The Unique, Trending Wood Texture You Need to Add to Your Home ASAP

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on March 8, 2022

Whether it’s limewash walls or bar cabinets, we love a design trend that feels storied, unique, and a touch retro. And burl wood — the trending wood texture we’ve been spotting everywhere — checks all three of those boxes. This statement wood finish is iconic with a luxe touch — it’s easily identifiable by its swirled, distinct grain and gained mainstream popularity in the 1970s.

“Burl wood seamlessly blends traditional and modern aesthetics,” says lead designer Brady Burke. “Wood furniture is – and always will be – a timeless staple, but burl wood adds a more unique, almost eclectic twist to classic silhouettes.” 

So... What Is Burlwood?

Burl wood is actually a specific wood grain created when a tree experiences some type of stress, be it injury, disease, or even insects (yes, we cringed too). In response, the tree produces swirled growths, typically around its trunk, which exhibit highly unique grain patterns. We love this poignant reminder that tremendous beauty can indeed grow from hardship (filing this away for our daily meditation).

And because the growths themselves are rare, burl wood furniture is, too — these “flaws” are naturally occurring and often take decades to grow large enough to be used in furniture. Similar to natural stone, no two are the same —burl wood items are truly one of a kind.

Why We Love It

burl wood desk

Burl wood is inherently distinctive and adds a striking texture and pattern to any space. It’s essentially an aesthetic step up from standard wood furniture and lends a slightly glam, art deco inspired element to homes. We love implementing a piece of burl via decor accents like  picture frames, bowls, and artful sculptures, as well as weaving in small burl wood furniture like dressers, coffee, and console tables. Shop a few of our favorite burl wood furniture and decor below: 

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1. Lulu & Georgia Bree Floor Mirror

Burlwood | Burlwood mirror

Not ready to go all-in on the burl wood trend? This beautiful floor mirror from Lulu & Georgia lends a subtle touch of warm burl wood that won’t overwhelm a space.

2. McGee & Co Burlwood Side Table

Burlwood | What is burlwood

We love the mix of modern and traditional design in this burl wood side table. The cylindrical shape leans trendy and contemporary, while the burl wood texture itself is just classic enough.

3. CB2 Marq Burlwood Tray

Burlwood tray

If your burl wood budget doesn’t allow for a piece of furniture, look no further than this glossy burl wood CB2 tray. Scoop it for just $50 and layer it on top of a book stack or coffee table for a warm touch.

4. Crate & Barrel Mota Bookcase

Burlwood bookcase

Go all-in on the burl wood trend with this stunning brass and swirled maple burl bookcase from Crate and Barrel. It will lend the perfect warm, retro touch to any living space or dining room. While you can certainly style as a bookcase, we wouldn’t be mad if you wanted to feature a fully stocked bar moment.

5. Williams Sonoma Burlwood Frame

Burlwood decor | Burlwood picture frame

For those hesitant to go all-in on a trend via a piece of pricey furniture, lean into the look with an inexpensive piece of decor, like these William Sonoma picture frames. When the look (inevitably) goes back out of style, simply stash them away or sell them on Facebook Marketplace.

6. West Elm Burlwood Boxes

Burlwood | Burlwood storage box

Take your visually-pleasing storage up a notch with these burl wood gems from West Elm. They’re inexpensive, trendy, and practical — does it get any better than that?

7. CB2 Niche Burl Wood Console Table

Burlwood | Burlwood table

Looking to add a retro touch to your entryway, mud room, or living space? Your search ends with this compact burl wood console table from CB2. This compact piece was designed for small spaces and will lend the perfect trendy touch to any home or apartment. Our VP of Design even sourced this looker for her own stunning home.

Whether it’s finding *THE* perfect burl wood piece or unlocking the best floor plan for your space, our designers are standing by to help you create a home you love. Check out our designer’s portfolios to find your dream match. 

Words by Kelsey Clark