From Patio Decor to Landscaping: 14 Outdoor Trends We’re Predicting for 2023

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Published on March 27, 2023

We’ve officially hit that time of year where we can’t stop day dreaming of warmer weather and outdoor hangs. From patio decor to landscaping updates, we have big plans for our 2023 outdoor oases, all of which include al fresco happy hours and backyard cook outs.

To officially kick things off, we teamed up with the outdoor design experts at Yardzen to share our top outdoor decor and landscaping trend predictions for spring 2023. And, to help you bring these looks to life, we’re giving away a free outdoor makeover to one lucky winner! Prizes include a Yardzen Outdoor Transformation Package (up to $3,500 value), a Havenly Design Package, and $2,500 to shop outdoor furniture and decor. 

To enter, please submit your email address here. For additional entries, follow both Havenly and Yardzen on Instagram! The giveaway ends at midnight on April 1, 2023 and a winner will be contacted on April 2. But in the meantime, peep the 14 outdoor trend predictions both Havenly and Yardzen design experts are backing this spring.

1. All things organic

Outdoor decor ideas | Outdoor trends 2023

Per Yardzen, the top trend in outdoor design is a both a feeling and a style. From flower beds and furniture layouts to materials and silhouettes, we’re seeing a movement away from the the rigidity of modernism– clean lines, stark contrasts, orderly plantings – in favor of organic shapes and textures. Picture any home in a Nancy Meyer movie or a quaint, English cottage garden with abundant shrubs and flowers, gravel paths, stone details, interlacing pavers reminiscent of cobblestone, and antique-inspired decor — that’s where outdoor design is heading. It’s a more direct, realistic interpretation (and appreciation) for nature and all its perfect imperfection. Bonus? This style is inherently low-maintenance.

2. Vibrant, colorful decor

Outdoor decor ideas | Outdoor trends 2023

Similar to 2023 interior trends, we’re seeing a continued movement away from all-neutral-everything outdoor decor. It’s all about embracing color and personality, particularly in easy-to-change textiles like pillows and throws. In fact, your outdoor setup is a low stakes place to play with pattern—try it by mixing florals, stripes, and bold hues for that perfectly thrown-together look. Check out The Inside for vibrant and playful options. 

3. Playing with height

Outdoor decor ideas | Outdoor trends 2023

A tried and true landscaping principle for drawing the gaze through the entire yard is to design on both the horizontal and vertical plane. We’re seeing a renewed interest in pathways (up 47 percent), arbors (up 16 percent), trellises (up 23 percent), and even gazebos (up 16 percent) for added height and climbing vines. This year’s data reflects this desire for playing with height in order to amplify the visual impact of the yard and immersing the viewer in the organic space. 

4. Chic fire pits

Outdoor decor ideas | Outdoor trends 2023

We love to style our outdoor spaces just like our indoor rooms—cozy, comfortable, and made for staying awhile. And what says cozy more than a stylish source of warmth like a fireplace or pit? We’re seeing ultra-sleek fire pits make their way into designs nationwide because of their ability to blend effortlessly into any seating layout. Per Yardzen, almost 60% of their outdoor designs include a fire pit, and that number only continues to climb. When a fire pit looks this good, it’s easy to style around it with chic furniture, rugs, and warm lighting. 

5. Maximalist florals

Outdoor decor ideas | Outdoor trends 2023

Unsurprisingly, people are gravitating towards full, lush plants and garden beds instead of sparse “softscaping.” This ladders up to our number-one outdoor style prediction, organic, which embraces untamed landscaping with open arms. With that said, the full, lush look translates easily across design styles, from tropical to traditional. But no matter your aesthetic or location, including more native and climate-adapted plant in your backyard design is better for the environment!

6. Back to brick pavers

Outdoor decor ideas | Outdoor trends 2023

Of course, the classic brick paver look feels right at home in the British cottage, Nancy Meyers aesthetic. It’s a timeless look that works in any outdoor setup, no matter the architecture or style of your home. And they’re incredibly versatile, too—they can be laid in so many different patterns like herringbone (seen here), basketweave, or simply stacked. Brick pavers are also a great way to designate seating areas in sprawling backyards and define walkways. 

7. Stylish “side yards”

Outdoor decor ideas | Outdoor trends 2023

Per Yardzen, homeowners are looking for creative ways to expand their square footage with the so-called “side yard.” From gardening sheds and home offices to storage units or kid-friendly hangouts, we’re seeing a marked uptick in secondary structures to create functional spaces for relaxing, gathering, and even growing edible gardens. 

8. Vacation state of mind

Outdoor decor ideas | Outdoor trends 2023

If there’s one thing that White Lotus taught us, it’s that we all need to live like we’re vacationing at a five-star resort (even if our patio is the size of a postage stamp). We’re seeing a trend towards tropical, resort-inspired outdoor furniture and decor, from nautical cabana stripes to verdant foliage prints. Bring the look home with cute cabana chairs, tropical plants (if climate permits), and of course, cocktails. 

9. Creating separate “rooms”

Outdoor decor ideas | Outdoor trends 2023

Similar to creating separate “zones” in studio apartments or open floor plans, people are dividing larger outdoor spaces into designated “rooms,” particularly through the use of defining structures, like pergolas. Even switching up the terrain, from gravel to pavers to grass to mulch, helps divide up the yard and create a natural flow.

10. Bring the indoors out

Outdoor decor ideas | Outdoor trends 2023

Outdoor furniture has come a long way, and you can now find beautiful, outdoor-friendly sectionals, pendant lights, sconces, area rugs, coffee tables, and more that warrant a spot in your living room, too. While we love playing with more color and pattern outside (see trend two), you can now channel your exact design aesthetic outside, too. This trend effectively creates outdoor living rooms with all the comfort, style, and amenities offered indoors. 

11. Plunge pools

Outdoor decor ideas | Outdoor trends 2023

The plunge pool emerged as a top trend among Yardzen customers in 2022, and it shows no signs of stopping. These smaller pools are more budget-friendly, require less maintenance, and take up less space than a traditional swimming pool and therefore appeal to many homeowners. Who said you need a sprawling backyard to add an in-ground pool?! 

12. The new lawn

Outdoor decor ideas | Outdoor trends 2023

Due to the maintenance and environmental burden of traditional sod, homeowners are opting for alternatives like artificial turf, gravel, large pavers, mulch, and flowing flower beds in droves. Yardzen even reported a 13 percent increase in requests to remove lawns altogether!

13. Natural materials

Outdoor decor ideas | Outdoor trends 2023

Natural finishes like rattan, jute, and other weaves aren’t new, but they’re not going anywhere. Organic textures continue to reign supreme in 2023, mostly thanks to their relaxed, lived-in look that seems to blend effortlessly with other furnishings and styles, whether it’s classic stripes or something more bohemian. There’s a reason why we’re constantly looking to nature in our indoor schemes, so why not embrace it outside your door?

14. Day-to-night entertaining

Outdoor decor ideas | Outdoor trends 2023

From large dining tables and outdoor bars to pizza ovens, heaters, and built-in grills, Yardzen has noticed a marked trend towards day-to-night outdoor entertaining setups. Even small details, like outdoor lighting, twinkle lights, and fire pits, help take an outdoor oasis from day to night — just add blankets and pillows in cooler climates!

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Words by The Havenly Team