being its versatility across design styles. It’s a go-to color, one that seems to work well in just about any space.” she explains.

While Pantones 2018 color of the year, coral, was far more unexpected than blue, it’s definitely not a color that works well in any space.

Enter Velvet honey. When Autumn chose the Havenly color of the year, she wanted one that was not only unexpected, but versatile. One that our interior designers could use in any design, in any home. 

“This color is as unexpected as it is versatile, and quite often, underused. More than anything, this color elicits a feeling of warmth for me…. the kind of warmth that slowly spreads over your body while sipping on a glass of fine whiskey or when the morning sun first touches your skin. Using this color helps bring that feeling of warmth into your home.” Autumn gushes. 

Velvet Honey is the perfect subtle pop of color and warmth when working with a neutral  palette. Not too bold and not too overwhelming, it is perfect for those fearful of committing to too much color. “Pairing this pop of color with shades of beige is a favorite of mine.” Autumn adds.  

“I also love using velvet honey in really colorful designs. I pair it with other jewel tones, like a deep green, dark blue, and rich magenta to create a really fun design with layers of bold color.” 

Velvet Honey also pairs beautifully with pattern and texture. Autumn’s favorite way to pair this color is with leopard print. “The combination is classic and edgy, everything I love in a design.” she describes.  

Here’s a few of Autumn’s favorite Velvet Honey pieces you can add to your space.


Mirage Yarrow Gold Sofa
Article Mirage Yarrow Gold Sofa
Prelada Golden Full/Queen Blanket
Cb2 Prelada Golden Full/Queen Blanket
Foundations Vase, Amber, 14.75
Welm Elm Foundations Vase, Amber, 14.75"h Glass Vase
Anthropologie Tulip Chair
Anthropologie Tulip Chair
Joybird Kate Dining Chair
Joybird Kate Dining Chair
Williams Sonoma Tamar Velvet Jacquard Pillow Cover, 14
Williams Sonoma Tamar Velvet Jacquard Pillow Cover, 14" X 22", Gold

Words by Autumn Williams