8 Spaces in Your Home That Thrive With Bold Color & Pattern, According to Experts

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on May 9, 2023

Trends always come and go, and in the wake of minimalism’s years-long reign, we’re not surprised to see bold color and pattern slowly rising from the ashes once again. From the wainscoting trend to the popular modern cottage style, so many current design aesthetics lean into color, pattern, and texture far more than 2010’s ubiquitous Scandinavian minimalism and mid-century modern everything.

So, if you’re looking to embrace bold decor at home, you’re ahead of the curve. But before we dive in to the best spaces for color and pattern, remember: colorful home decor doesn’t have to be vibrant, loud, and maximalist — it can be dark and dramatic; moody and brooding; graphic and eye-catching. And, rather than resorting to wallpaper and paint for color and print, don’t sleep on textiles — switching out bedding, pillows, throws, towels, artwork, or even a patterned ottoman is far easier than removing wallpaper or re-painting your entire home once you’re ready to move on.

Without further ado, read up on the absolute best places to run wild with color and pattern, from the obvious (kids rooms) to the under-the-radar (living rooms deserve pattern, too!).

1. Kid Spaces

Colorful home decor

This may seem like a no-brainer, but a kids bedroom, nursery, or playroom are great places to run wild with pattern, color, and whismy. Consider a sophisticated wallpaper (yes, sophisticated — you’ll be in there just as much as the kids) or a patterned area rug and colorful pillows (or all three — why not). 

2. Guest Bedrooms

Colorful home decor

While you may want to keep your main bedroom calm and serene, guest bedrooms are ready and waiting for fun pattern and color. Consider it a place to showcase your personality and signature style, whether with adventurous wallpaper, patterned bedding, or a dramatic color palette.

3. Half Bathrooms

Colorful home decor

Guest and half-baths are one of our favorite places to embrace bold print and color in spades. Adding statement floor tile, bold black paint, or even a peek of ceiling wallpaper adds playfulness and charm to this oft-forgotten space. And remember: bold design doesn’t have to be bright (as evidenced by this dramatic high-contrast bathroom). 

4. Dining Rooms

Colorful home decor

Typically the center of traditional floor plans, dining rooms are perfect vessels for ornate woodwork, colorful rugs, or bold paint. For a bonafide statement dining space, embrace all three, like the above room (the traditional chandelier is the perfect finishing touch).

5. Home Offices

Colorful home decor

Like a bedroom, home offices are highly personal spaces that are meant to inspire and reflect your unique passions and goals. Worry less about insta-friendly aesthetics or Zoom backgrounds and include pattern, color, and decor that speaks to you. Don’t forget — you’re likely spending a lot of time here, so choose pieces that make you smile.

6. Living Rooms

Colorful home decor

While living rooms should definitely be palatable and blend with your overall aesthetic (especially if you have an open floor plan), you can still add a dash of personality with an upholstered ottoman or stool, accent chairs, drapes, or throw pillows. That way, you can switch things out as you see fit, while still making an impact.

7. Kitchens

Colorful home decor

Purely functional kitchens can often feel stark or cold, so go all-in on pattern and color to add character and charm. Take a chance and paint your cabinets a striking hue, or consider a patterned backsplash. Have open shelving? Even better! Add wallpaper behind to highlight displayed dinnerware or line each nook with colorful vases and artwork.

8. Reading Nooks

Colorful home decor

Whether you have a dedicated Reading Room or small nook optimized for your forever hobby, reading spaces are meant to be creative, personal spaces brimming with warmth and charm. Add a beautiful room separator in a fun print and a complementary patterned throw pillow and remember: stick to a common color palette and vary the scale and repeat when mixing prints. 

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Words by Kelsey Clark