MCM, Open Floor Plans, and Fur are Officially Out – We’re Embracing These Looks in 2022 Instead

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on December 21, 2021

We love a classic “love it” or “leave it” design debate, and year’s end provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on the year’s buzziest (and most outdated) trends. Not only do we have an entire year’s worth of design projects to consider when making our proclamations, let’s face it: some trends are just better left in the past.

From the fate of the near-ubiquitous buffalo print to the more controversial decline of open floor plans (yes, we said it), we have thoughts, to say the least. As we move into 2022, we’re sharing the scoop on trends that are about to captivate the design set (keep your eyes peeled for checkerboard print), plus those that are feeling, well, out of style.

Without further ado, find the six predominant design trends that will be everywhere in 2022, and six trends that are ready to be retired at year’s end.

In: Old World

Out: Mid-Century Modern

2022 design trends

Old trends always tend to cycle back into the limelight, and that’s certainly true for the popular Old World aesthetic that’s been steadily taking over our Insta feeds and Pinterest boards for the last year or so. Generally speaking, we’re seeing a shift away from streamlined furniture and Mad Men-inspired everything in favor of spaces filled with history, warmth, and vintage-laden character. It’s more about curation and artful storytelling than it is about nailing a particular catalog look. Given the last two years of tremendous uncertainty and distress, it’s no surprise that people are looking to add even more comfort and coziness to their homes via nostalgic design. 

In: Shearling

Out: Faux Fur

shearling trend

Faux fur has been a go-to source of cozy texture for years now, from blankets and throw pillows to rugs and even Mongolian sheepskin chairs. But in 2022, we’re embracing all the coziness and subtle sophistication of shearling. Luxuriously soft, plush, and cuddle-worthy,  shearling (or bouclé) offers a bit more minimalistic refinement than its faux fur counterpart. Whereas fur immediately says “hygge” and feels more confined to Scandi spaces, shearling plays well across a range of styles, from laid-back Cali Cool vibes to chic, Parisian modern aesethetic.

In: Warm Tones

Out: Cool Palettes

warm tones

We’re calling it: clay is the new grayCool tones have long been in the limelight (remember when gray walls were everywhere?), but lately, we’re seeing a welcome renaissance: a warmer color palette. Note: these are not the cloying yellows, browns, and creams of the 90s — they’re richer, cozier, and inspired by nature. From elegant neutrals like oatmeal, linen, and sand to spicy earth tones like rust, terracotta, amber, and saffron, these will be the “it” hues of 2022.

In: Checkerboard

Out: Buffalo

checkerboard print

If Instagram is any indication, checkerboard print had a big year — you can currently shop throw pillows, blankets, towels, table linens, candles and more in the popular print. And while it’s certainly trendy with a capital “T,” there’s something that feels fresh and timeless about the high-contrast, symmetrical print. Large-squared buffalo check, on the other hand, is starting to feel outdated, especially when used in a black and red color scheme. Unsurprisingly, design styles that often incorporate a heavy dose of buffalo print are also fading out of the limelight, like farmhouse (more on that below).

In: Modern Cottage

Out: Farmhouse

2022 design trends

Don’t get us wrong: farmhouse style has been reimagined many times over and will likely never go “out of style.” But Modern Cottage — Farmhouse’s refined cousin — blends the charm and character of a countryside home with the organic, clean-lined beauty of Scandinavian interiors. It’s a more polished, refined look — think darker colors, modern furnishings, and thoughtful vintage pieces as opposed to white shiplap, wall clocks, and reclaimed wood word art. If you love prairie dresses and dried flowers yet feel drawn to Leanne Ford’s effortlessly hip aesthetic, 2022 is your design year.

In: Dedicated Nooks

Out: Open Floor Plans

2022 design trends

For decades, the open floor plan was the coveted layout on the design scene: living, dining, and cooking spaces were all pulled together into one airy, welcoming environment that prioritized “togetherness.” But now, thanks in part to COVID-19 and lockdown, we’re seeing a trend back towards the more private, traditional floor plans with distinct living spaces. But it’s not just about separate rooms — we’re also seeing a greater demand for dedicated nooks and designed corners to separate WFH and rest (insert: the Reading Room).

Do you have a list of 2022 design trends to test drive in the new year? Our designers can help — take our style quiz to get started! 

Words by Kelsey Clark