Designers Share Their Unfiltered Thoughts on 7 Viral TikTok Interior Design Trends

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on June 16, 2022

Millennials will likely hold onto Pinterest and Instagram as the social tastemakers that be, but the new kid on the block — TikTok — is already shaping trends across fashion, lifestyle, wellness, and of course, interior design. From viral DIY paint murals to coastal grandmother-inspired decor, TikTok is brimming with creative, funny, and budget decor hacks that never cease to surprise us.

So, we thought it was about time for another love it or leave it debate featuring the latest set of unique TikTok interior design trends: LED cloud ceilings, art deco everything, bubble candles, sunset lamps, fabric shavers, DIY garage doors, and moon lamps (yes, it appears that TikTokers are into celestial themes).

Ahead, four lead Havenly designers share their unfiltered thoughts on each viral trend, Fashion Police style. What’s your take?

The Trend: LED Cloud Ceiling


☁️ led cloud ceiling ☁️ #perte #fyp

♬ Way down We Go – KALEO

BRADY BURKE: While I think this is cute, it feels very college dorm to me, and for that reason, I’m out. Maybe there’s an age limit on this trend — like once you hit 25 you legally have to take it down. It feels fun and funky and could be cute in a rental, but also gives me mattress on the floor vibes, which is tough for me. 

HEATHER GOERZEN: Props for the artistry and creativity, but it reads more “science fair” to me than “elevated home decor.” I agree wholeheartedly that it’s super cute for a teen or dorm room, but post-graduation, go for an ethereal wallpapered ceiling or a celestial chandelier instead.

MELISSA WAGNER: This is such a cool art installation! I love it for an edgy prom backdrop that’s up for 24 hours max, but for a bedroom? Hard pass. Just think of how much dust that would collect! I guess I’m not one of those cool moms after all. 

KELSEY FISCHER: If this could be made from something more sculptural and permanent, it would be such a hit! I think the fact that it’s crafted from temporary materials makes the concept feel very kids room-trendy, not design trendy. I do give it A+ for creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, though!

The Trend: DIY Bubble Cube Candle


bubble cube candle #diy #foundonamazon #candle #homedecor #homedecordiy #crafting #fyp #foryou

♬ Lofi – Domknowz

BRADY: Small, sculptural, and cool. Given the low price point, I think this is a fun trend to jump on. And when the moment is over, you can move on, too, without any budget guilt.

HEATHER: I support this for what it is: a unique way to add a sculptural moment to a coffee table or shelf vignette. But, bubble candles felt cooler when they were more of a unique find. Now that we’re seeing them everywhere, I’d probably pass. 

MELISSA: Good point, Heather! Why do all the cool things have to go mainstream? I love this candle, but does anyone actually burn it? Now I want to get one just to see what it looks like 10 hours down the line. 

KELSEY: I’m into it! I love a good sculptural candle. They’re fun and definitely feel trendy, but I’d argue that adding a small of-the-moment knick-knack never hurts. 

The Trend: Moon Lamps


Literally the best thing ever, my sister has got one as well #moon #lamp #moonlamp #kogan #light #online

♬ Put Your Records On – Ritt Momney

BRADY: Some things are better left sculptural – not literal. I love a funky bedside lighting moment, but this one is a little too on-the-nose for me.

HEATHER: I just… can’t. I get it, celestial decor is all the rage right now, but would I actually style a moon lamp in my home? Hard no. I’d go for a soft art deco orb lamp over a moon lamp any day. It just feels a little too themed for my taste.

MELISSA: I like this for a nursery or kids room, but I’d love it even more if it were larger and a pendant light instead. As for day-to-day decor? Definite pass.

KELSEY: I too am going to pass on the moon lamp. I feel like it could be okay for a kids room, but you really have to be close up to see any of that moon detail anyways. From afar it’s just a round glowing orb on a stand. Maybe like…just go look at the moon outside? 

The Trend: DIY Garage Doors


This is making the rounds on insta so thought I’d share again here. Biggest transformation to our Fixer Upper for less than $100! #fixerupper #remodel #curbappeal #homedecor #interiordesign

♬ original sound – Karissa Barker

BRADY: I am all for DIY, and if you can make it look nice and professional, then I say go for it! To be honest, I could see this turning out poorly but as Karissa mentions, if that does happen you can always paint over it! I say definitely give it a try.

HEATHER: Thumbs up from me! When I saw this video, I did a double take – in a good way. It looks stunning, and the cost is too good to pass up. I’m with Brady — there’s definite room for a DIY fail here, but if you can execute this, hats off to you!

MELISSA: You say DIY, and I’m there, but not if it’s a faux finish DIY. I like the real deal. I agree that the price point on something like this can’t be beat, but if you want wood and can’t do real wood, I think it’s best to look at other options instead. 

KELSEY: If you can execute on a DIY like this and make it look good, go for it! Part of my hesitation is that I don’t trust myself to do this correctly — I would 10o% end up with weird brown garage doors. 

The Trend: Sunset Lamps


got the sunset lamp and now i’m never leaving 🌅 #fyp #apartment #interior #tiktokmademebuyit

♬ original sound – Tik Toker

BRADY: I think I’m on board for sunset lamps. They feel fun and different, and if used in a kids room, at-home bar, or moody library, then I think it could be really beautiful. I could also see these working as dramatic lighting for a party!

HEATHER: Or can you just open the window and watch the real sunset? I just don’t get it… 

MELISSA: Wait, what are we doing here?! I feel like I’m in the corner of a bar lounge? I’d rather take a sunset drive or find a high-point to see it in real life (are the kids still saying IRL?). 

KELSEY: I definitely think these are cool. Sure, you can add one to your bedroom, but I can see some truly creative uses for sunset lamps involving mirrors, glass panels, exteriors, large blank walls. I don’t think the average home will have a great spot for this, but it could really set a vibe at a cocktail party! 

The Trend: Art Deco Everything


Reply to @carolinecollins353 decor ideas for getting that Art Deco look! #homedecor #decorideas #hometiktok #designtok #roomdecor #decortiktok #decorfinds #homestyle #artdeco

♬ Wildest Dreams – Duomo

BRADY: Yes, please! Art Deco has been trending for a few years now. Designers focus on angular furniture, luxe materials, geometric patterns, and vintage-inspired details. I love the modernism, the focus on geometry, and the harsh angles — it’s dramatic yet refined and I can’t get enough! 

HEATHER: All day, every day, and then some! While I’m a fan of all things cozy and comforting, there’s a reason art deco was the look during the roaring 20s. Bring back all the bold wallpaper, dynamic palettes, curvaceous furniture, and truly artistic design elements. It feels Gatsby and glam and completely captivating.

MELISSA: Art deco is stunning. I love the look, especially when it’s a little oversized and dramatic. I will say that a big dramatic art deco moment goes a lot further than a bunch of little deco touches, so invest in a major statement piece above all else (like a pendant light — swoon!). 

KELSEY: Sign me up! Art deco is dramatic, timeless, bold, and elegant. There are so many ways to play with the patterns and shapes of this look. Plus, it’s surprisingly versatile — your interiors don’t need to look like a Great Gatsby set in order to integrate a few deco pieces, which I love!

The Trend: Fabric Shavers


Game Changer 🙌🏼 #springcleaning #thingsilearnedfromtiktok #fabricshaver #cleancouch #cleaninghack

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

BRADY: I’m hesitant about this idea. I’d be so afraid of absolutely mangling my upholstery or shaving off too much in one area. It feels like one of those hacks where up close I’ll think, Wow, this worked so well. I am a general contractor now. Give me a tool belt I can literally do anything, and then upon closer inspection, I’ll realize that I actually shaved my sofa into a pock-marked disaster. 

HEATHER: Confession: I have one, and I love it. Our sofa is incredibly comfy, but it does pill. Give it 10 to 15 minutes with a fabric shaver and voila — it looks brand new. Plus, it’s oddly satisfying and therapeutic. 

MELISSA: Yes. Everyone should have one. Here, let me help you

KELSEY: Yes! I use them on everything — sweaters, leggings, upholstery, pillows, and beyond. Just make sure you invest in a good one, and do a test run so you don’t ruin anything expensive. I am heartily endorsing these! 

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Words by Kelsey Clark