8 Gorgeous Hanging Plants That Will Breathe Life into Any Space

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on April 19, 2022

Houseplants originally boomed in the 1970s, forever linking them to that retro, bohemian design style. But fast-forward to the early 2010s, and houseplants quickly became design agnostic — anyone and everyone flocked to their nearest plant shop in search of the perfect fiddle leaf fig or trailing Pothos plant, regardless of their preferred aesthetic.

Nearly a decade later, we’re pleased to report that the houseplant trend is still going strong. From large statement plants like Bird of Paradise and effortlessly graceful olive trees to a well-placed indoor hanging plant, these pops of greenery lend a fresh, vibrant touch to any home.

Our designers have a particular love for the latter, due to their ability to draw the eye upward and make use of unadorned wall space. Indoor hanging plants are perfect for small spaces and tall ceilings alike, and add texture and dimension to otherwise neglected corners.

Ahead, check out a few of our designer fave indoor hanging plants – both faux and real – and mix and match in your hanging pot of choice (from woven macramé and trending terra to a luxe touch of brass).

1. Potted Donkey Tail

Indoor hanging plants | Best hanging plants

For a hanging plant with a desert vibe, consider a potted Donkey Tail. These botanicals are native to Southern Mexico and are technically succulents, which explains their fleshy, teardrop-shaped leaves. In other words, they’re incredibly easy to care for and prefer to be ignored. Go for this incredibly realistic faux version for even easier care.

2. Philodendron Heartleaf

Indoor hanging plants | Best hanging plants

Meet the O.G. indoor hanging plant: the Philodendron Heartleaf. If you’re looking for a real version that’s tough to kill, this one is for you. These incredibly hardy plants will grow with minimal attention — simply give it a deep watering every two weeks or so and watch it trail. They’re perfect for hanging baskets, open shelves, or even upper cabinetry.

3. Silver Pothos

Indoor hanging plants | Best hanging plants

Similar to the Philodendroen, Pothos plants have been used as decoration for ages and are among the most popular indoor hanging plants. This pretty silver varietal lends a touch of soft sage to any space, and is equally fast-growing and as low-maintenance as they come (trust us, we’re more designers than gardeners and even we can keep this beauty thriving, so you can, too).

4. Trailing Tradescantia

Indoor hanging plants | Best hanging plants

For a slightly more exotic indoor hanging plant, consider a trailing Tradescantia. Also known as a spiderwort plant, these unique botanicals boast unique, striped leaves and bold colors like purple, depending on the exact species. Like the Donkey Tail, they’re technically succulents and thrive on neglect.

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5. String of Bananas

Indoor hanging plants | Best hanging plants

In the world of indoor hanging plants, the String of Bananas may be the most unique. This succulent trailing plant boasts delicate, banana-shaped leaves that can grow up to six feet long with proper care. Make sure to give this desert-dweller minimal waterings and a front-row seat near a large window.

6. Peperomia Hope

Indoor hanging plants | Best hanging plants

Also known as the coin leaf plant for its round, fleshy leaves, Peperomia plants (particularly the Peperomia Hope varietal) will produce trailing stems when given proper care. These low-maintenance plants look equally at home in a low pot or a hanging planter. And this particular version is a very life-like faux, so stash your watering can and enjoy.

7. Prayer Plant

Indoor hanging plants | Best hanging plants

Looking for an eye-catching indoor hanging plant that’s anything but boring? Your search ends with a Prayer Plant. These Brazilian tropical plants boast patterned, almost zig-zagged leaves in bright colors ranging from neon green and bright yellow to poppy red and deep burgundy. With vibrant color and nuanced detail, you’d never know this beauty wasn’t real.

8. Monstera Adansonii

Indoor hanging plants | Best hanging plants

Meet the trailing version of the ever-popular Monstera plant (also known as the Swiss cheese plant). The Monstera Adansonii boasts smaller, more narrow leaves that softly trail down, and this faux version retains lovely natural character. But, these plants are typically a bit larger, so consider for oversized hanging planters.

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Words by Kelsey Clark