Give Your Bedroom a Glow-Up With These 6 New Trends

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WORDS BY Morgan Goldberg

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Published on November 14, 2021

While your bedroom is certainly the place you retreat to when you’re exhausted, your bedroom design shouldn’t look tired. Your bedroom should feel relaxing when you fall asleep and inspiring when you wake up. If that isn’t the case for you, it’s time to make a change.

Since a full bedroom renovation isn’t always an option, there are small tweaks you can make that offer big transformations. For a dramatic upgrade, swap your average platform bed for a regal canopy. Seeking a more minimal vibe? Pare down your throw pillow count and achieve Scandinavian cool. Read on for more doable, designer-approved bedroom trends you’ll be inspired to try out in your own space…

Canopy Beds

rustic canopy bed
canopy bed

Though canopy beds existed possibly as early as the 4th century in China, they became more popular in medieval Europe due to a need for both warmth and privacy in shared bedrooms. After central heating and personal chambers became widely available, canopy beds remained en vogue for the upper class and were often ornately carved. 

The style is still widely associated with royalty, so the addition of a canopy bed can truly elevate a space. Whether you go for an elegant four-poster with gold accents or a contemporary arched take on the traditional construction, you’re guaranteed a complete aesthetic overhaul.

Ceiling Accents

patterned ceiling
striped celing

From elaborate coffered grids to Michaelangelo-style artwork, embellished ceiling treatments are another relic of a bygone era — but we think it’s time to bring them back. Instead of an accent wall, consider highlighting your ceiling as a way to express creativity.

In a modern glam room, hit your ceiling with a geometric pattern in a chic metallic hue. An organic striped wallpaper works well in a boho bedroom, while dark, monochromatic ceiling paint makes a statement in an eclectic space.

Moody Walls

dark gray bedroom wall
eclectic bedroom with dark walls

If you do want to dress up your walls, however, commit to a moody treatment on all four. Choose a deep color that you might normally pick for an accent (think: midnight blue, charcoal, or oceanic teal), then apply it to every wall and baseboard in sight. This will create an immersive atmosphere ideal for winding down.

Pillow Simplification

lumbar pillow for bedroom
simple pillows

Sometimes home improvement isn’t about what you add — it’s about what you take away. And since you don’t really need tons of throw pillows, we recommend downsizing your collection to your top two or three for a sleek, minimal look that would make the Scandinavian design community proud.

Pendant Bedside Lighting

modern bedroom pendants
minimalist bedroom pendants

Though pendants are typically reserved for lighting kitchens and dining rooms, you can save serious room on your nightstand and craft an unexpected, dynamic moment by hanging them on each side of the bed. This not only provides an opportunity to display bold, sculptural fixtures, but also accentuates the verticality of the room.


bedroom plants
plants for bedroom

Rather than scattering your potted plants haphazardly in the corners and on bookshelves, curate vignettes with your greenery to pack a punch. If you dedicate an entire floating shelf to your indoor flora or suspend leafy baskets from the ceiling, the plants become a vital tool for enhancing your decor.

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Words by Morgan Goldberg