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Feng shui has become somewhat of a buzz word in the interior design world. Feng shui is the concept of using space and energy to harmonize yourself with your surrounding environment. When you distill feng shui down to feeling great in your habitat, it only makes sense that you’d want to transfer some of that feel-goodness to the potentially most stressful space in your house—the home office.   

Here are a few ways to achieve feng shui for your home office.

Not Your Average Cubicle

The beauty of the home office is that you can design it exactly how you want it. Every individual thrives in different environments. Don’t feel confined to the standard desk and chair scenario when aiming to achieve feng shui for your home office.

Include a basket to keep a cozy blanket nearby so hunkering down to plow through that brief or analysis feels more inviting. Stylish coasters on your desk can also remind you to pour a hot cup of tea or coffee and take breaks when needed.  

Home office desk arrangement

Mix and Match Materials

In fashion and interior design a new trend is emerging. The rule of not mixing and matching patterns is coming to an end. By choosing contrasting materials, you can make your home office more dynamic and visually interesting. Try shopping a soft leather armchair you can sink into and pairing it with a marble desk or other opposing material. You may be surprised how an element of yin and yang can add to the feng shui of your home office. 

Mix and matched materials

Let There Be Light

If you can find exposure to natural light in your home office that is the best case scenario. Research has proven that exposure to natural light can increase productivity and performance, according to Psychology Today

If your office does not have a window that lets lots of natural light in, don’t fret. Use it as an opportunity to take mentals breaks and go outside to stretch your legs. Your body and mind will thank you later. 

Green Goddess

At Havenly, we take plants very seriously. Not only do they provide the allusion of being outdoors when inside, but they can actually increase the oxygen flow in your home office, and hopefully, improve your mental clarity. 

If you don’t have a green thumb, no worries. We selected and tested (they’re still alive!) these low maintenance plants from Bloomscape that will brighten your mood. 

There are many ways to achieve feng shui in your home office. Start out by trying a few, or all, of these tips to boost your productivity on a daily basis, leading to longer term success. 

Words by Alena Courtney