Oversized Wall Art Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

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Published on February 18, 2020

Oversized art can be a simple way to make a big statement in your living space. It removes the need to add additional decoration and isn’t as tedious as a perfectly curated gallery wall. The only drawback with oversized art? The larger the piece, oftentimes the higher the price tag. 

Thankfully, if you’re open to DIYs, rummage sales, or a little creativity, you can achieve the same big impact of oversized art on a much smaller budget. We’ve compiled a few ways to save on decor without sacrificing size.

Displaying the original blueprints of your home is an opportunity for one-of-a-kind art, and depending on how you obtain it, it’s not too expensive. If you don’t mind a little legwork, you could walk away with some unique home art. Plus, the classic blue of the prints is so of the moment (hello, Pantone’s Color of the Year 2020), the personal touch will look both trendy and timeless. 

Unless you built your home and know the contractors, finding the blueprints might sound tricky. But, pros recommend you head to your county clerk’s office, then take it from there. If your county clerk maintains the blueprints in your area, they should have it on file. Then all you have to do is pay a small fee for copying and administrative. 

County clerk doesn’t have them? Try these tips.  

Geography nuts and travelers alike can enjoy a good map on the wall. Whether it’s a thrifted world map, or subway map of your favorite destination, hanging a map as oversized art can be a great conversation piece, as well as an affordable keepsake from your travels.

Using a map as art in a children’s room could provide a spark of imagination or serve as an educational tool early on. You can even make it an interactive art experience, placing pushpins on the map to indicate where your children have traveled. 

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An oversized mirror can create rich dimension in a room, without making things too busy. If you’re looking for oversized art in a small or dark room, you might consider mirrors instead— they can make a room appear larger and brighter. What’s more, it’s easy to find oversized mirrors at rummage sales or thrift stores if you want to stay within budget. Instead of the standard rectangle, look for a uniquely shaped mirror that can serve as both art and utility in your home.

oversized wall art

If you don’t want to rely on art as the medium, say it with words. Word art can be fun, whimsical, and affordable. Whether you decide to paint words onto the wall or buy an inexpensive hanging, opt for oversized font sizes to create a larger than life message in your home.

oversized wall art

An oversized modern tapestry or fiber-art can add texture to your wall, without being too pricey. It’s also easy enough to learn from an online tutorial to make yourself, making it both a point of conversation and a display of your new talent. 

Find or make a macrame wall hanging with an assortment of textures and textiles like hemp, cotton cording, leather, or gold thread. A woven wall hanging with mixed textures can create a wow moment on your wall.

oversized wall art

With a few well-placed plant hangers, you can create living art in your space. Make sure to pick a wall that receives enough light, and that your pots have proper drainage. While it will take a while to grow, the payoff of lush vines or other leafy plants cascading down the wall is well worth it for some home designers.

oversized wall art

Blow up a favorite photograph in black and white for chic, oversized art that makes an impact in a room. You can make the art personal with a shot you’ve taken while traveling, or simply find a piece that speaks to you.

oversized wall art

Good things come in threes, so why shouldn’t your art? You might find that purchasing and framing three similar pieces could cost less than one large piece while still taking up the same amount of space. Just make sure you choose pieces that work together in color, style, and theme. 

Accessorizing your room with high-impact art doesn’t have to come at the expense of your budget. If you’re willing to do some research or search around for the right piece, you can save big bucks in the process, while still being proud of the art in your home.

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Words by Emma Diehl