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Like Paris, chocolate and afternoon naps, self-care is always a good idea. Particularly in times of stress, it may be the most valuable use of your time. And caring for yourself is one of those things that, regardless of the size of your investment of time or money, the return is great. 

When you can’t leave home, you can still practice self-care with a DIY spa day. Set aside some “me time” that appeals to all five senses. Treatments and treats that look, smell, sound, taste and feel good are sure to make you feel better.

Follow along with these tips and tricks to create your own DIY spa day at a fraction of the cost of an actual trip to the spa:

Gather the Good Stuff

Everyone has that favorite bubble bath, lotion or candle that they just love. Go all out with your favorite brands of bath salts, scrubs, face masks, lotions and bubbles (in the tub and in your champagne flute). Pull out that pricey bath bomb you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Or try something new: charcoal-extracts bath soak, anyone? 

Go for that Spa Smell

The quintessential spa scent is eucalyptus. Purchase a bunch of fresh eucalyptus from your local florist, secure at the stems with string or a rubber band, and hang from your shower head. The steam from the shower or bath will release the cooling scent into the air, transforming your bathroom into a luxury retreat (no reservations required).

Put the Chill in "Chillaxing"

Here’s an easy DIY spa hack: freeze a slightly damp washcloth for 20 to 30 minutes before your DIY spa appointment. 

After you fill your tub with suds, lie back, close your eyes and cover them with the cool washcloth. Prepare to get swept away as your personal spa soundtrack plays in the background. 

Remember: Before you press “play” on Spotify, set calls, texts and other notifications to Do Not Disturb. Nothing ruins a DIY spa day like a symphony of pings.

Light Your Fire

The soft glow of candles can instantly elevate your bathroom into a more restorative setting. Bonus spa points for therapeutic scents, such as lavender for calm or citrus for energy.

Invest in a Caddy

If you have a tub, consider a wellness investment in a bathtub caddy. These workhorses expand to fit the width of your tub or hang over the side. And they come in zen bamboo, sleek polished metal or, for a real splurge, responsibly harvested teak.

You’ll feel a sense of sheer decadence as you lie back in your tub with your loofah, tablet and glass of rose at your fingertips. 

A caddy can double as an everyday styling moment when you top it with your favorite bath products, lotions and scrubs.

Throw in the (Old) Towels

Possibly the easiest way to achieve a mini bathroom makeover is a new set of towels. 

This sculpted Hydrocotton set, featuring a trellis pattern, is extra-absorbent and quick-drying. And this cotton-bamboo blend is equal parts softness and style.

Wrap Yourself in a Robe

If you don’t already have a bathrobe (or if you could use a refresh), consider an upgrade. Something that feels decadent pre- and post-pamper time. You can’t go wrong with classic terry cloth or sumptuous cashmere.

BYOBB (Bring Your Own Bath Bomb)

Channel your inner tween to build custom-scented bath bombs for your DIY spa day. This recipe uses natural ingredients and requires a minimum of elbow grease. 

Contain Yourself for Calm

For everyday zen, keep your bathroom organized — it’s what a top-tier spa would do, after all. 

Curate a photogenic display of your favorite fragrances and hand creams on a tray that complements your bathroom. Neatly fold or roll clean towels and washcloths. And store beauty supplies like cotton balls and cotton swabs in coordinated jars for an “I’ve got it all together” look. 

Because after your DIY spa day, you will.

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Words by Staci Sturrock