8 Home Office Decor Ideas That Will Give Your Coworkers Zoom Background Envy

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WORDS BY Rebecca Deczynski

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Published on August 22, 2022

For design lovers, the best part about working from home is getting to clock your nine-to-five in a space tailored to your unique needs and aesthetic. What exactly does that mean? Well, for starters: no harsh, fluorescent lighting, no boring gray cubicles, and no unsightly filing cabinets. What’s more, you have the creative freedom to decorate your space however you see fit, assuming you can still field a Zoom call (or ten). 

But no matter your WFH setup, we’re of the opinion that an inspiring art print or a cozy yet chic desk chair can make logging on each morning that much more exciting (or bearable — whichever way you look at it). Plus, having a designated “office” (be it a whole room or well-designed corner) in your home can help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Without further ado, Havenly designer Toussaint Derby shares her go-to home office decoration ideas for every design style. Bookmark your favorite look and transform your WFH nook into your favorite space in your home.

1. The Space-Saver

Home office decoration | home office decor

Time to redefine “the corner office.” This design proves that you can create a lovely work station with minimal space and furniture. Placing a simple desk in front of a window makes for a relaxing work space where it’s easy to focus. 

2. The Art Gallery

Home office decoration | home office decor

A collection of black-and-white photos makes for an especially stylish Zoom background for professionals who spend their days in virtual meetings. The elegant wooden desk and simple leather desk chair add to the classic look. 

3. The Maximalist

Home office decoration | home office decor

“Bright, colorful, and lots of fun, this setup is perfect for a creative whose personality needs to shine through the screen,” Toussaint says. A well-designed shelf makes for a great backdrop for video calls, while the large white lacquer desk is big enough for more hands-on, analog projects, like moodboarding. Discover more spaces in your home just begging for a color glow-up here.

4. The Minimalist

Home office decoration | home office decor

On the opposite end of the spectrum, maybe you need a calm space to help you think clearly. If that’s the case, consider this pared back office. The burl wood console table adds texture to the simple room, without adding clutter. And you can’t go wrong with a few lush houseplants!

5. The Eclectic Mix

Home office decoration | home office decor

Not too simple but not too busy, this smart space is a masterclass in mixing textures and patterns, from its gorgeous marble desk, to the leather chair, to the porcelain side table. Take note of the white walls, which lend a calmness to this slightly more daring design. 

6. The Timeless Suite

Home office decoration | home office decor

“This office is the perfect example of a Goddess Executive Suite,” Derby says. The built-in shelves and desk give this space a traditional feel, but the room’s monochromatic pink palette lends it a sweet vibe.

7. The Bohemian Boss

Home office decoration | home office decor

Warm wood tones lend an air of ease to this home office, while a plush velvet desk chair makes for a comfortable seat. Consider this the ideal space for keeping your cool, even if you’re dealing with stressful deadlines. 

8. The At-Home Library

Home office decoration | home office decor

Built-ins are a clever way to customize your space; here, a small desk fits right in with a wall full of bookshelves. Not only is this a show-stopping design—it’s also practical, offering plenty of organization in a small space.

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Words by Rebecca Deczynski