The Best Kid & Pet-Friendly Sofas of 2023 Prove Durable Can Still Be Chic

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WORDS BY Rebecca Deczynski

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Published on May 19, 2023

Before you have kids (human or fur babies), you might have ideas about how your life will look after their arrival. And oftentimes, we think we have to give up our stylish sensibilities to accommodate this kind of seismic life change. But thankfully, there are plenty of kid and pet friendly couches that will perfectly suit your new lifestyle without sacrificing style (tour this chic Havenly home in Denver for proof).

We love a beautiful linen or bouclé sofa just as much as the next person, but performance fabrics ward off life’s inevitable messes in a way that these luxe materials simply cannot. From red wine, chocolate, and pasta sauce to paw prints, finger paint, and spit up, performance fabrics stand up to the toughest possible stains and ultimately allow us to live a more carefree life. 

Best of all, popular brands like Interior Define, The Inside, Pottery Barn, and Crate & Barrel all have an impressive, color-rich selection of performance fabrics ranging from creamy white to deep turquoise, so you can shop the kid and pet friendly couch of your dreams. 

What to Look For in a Kid and Pet-Friendly Couch

kid and pet friendly couches

“Performance fabric sofas have come a long way,” says Havenly lead designer Melissa Wagner. “They’re a lifesaver during those messy toddler years or puppy training days.” She recommends investing in a budget-friendly option that will hold up for six to seven years, and either recovering or donating when “well-loved” becomes an understatement. 

As far as color and fabric selection go, always mind the label when shopping: performance fabrics are man-made synthetics like polyester that are cleanable, durable, fade and stain-resistant, and long lasting. While we love a creamy white sofa, it’s best to avoid super dark or light fabrics—a single-tone charcoal sofa can show just as many stains as a white one. “Fabrics made of multi-tone threads are the absolute best at hiding spills and stains,” she adds. 

Ahead, Melissa (alongside fellow Havenly designer and parent Toussaint Derby) share their top recommendations for kid and pet friendly couches that are as chic as they are durable.

1. Sloan Sofa

kid and pet friendly couches

Upholstered in a performance antimicrobial chenille fabric, Interior Define’s best-selling Sloan Sofa is the perfect kid and pet-friendly couch. Best of all, you can customize your own sofa for your unique space and tastes — choose from 115 performance fabrics, 18 different leg styles, and endless configurations, from loveseats to sectionals.

2. Cecil Black Leather Sofa

kid and pet friendly couches

Who knew that such a stylish sofa could be kid and pet-friendly? Leather is a great, durable fabric that cleans easily—and in black, it’s pretty much stain-proof. Toussaint especially loves this CB2 sofa because of its organic silhouette. And the gathered leather back?! The beauty is in the details.

3. Warren Sofa

kid and pet friendly couches

Maiden Home’s Warren Sofa is a tried-and-true kid and pet-friendly couch, particularly when upholstered in gray performance linen. It features cozy, down-fill cushions and a timeless modern silhouette that will never go out of style.

4. Harmony Sectional Sofa

kid and pet friendly couches

It’s very rare that you’ll ever see velvet on a list of kid and pet friendly couches, but this isn’t your ordinary velvet. The performance velvet of this West Elm sectional is stain-resistant and machine washable! Because it’s durable and easy to clean, you can consider it totally fair game for all members of your family to curl up on.

5. Winslow Corner Sectional

kid and pet friendly couches

kid and pet friendly couches

Another durable winner from Interior Define, the top-selling Winslow Corner Sectional checks every box: durable performance velvet (shown above in color Fawn), sleek bench cushion to minimize messy crumbs and lost toys, and a stylish, timeless silhouette.

6. Microsuede Sofa

kid and pet friendly couches

Ultrasuede and microfiber are great upholstery options when you have kids and pets, says Toussaint—and this sofa doesn’t disappoint. If you’re a big fan of midcentury modern design, this is a great choice for your living space. Plus, its cheerful marigold hue is like a burst of sunshine in the form of a sofa. 

7. Modern Sofa

kid and pet friendly couches

Another velvet option, this sofa from The Inside is available in a selection of beautiful colors—including this easy-to-clean blush. The performance fabric is made of polyester that’s soft to the touch, while also being easy to clean and resistant to fading. Consider this your proof that you don’t have to give up your dreams of an accent sofa for practicality’s sake.

8. Gather Deep Sofa

Kid and pet-friendly sofas

With an extra-deep seat, this cozy sofa was basically designed for family movie night or snow day snuggles. Upholstered in 100% polyester chenille, it’s completely stain-resistant and easy to clean, but still feels luxe. Plus, the champagne color easily blends with any design style. 

9. Gaby Sofa

kid and pet friendly couches

When searching for a kid and pet-friendly couch, it doesn’t get better than a dark performance fabric. The Gaby Sofa from Interior Define is a longtime best-seller thanks to its timeless, modern design, and when upholstered in an olive green performance brushed knit fabric, it checks the “durable” box, too.

10. Tailored Tuxedo Sofa

kid and pet friendly couches

kid and pet friendly couches

The Inside’s new Tailored Tuxedo Sofa comes in a variety of kid and pet-friendly performance fabrics, from durable linens to performance Heron Luxe Velvet (pictured above). Plus, it clearly doesn’t skimp on style — we love the sleek bench cushion and matching bolster pillows.

11. Jake Upholstered Sofa

Kid and pet-friendly sofas

Meet the customizable sofa to end all customizable sofas. In addition to 40-plus fabric options, you can choose the furniture finish, seating configuration, and the number of back and seat cushions. Go for the bench seat cushion for a more formal look, or opt for multiple cushions for optimum kid-friendly fort building. Best of all, Pottery Barn performance fabrics are top-notch and affordable, making it a win for the whole family (fur babies, too).

12. Maxwell Sofa

kid and pet friendly couches

For a kid and pet-friendly couch with a traditional twist, meet Interior Define’s Maxwell Sofa. Upholstered in the brand’s Cove Performance Classic Weave, this number is liquid and stain-resistant and specifically designed for high-traffic areas.

13. Ceni Sofa

Kid and pet-friendly sofas

If you’re living in a small space, currently experiencing the terrible twos, just bought a puppy, or all three, this Article sofa is a no-brainer. It’s affordable, compact, and durable—all fabric options are polyester or acrylic, including the stain-resistant white. It’s low to the ground, great for small spaces, and comes in a loveseat, sofa, sectional, or an ottoman. You can’t go wrong!

14. Hargrove Sofa

Pet-friendly sofas

This West Elm beauty is equal parts timeless and trendy. Toussaint can personally speak to the quality and efficacy of the brand’s machine washable distressed velvet fabric: “My sofa has seen it all—breastmilk, an entire glass of wine, chocolate—and it still looks brand-new,” she says. Just be careful when making your fabric select and be sure to avoid anything with viscose; even water will leave a stain ring!

15. Charly Chaise Sectional

kid and pet friendly couches

kid and pet friendly couches

If you’re looking for a timeless, modern sofa that will also stand up to life’s messes, look no further than the Charly Sofa. Another gem from Interior Define, this long-time best-seller is also best-in-class when it comes to durability — especially when upholstered in the brand’s performance brushed knit fabric.

16. Aime Sofa

Kid and pet friendly sofas

Joybird sofas are known for their durability, and this Prime Peacock number is no exception. It’s the perfect option if you’re looking for something luxe but not precious. It’s sophisticated and stylish enough for a formal sitting room, yet durable enough for play dates and wine nights. They have so many great color options to choose from within their “pet-friendly” fabrics, and their synthetic velvets, chenilles, and microfibers are deeply saturated and truly top-of-the-line.

17. Tatum Corner Sectional

kid and pet friendly couches

For a spacious corner sectional that works hard for your family, the Tatum is a no-brainer. It’s modular, so you can reconfigure the layout as needed, and you can customize the size, cushion fill, and fabric (though we humbly suggest the Mink Performance Plush Velvet, pictured above).

18. Aurora Sofa

kid and pet friendly couches

If you can pull off leather in your space, this durable fabric is incredibly kid and pet-friendly. This leather beauty from Maren Home is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something modern, a touch trendy, and of course, high-performance. And we love the warm cognac hue!

19. Nomad Corner Sectional

Kid and pet-friendly sofa

Melissa considers this option from Burrow her favorite kid and pet-friendly sectional. It’s one of the most affordable and customizable large sectionals on the market. You can even choose your leg, cushion, and arm style plus layout and configuration. It’s definitely a keeper!

20. English Roll Arm Sofa

kid and pet friendly couches

kid and pet friendly couches

The Inside’s new English Roll Arm sofa is just as durable as it is charming.

Whether it’s finding *THE* perfect pet-friendly sofa or unlocking the best floor plan for your space, our designers are standing by to help you create a home you love. Check out our designer’s portfolios to find your dream match. 

Words by Rebecca Deczynski