7 Designer-Approved Ways to Bring Southern Style Charm Home

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on July 12, 2022

With all of its colorful charm and welcome hospitality, Southern design is, in a word, timeless. But when you add in a binge-worthy Netflix series like Sweet Magnolia and a bestselling-novel-turned-movie premiere like Where the Crawdads Sing, you have all the cultural ingredients necessary for a trendy interiors moment. 

Enter Southern style fit for 2022, as imagined by Havenly designers. With traditional silhouettes, floral wallpaper, preppy color palettes, and a dash of modern magic, we’re enamored with all spaces charming, hospitable, and a touch maximalist. Blame it on our Reading Room partnership with Reese’s Book Club (helmed by the queen of Southern charm herself), but we can’t wait to add a dash of Sweet Home Southern flair to our spaces this summer.

Ahead, we’re sharing all the ingredients of modern Southern design magic, courtesy of Havenly designers:

1. Lean Traditional

Southern style

At its core, Southern design is traditional. When in doubt, embrace timeless silhouettes, classic prints, polished textures, and of course, vases overflowing with fresh flowers (bonus points if they’re harvested from your own garden). 

2. Embrace a Classic Color Palette

Southern style

Southern style doesn’t shy away from a little color, at 2022’s version follows suit. When developing your palette, lean into rich twists on primary hues, like soft blues, warm burgundy, and hints of garden green. And of course, always weave in neutrals to create visual breathing room.

3. Or Just Go Blue & White

Southern style

Nothing says “Southern style” quite like a classic blue and white color palette. It’s a touch preppy, incredibly timeless and just traditional enough. To bring the look into 2022, add a color pop of burnt orange and ochre for a subtle, unexpected twist.

4. Mix Old & New

Southern style

To ensure your Southern-inspired space doesn’t lean too old-world (we love coastal grandmother energy, but not too much), always mix and match different furniture and decor styles. Pair traditional floral wallpaper with a mid-century modern style sofa and contemporary brass coffee table, or an ornate fireplace with a trendy beaded light fixture. As always, the magic is in the mix!

5. Weave in Playful Pattern

Southern style

In keeping with the traditional theme, it’s essential to weave in playful pattern pops in a Southern-inspired home. Be it citrus-inspired wallpaper, a patterned statement sofa, or some upholstered dining chairs, Southern style is anything but stiff and boring.

6. Floral Wallpaper Welcomed

Southern style

Honestly, is it even a Southern-inspired home without floral wallpaper? Whether it’s a wallpapered bedroom accent wall, a wild botanical print in the Reading Room, or a wall-to-wall florals in the dining room, the look perfectly complements Southern style and sensibilities.

7. Deck Out Your Sunroom

Southern style

There’s just something quintessentially Southern about drinking fresh iced tea in a bright and colorful sunroom. If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space, due your decorating due diligence with botanical prints, preppy colors, and woven furniture.

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Words by Kelsey Clark