6 Layers of Boho: Here’s Exactly How Designers Nail the Free-Spirited Look

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on March 2, 2022

Boho decor is one of Havenly’s most requested design styles, and designer Brady Burke isn’t surprised. “Boho designs feel inviting yet elevated,” he notes. “The look seamlessly blends high and low pieces with personal effects, making it both affordable and attainable.” 

But what does boho style entail, exactly? As Brady notes, these spaces are “deliberately and delightfully individualistic, even a little eccentric,” he explains. “They eschew the formality and stiffness found in more traditional spaces.”

But despite this emphasis on individuality, boho decor ideas tend to share a few common elements: organic materials, personal and global accents, plenty of texture, pops of color, and of course, greenery. Ahead, Brady breaks down the six layers of boho design:

Layer 1: Organic Materials

Boho decor is straight-up certified organic. It draws the outdoors in via color palette, live plants, texture, and most importantly, natural materials. These spaces are replete with natural accents like wicker chairs, seagrass baskets, jute rugs, wood furniture, and linen pillows. 

Boho decor ideas

Layer 2: Personal Effects

True boho homes are far from cookie-cutter — they’re brimming with personal knick-knacks and family heirlooms that tell a unique story. Whether it’s family photos, inherited vintage pieces, or souvenirs from your childhood, put your treasures on display and of course, continue to grow your collections over time.  There’s no better way to create an inimitable, character-rich space.

Layer 3: Global Influences

Speaking of travel, global patterns and palettes are a trademark of boho decor (no passport required). When in doubt, hang that piece of art sourced at a Parisian thrift shop, find a spot for that vintage Turkish kilim, and frame that marked-up map from your first European trip. Honestly, what’s more bohemian than making your home a celebration of far-flung trips and adventures? 

Layer 4: Texture on Texture

Any round-up of boho decor ideas should include a heavy handed dose of texture (and then some). In addition to the organic materials mentioned above, go all-out on texture-rich pieces like fringed throw pillows, macrame wall hangings, a leather statement chair, and a live edge wood coffee table. Throw convention out the window and feel free to get a little (or a lot) wild.

Layer 5: Houseplants

What’s a bohemian space without live plants? Whether real or faux, hanging or free-standing, a collection of houseplants give your boho decor that close-to-nature look that it thrives on. Best of all, plants are great for your physical and emotional health. What’s not to love?

Layer 6: Pops of Color

While we love a warm minimalist interior with boho touches, classic boho decor ideas all involve one design element: color. From statement wallpaper and patterned pillows to intricate rugs and woven furniture, feel free to have fun with both color and pattern play.

Boho decor ideas

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Words by Kelsey Clark