Layering rugs is one of the best ways to add dimension and personality to a room. It’s a trend that has been a consistent design touch point in our favorite publications, and it’s one of the most frequently asked questions from our Havenly clients! But knowing how to layer rugs in a pleasing and room-completing way can can take some practice. Interior designers might make it look easy, and take our word for it: It can be.

How To Layer Rugs

1. Find rugs that effortlessly compliment each other

How To Layer Rugs

This rule sounds obvious, but it’s something that our designers strongly believe in, as it can either make or break a room’s overall aesthetic. It’s important to choose a neutral foundation, such as a wicker or jute rug and pair it with a smaller, more textured rug. Some of our favorite style combinations are wicker rugs layered with cowhide, or vintage Kilim rugs, paired with similar design patterns.

2. Pay attention to the color scheme

How To Layer Rugs With Color Considerations


Speaking of patterned rugs, the color scheme and overall orientation of a rug is crucial to pulling together the space. When considering how to layer rugs, you want the rugs to look married to one another, rather than out of place. Try to choose colors or patterns that will compliment the other rug that you are layering with.

3. Layer area rugs at an angle

How To Layer Rugs: with an angle


If the rug that you are trying to layer looks a bit out of place, try angling it to make it look more elegant and in place. This is a perfect way to create even more dimension to your space.

Chat with a Havenly designer to find out if this look is right for your space!

Happy decorating!