16 Seriously Chic Ideas to Transform Blank Walls Into a Boho Moment

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WORDS BY Sara Watson

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Published on December 6, 2021

Walls are a blank canvas for whatever design style suits you. And while clean, white paint and minimal artwork is appropriate for modern spaces, those who prefer bohemian style will need to pay careful attention to wall space. Boho design schemes crave global, colorful style — and that includes the walls. Here, Havenly designer Brady Burke shares 16 tips for adding eclectic flair through boho wall art and wall decor. 

Accent Walls

boho wall decor for bedrooms

Neutral paint plays well with so many design styles, but for a truly boho look, Brady suggests adding an accent wall. Whether you choose a warm, desert-inspired tone, limewash, a bold paper, or a moody blue or black hue, adding one saturated accent wall creates a focal point that anchors the space.

Woven Wall Art

woven wall decor

Handcrafted wall hangings add organic texture and character to a space. Brady loves the look of large-scale macrame pieces for a free-spirited feel.

Wall Baskets

boho wall baskets

Shallow and wide circular baskets bring visual intrigue to a wall, especially when curated in groups. Feel free to (by that we mean please do) mix and match patterns: a coordinating color scheme allows different motifs to work together in harmony.

Bold Wallpaper

boho wallpaper

Sure, you could include bold wallpaper as an accent wall (see Tip 1), but why not go full-on with a completely papered look? For true boho style, try a lush floral design with a hint of grandmillenial allure.

Live Plants & Greenery

live greenery for boho decor

Climbing or hanging plants — think monstera or pothos — create a living garden feel inside your space. How boho is that?

Rope Shelving

boho rope shelving

While shelving adds function to a space, it’s also the perfect element to infuse a bit of boho decor. Opt for light wood tones and rope craftsmanship, and add collected artifacts, antique items, vases and plants for a boho-inspired vignette.

Unique Lighting

unique boho lighting

Don’t forget that sconces and hanging pendants not only add ambient light, but pull double duty by serving as more sculptural wall decor. Boho’s inherent eclecticism means you can choose a unique lighting piece. Wicker is especially fitting!

Bull Skull

For a tried and true boho wall decor idea, opt for a bull’s skull. Steeped in history and culture, they add a frontier flair to your space that feels wild, natural, and adventurous.

Artful Fringe

sculptural wall hanging

The boho ideal is all about thinking outside the box. So ditch the framed art in lieu of a more dimensional or sculptural wall hanging. Bonus points for hammered metals and fringe, weaving in more textural flair to a space.

Gallery Wall

small gallery wall

Gallery walls can have a more traditional feel, but with colorful artwork and a melange of frames, the look becomes instantly boho. Again, mix and match frames, imagery, and sizes for that more carefree vibe.

Art Ledges

picture ledge

Whether you’re renting, have plaster walls, or simply prefer the look of “leaning” artwork, an art ledge is a great way to display your collection with the commitment (or math!) required for a gallery wall.

Asymmetrical Artwork

asymmetrical gallery wall

The great thing about boho style is that a little bit of quirk is welcome. Hanging pieces in an asymmetrical way creates an eye-catching focal point.

Oversized Framed Artwork

boho wall art

Boho design often includes colorful and eclectic pieces. The easiest way to achieve this is through oversized artwork. Choose one big, bold piece, or create a gallery wall with several pieces in complementary tones. The choices are practically endless.

Antique Mirrors

boho antique mirror

Instead of perfectly smooth glass and simple framing, choose an antique mirror — think mercury glass, brass-toned framing, ornate woodworking, and the like — for a more bohemian look.

Eye-Catching Drapery

boho Colored Curtains

Simple linen or cotton curtains are always pretty and classic, but for true boho style, consider choosing a luxe fabric like velvet or bold patterns and jewel-tone colors. Extras like trim and tassels extend the feeling of a bohemian oasis.

Mini Series

boho wall series

It doesn’t have to be a massive piece to make an impact on your walls. Gather a series of small prints – be it postcards from favorite trips, photos, or even handwritten notes – and display them as a cohesive collection. The look feels very layered and personal, fitting for a character-filled home.

Ready to go boho? Enlist one of our interior designers to infuse your space with bohemian style.

Words by Sara Watson