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While it might be true that a lot gets lost in a Zoom awards show, over here at Havenly, we’re not that sad about swapping the glitz and glamour of a live red carpet with a glimpse inside celebrities’ homes. As the Oscars approach and nominees practice smiling into their Ring light to hear the winners called, we’ll be peering past them to see what kind of style choices they’ve set up in the background of those computer screens.

In the meantime, we sat down with Havenly designer Lauren Cox as she harnesses pre-Academy Award excitement to share her favorite celebrity homes—from actual published home tours—and how their rooms reveal their off-set aesthetic. 

Hillary Duff, Best Cali-Cool with a Boho twist

Lauren’s designer take: 

I love the curated Bohemian vibe that Hillary so flawlessly executes in her home. Each room feels like it has a personality of its own, and yet somehow, still flows smoothly into the next without skipping a beat. It’s not flashy or over the top; it looks like the home of someone with a busy work-life and kiddos around. At the same time, she’s got some unexpected furniture and pops of color that give us a glimpse into her personality.

Hillary Duff Living Room
Courtesy of Architectural Digest

How would you define this style? 

The home really captures so many styles, it’s hard to sum up into one—it’s the true definition of eclectic design. There’s an emphasis on Mid-Century Modern, Bohemian, and California cool styling elements. 

Why does her home get such high marks from you as a designer? 

As a designer, I like that she has this approachable style—it feels like something you could easily mimic in your own home. She incorporates pieces that conjure up decades past, the color and pattern varies from room to room, and she successfully designs around her kids without sacrificing on style. 

One of the biggest lessons we can learn from Hillary’s home is that it’s okay to have light furniture if you have kids! There are ways to incorporate light upholstery without the anxiety when they climb all over it, like stain-resistant fabrics, slipcovers, and more durable materials.

How could someone replicate her look in their own home? 

  • Keep those hand-me-down pieces you love. Hillary’s home shows us how family heirlooms can be incorporated into an updated design.
  • Build an eclectic design by waiting for the right pieces instead of settling for the first lamp or piece of artwork you find. If you’re going to continue to design around these pieces for years to come, it’s important to love them.
  • Don’t be afraid of color or pattern! Hillary lets her whole family’s personality shine in this home, which in her case, means that the design varies somewhat drastically between each room. Ground your design in a few key neutral colors and furniture from like design styles, but dare to go rogue with accent walls, funky pillows, and one-of-a-kind artwork.

Kendall Jenner, Best Bohemian with a Contemporary Edge

Lauren’s designer take: 

I don’t know about you, but when I think Kendall Jenner, I don’t picture a tranquil, serene, mostly-neutral home. Before seeing her home tour, I pictured a design that was much more over-the-top, and much more glam. I love the unexpected neutral surprise, and it is pulled off flawlessly from top to bottom. 

She plays into the home’s architecture with its Bohemian bones, but doesn’t shy away from showcasing her own personality with bold custom artwork throughout her home. 

And, can we talk about that swoon-worthy forest green mosaic tile in the pool bath?  I am obsessed. Her home is lovely and totally suits her.

Kendall Jenner Bathroom
Courtesy of Architectural Digest

How would you define this style? 

I would describe Kendall’s style as neutral Bohemian with a contemporary edge. The designers of Kendall’s home hit the nail on the head—her home reveals a more complex, curated side of her that goes beyond what we see on the surface. The calm, low-key interiors feel natural for the home itself, while Kendall gets to showcase her personal passions for cooking, traveling, and hosting. 

Why does her home get high marks from you as a designer? 

I give Kendall’s home high marks because it feels seriously zen, and like a place that anybody could curl up with a novel and stay for the week. Kendall said she’s not one to throw large parties, and her home is perfectly suited to the mellow gatherings she prefers. 

Plus, look at her kitchen! I consider myself somewhat of a kitchen connoisseur, and her kitchen ranks high in my book, because even if someone were not comfortable as a home chef, they’d find themselves right at home at her gas range.

Kendall Jenner Kitchen
Courtesy of Architectural Digest

How could someone replicate her look in their own home? 

There are some elements of Kendall’s home that are a bit out of reach for most people—hello, extravagant brass bathtub—but the vibe and primary design elements are attainable for many of us. Start with crisp white walls, layer in vintage rugs, pillows, or other soft goods, and add plenty of warm wood tables to round out the design. Kendall does a beautiful job of making neutral rooms feel exciting and layered, and that all starts with these key elements.

Mandy Moore, Best Mid-Century Modern Trendsetter

Lauren’s designer take: 

Of all of the celebrity homes I pulled here, Mandy Moore’s has to be my personal favorite.  There are so many incredible design details throughout her home, and it’s clear that she and her designer did not leave a single stone unturned. I’ve looked through her home photos so many times, and I still feel like I notice a new detail every time.

If I could assume what Mandy Moore was like when she’s not in the spotlight, I would picture her as an old-soul with an impeccable fashion sense—her home confirms just this. Her home feels comfortable and natural, and it has just enough unique touches to give us a glimpse into her day-to-day life. And all that terrazzo? Mandy was totally on the forefront of that trend, which feels pretty spot-on for her performance as a singer and actress too—always one step ahead.

Mandy Moore in Home
Courtesy of Architectural Digest

How would you define the style? 

Mandy’s home was built in the 1950s so it is literally a Mid-Century home, and she doesn’t shy away from using that style as her foundation for the interiors. I would describe the overall style as Mid-Century Modern, with a fresh, bright, and slightly feminine twist.

Why does her home get high marks from you as a designer? 

I love this home design because so much of the interior design feels like it has been there since the home was first built. Everything feels so seamless, and it’s easy to see that a lot of thought and care was put into this design from the moment you approach the front door. 

There are so many beautiful custom elements in this home, from the custom emerald-green built-in bed in the master bedroom to the brass-inlaid terrazzo floors—and not a bit of it feels out of place.  

Even for those who aren’t fans of Mid-Century Modern design, there’s a lot to be adored in this home.


Mandy Moore Living Room
Courtesy of Architectural Digest

How would you recommend someone replicate her look in their own home? 

  • Mandy has already done some of this work for us: she combines vintage and custom pieces with less expensive and more accessible decor pieces, like her CB2 vases in a room with a custom blush-pink bench. 
  • Because the midcentury style is so prevalent these days, there are plenty of options to get the look for less, without skimping on quintessential mid-century modern forms and finishes. Seek out brass finishes, walnut wood, curved furniture and decor, and don’t be afraid to bring in some jewel tones that speak to you.

Pro tip: splurge on the pieces that speak to your soul, save on the finishing touches for the design.

Dan Levy, Best Comfortable Eclectic

Lauren’s designer take: 

Dan Levy is quirky, he’s true to himself, and he’s a breath of fresh air—it’s no surprise that his home follows this same recipe. I am obsessed with how light, bright, and airy his home is, and love that we catch glimpses of his bold and eclectic style from the minute we walk through the door.

Seeing Dan Levy’s home makes me want to be friends with him even more than I already did.  His home is warm and inviting, full of interesting art and architectural features, and every surface feels like Dan poured his heart and soul into it.

Dan Levy Bedroom
Courtesy of House and Home

How would you define this style? 

I would describe Dan’s style as comfortable eclectic. There’s not a lot of visual clutter anywhere, each room feels incredibly welcoming, and there are oodles of personal touches from the artwork to the bold accent chairs.

Why does his home get high marks from you as a designer? 

Besides the celebrity who lives there, I love this home because it’s a home you could picture yourself living in: it’s simple, cozy, full of color, and it makes it feel okay that our furniture didn’t all come from the same place or time period. He has been quoted as saying “people can tell when you feel uncomfortable”. Dan has some odd nooks, doorways and windows that take some creativity, but he makes it work by finding furniture pieces that fit just right.  

Dan Levy Library
Courtesy of House and Home

How could someone replicate his look in their own home? 

  • Layered decor. Each tabletop and decorative surface is filled with personality, and Dan doesn’t stop with just a single stack of books and a vase on top. He showcases everything, from his favorite woodsy candles to his many notebooks and plants.
  • Accent tile. Tile can be scary and intimidating, but featuring something interesting in just one room of your house is a simple way to harness that eclectic edge you might feel like you’re missing.
  • Lots of artwork! Hang it on the walls, lean it against the wall on top of a dresser, you name it. Leave no wall uncovered.


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Words by Kelly O’Reilly