4 Unexpected Fall Color Trends Our Designers Are Obsessed With This Season

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on October 4, 2021

If you’re lucky enough to experience the four seasons in your locale, you likely understand the unadulterated beauty of fall. From the breathtaking tonal foliage to the perfectly cool temps, this relatively short season is a favorite time of year for countless people. 

It’s also an endless source of creative inspiration, especially for design lovers. From embracing an earthy, warm color palette to swapping out summer greenery for dried botanicals and grasses, there are so many ways to celebrate the change of season indoors. In fact, this season all but invites a design refresh, especially in your shared spaces like the living room, dining room, and kitchen. 

If you’re looking to lean into the colors of the season, we’ve got inspiration in spades (or perhaps more aptly, in shades). From muted berry tones to warm sages, find the fall color trends our designers are embracing this season and beyond:

Muted Berry Tones

berry fall color trend

There’s no better time to add warm, muted berry tones to your space than fall. Whether you opt for a more long-term change, like a charcoal statement wall, or a seasonal tune-up in the form of berry bedding, there are endless ways to add these on-trend hues to your space. Our pro tip: keep things on the rich, monochromatic side to make your space feel extra cozy this season, and consider deep purple for a more non-traditional take on the palette.

Warm Sage Palette

sage fall color trend

Loosely inspired by plant life starting to transition, warm sage tones are the perfect dusty hues to add to your space come fall (also our trend color of the year). We recommend starting with a base of soft beiges, and layering in varying depths of grey and green. This palette looks especially beautiful with pops of cognac or camel brown — think walnut furniture, warm artwork, and natural accents.

Vibrant Autumn Accents

pink fall color trend

For a non-traditional take on fall color trends, consider vibrant autumn accents. Start with your standard rich rust and ochre, and pepper in complementary colors, like deep teal, vibrant coral, and dusty pink. This palette creates a color story that harmonizes with autumn tones, rather than mimicking them. We especially love how versatile this palette is — it can easily transition into spring and summer with a few tweaks. 

Deep Navy

navy fall color trend

Adding pops of navy to your space is a foolproof way to embrace autumn’s moody atmosphere. The days get shorter and a little more cozy, so leaning into that feel in your space is a great way to honor the season. Complimenting colors like mustard yellow and saddle-toned leather help draw out that warmth, while pops of rich red and cream keep the space feeling inviting, and not too dark.

Whether you’re looking to switch things up for the change of season, or simply see your space in a fresh, new light, our designers are at the ready with everything from palette inspo to a personally curated home shopping list. Take our style quiz to find your perfect match.

Words by Kelsey Clark