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Dreary weather is on its way out and spring has sprung. We’re here for it. Brighter days are before us! Springtime is the perfect season to refresh your space as we emerge from our winter (well let’s face it, all of 2020) hibernation. 

One way to welcome the season is through color, but if springtime conjures up a pastel, Easter egg-colored palette, don’t worry — that’s not quite what we mean. There are plenty of ways to invite springtime hues into your home in a sophisticated way that works year round. We spoke with Havenly’s VP of Creative & Design, Shelby Girard, to plant the seed for six perennially beautiful, totally timeless color palettes.

Vibrant Sunset Hues

There’s a reason everyone stops and stares as the sun begins its journey toward the horizon. Sunsets are earth’s most spectacular light show, drawing us to the beach with a blanket and bottle of wine to witness the daily display. For a warmup from winter, our designers are reaching for sunset-inspired hues: think vibrant oranges, sunny yellows, and dusty reds, all indicative of the day’s end.

How to bring it home:

Try accenting a neutral space with pops of sunset-y throw pillows in rich red or yellow velvet (texture creates even more depth and contrast for a luxe or bohemian feel), or drape tangerine curtains in the window for a bright lift, Shelby says. Pops of citrus-colored furniture also add interest and personality to your space. 

Looking to make a bigger impact? Paint the walls a faint blush pink tint to set the room aglow without being too overwhelming.

Shelby’s favorite sunset-inspired designs:

Earthy Greens

To say “spring” without being too bold, try earthy greens hues. Shades of green have a way of bringing us back to nature, evoking peaceful days of afternoon picnics in the park and hikes through the forest. It’s a color bathed in comfort. Designers like Shelby love green so much, Havenly even awarded its Color of the Year to Moody Sage, a versatile shade sure to satisfy even the most neutral-inclined among us. 

How to bring it home:

Paint a sage or forest green accent wall in your living room or bedroom for a calming vibe that isn’t too overpowering. Couches or chairs upholstered in a deep green velvet or sage-colored linen are another great way to bring the outdoors in for an evergreen (pun intended!) hint of color suitable for any style of space. 

For a simple, cost-effective way to see green, pick up a houseplant. A potted monstera, bowl of succulents, and hanging vines are a few designer favorites

Serene, green rooms Shelby loves:

Bold Blues

Our Havenly designers are feeling blue this spring in the best possible way. Blue is one of those colors that seem to suit every season and every style. It’s also said to be a calming color, easing stress and allowing for deeper relaxation. The best part? There are an infinite number of blue hues to suit every space, from energetic teal to peaceful powder to soulful, deep navy. 

How to bring it home:

Blue furniture and textiles are an easy way to play with deeper colors in your home. A blue sofa or rug can bring together an eclectic living room, lighter blue throw pillows conjure up memories of the sea in a contemporary coastal bedroom, and a wash of glossy teal on cabinetry brings your kitchen to a whole new level. 

Blues are also one of our designers’ top picks for accent walls. A few coats of midnight navy or turquoise may be all you need to bring some zest to your home. If you’re really feeling blue (in a good way), wield that paintbrush over all four walls for a stand-out space — just be sure to leave the ceiling white for a clean contrast and to prevent a boxed-in feel, Shelby says.

Shelby’s best blues:

Dazzling Jewel Tones

The light pinks, blues and yellows of Easters past are a bit overdone. Jewel tones are in, and they’re here to stay. Our designers are all about the drama that deeper, richer shades can add to spaces big and small. 

Deck your halls in amethyst, ruby red, sapphire blue, and emerald for a moody look, or sprinkle them in an otherwise white or neutral space using patterns and textiles for a unique accent. Jewel tones of any color tend to complement each other well, Shelby says, making for an easy mix-and-match to truly personalize your space.

How to bring it home:

Wallpaper designs rich in jewel tones make stylish accents, especially with floral patterns. Instead of daisies and daffodils, think deep green palm leaves on a navy background, or ruby roses scattered on onyx. Try wallpaper on the wall behind your bed’s backboard or lining the backside of a built-in bookshelf for a peek of pattern. 

For a more bohemian look, mix and match a blue wall with a deep purple velvet couch and emerald accent chair. Pepper the place with gold fixtures, such as lamps, table legs, and wall decals — you’ll be feeling like you’re living in a jewelry box in no time.

Jewel-box rooms Shelby loves:


Pops of Yellow

After a year like 2020, it’s clear why Pantone selected Illuminating, a vibrant yellow hue as part of its color duo of the year. Yellow, in all its sunshine glory, reminds us of the brighter days we’re hoping and dreaming for. With shades spanning from pale butter to deep gold, yellow works on multiple levels to bring cheer to whatever room it graces. Add it as an accent or let it play the leading part throughout your home for an instant mood boost. 

How to bring it home:

Yellow has a place in every design style. Bright pillows gracing a white sofa add personality to a glam, mid-century modern living room and give unexpected energy to an otherwise neutral-heavy space. For those drawn toward the bright, boho look, yellow walls or furniture really liven up the space while pairing with nearly everything else, from deep greens to organic materials like wood and rattan. 

Still not convinced? Shelby suggests tip-toeing into the yellow trend by opting for mustard and golden tones instead.

Sunshine-y picks from Shelby:


Dusty Desert Tones

Neutral palettes will always be in style. But if you’re looking to level up your home’s design, take a trip to the desert. Dusty desert tones like terracotta, muted rose, rusty brown-reds, and ochre have our designers’ hearts melting under an Arizona sun. 

The brown and cream undertones of these shades create the effect of a neutral with a bit more playfulness, Shelby says — an infusion of color with an inviting warmth. Desert tones are the perfect option when you want to add a little bit more color but shy away from trends you may tire of in the near future.  

How to bring it home:

You don’t have to go all-out in Southwestern style to incorporate the desert palette into your place. Even just a few shades woven into patterns on textiles or splashed onto the wall brings this trend — and your space — to life. Warm leather and creams will come to life with rust throw pillows and blankets, while dusty rose walls in a luxe bedroom keep it from looking too glam. Step up a blah bedroom with a Southwestern-inspired area rug and patterned pillows. This palette works especially well in bohemian-style rooms or paired with organic materials like wood or wicker.

Shelby-approved desert designs:


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Words by Avery Johnson