6 Designer Tips for Selecting & Styling Oversized Wall Art

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on August 17, 2022

Oversized wall art is a simple, somewhat underrated way to make a big statement in your home. Not only does a large-scale piece (or two) eliminate the need for excessive wall decor (yes, you can skip the mirrors, floating shelves, wall hangings, plants, and word art), sticking with a few high-impact favorites is far less tedious than curating a perfectly-balanced gallery wall. Plus, oversized wall art is far more renter-friendly — you’ll thank yourself when you have six holes to caulk on move-out day instead of 50.

With that said, there is a *right* way to display oversized wall art in your home. From proper size and hanging height to color, pattern, and texture, our designers have a few pro tips up their sleeves. Ahead, find our guide to making an impact with oversized wall art in your home:

1. Consider Furniture Size

Ashley Graham NYC apartment | Oversized wall art

An over-the-sofa art display will never go out of style. But, it’s important to consider the scale of your surrounding furniture when making your selections. When in doubt, opt for “twin” pieces of oversized wall art hung side-by-side to ensure your gallery is proportional to the sofa and wall. You can even add a wall sconce and floor lamp on either end to further fill up the space.

2. Go For Texture

Neutral wall art | Oversized wall art

Colorful and pattern-heavy art prints aren’t the only option when adding visual interest to a space. Instead, consider a texture-rich piece in a tonal color palette for a more subtle touch of warmth and dimension. This is an especially solid option if you subscribe to a more minimal, organic modern design aesthetic. Finish the look with a museum-style wall sconce overhead to really illuminate the texture and create a clear focal point.

3. Incorporate Wallpaper

Tropical wallpaper and art print | Oversized wall art

If you feel like a single piece of artwork just isn’t enough for your bold design style, consider layering a bold wallpaper underneath. While you want the colors and patterns to complement, not compete with, each another, wallpaper is a simple way to add even more style and visual interest. Just be sure to go with a high-contrast picture frame and complementary aesthetics — the serene, simplistic art print set against the busy banana leaf wallpaper feels perfectly balanced.

4. Embrace High-Contrast

basement design ideas | Oversized wall art

If you’re looking to make a bold statement with a tight color palette, embrace a high-contrast play. In the above basement, the white picture frames and coastal black-and-white prints pop beautifully against the moody, deep navy walls. At its core, the look is simple and pared back, but still incredibly effective.

5. Match Metals

Oversized wall art

For a thoughtful, slightly glam design detail, stick with a coordinating metal in a single space. In the above dining room, the designer went with brass light fixtures, dining chairs, and art frames for a cohesive, high-impact look. We also love how the art is hung in the center of the wall, as opposed to at eye-level — this is a great way to amp up the drama in a room where the furniture is centered (like a dining room).

6. Go Big or Go Home

Glam bedroom design | oversized wall art

For tall or even cathedral-style ceilings, you don’t have to fill the entire wall with decorative wall art. Instead, amp up the scale on a single, high-impact piece, like in the above bedroom. Be sure to measure the wall beforehand, select a piece that’s to scale, and hang it at eye-level so it feels connected to the rest of the design. 

Not sure what type of oversized wall art speaks to you? Start with our design style quiz to see which look suits you. 

Words by Kelsey Clark