11 Cozy Corners That Prove a Reading Space Is Just an Armchair Away

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on May 16, 2022

While the term “Reading Room” does in fact refer to a room exclusively dedicated to our favorite activity of all time, we use the term lightly. We’re well aware that not everyone has space to dedicate a complete room to a leisurely hobby (and if they did, a home office would likely come first).

Rather, a Reading Room is any cozy corner, makeshift nook, or plush couch cushion in your home that instantly makes you want to sink in with your latest page-turner. Simply add a lamp, a handy coffee or side table, and a cozy throw blanket, and voila — you have a Reading Room.

So, in an effort to make book joy even more accessible to all, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite cozy corners that double as bonafide book nooks. From windowsill seats to dual-function offices, the following 11 spaces prove that a “Reading Room” is just a comfortable armchair away. Keep scrolling for top-notch reading nook ideas, courtesy of Havenly designers:

1. The TV Room Corner

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If you need us, we’ll be setting up camp in this lovely TV room corner courtesy of Havenly designer Maha Boulfelfel and Keltie Knight. This bright and airy space (with streaming natural sunlight to boot) is the perfect backdrop for a bold, rusty reading chair, staggered side table, and cozy throw. 

2. The Small Apartment Nook

reading nook | reading nook ideas

We don’t mind if our reading chair just so happens to be right next to the liquor cabinet, do you? Small spaces often need to pull double duty, and this reading nook, bar cart, living room situation is the perfect example. Just add a throw pillow and a side table, and you have yourself a Reading Room.

3. The Library-Inspired Living Room

reading nook | reading nook ideas

We’re all familiar with the reading chair, but have you ever considered a reading chaise? You’re welcome. This spacious reading room is actually nestled inside Havenly designer Vivian Torres’ Denver, Colorado condo. She went with a cozy, library-inspired living room design, complete with spacious lounge chairs and a fireplace. 

4. The Home Office-Slash-Library

reading nook | reading nook ideas

We won’t tell anyone that this is actually the other half of an at-home office if you don’t tell anyone that we 100% take midday naps on this sofa. As our VP Creative & Design proves, a home office is the perfect spot for a makeshift reading nook — just add a side table and comfy throw pillows for post-work reading binges.

5. The Sitting Room Sanctuary

reading nook | reading nook ideas

When in doubt, simply reserve space for a large, comfy reading chair in a sitting room, den, or bedroom for a quick Reading Room moment — it’s that simple. Details like a do-it-all ottoman, ambient floor lamp, texture-rich sheepskin rug, and pleated drapes add function and a little library-esque drama.

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6. The Foyer Respite

reading nook | reading nook ideas

Nestled in the fireplace-adorned foyer of a historic home built in 1884, this small but mighty reading nook feels every bit as cozy and inviting as a full-room spread. A comfy cobalt blue chair, handy throw blanket and pillow, task lamp, and versatile coffee table check both the form and function boxes.

7. The Cozy Condo Corner

reading nook | reading nook ideas

This cozy nook is proof that you can 100% carve out a designated reading space in a small home — this condo measures just 700 square feet. Havenly designer Heather Goerzen simply opted for a cozy, sink-into-me chair, handy side table, sculptural lamp, and cozy details like fresh blooms, candles, and of course, cake and wine.

8. The Windowsill Seat

reading nook | reading nook ideas

Everything about this window-side nook is natural, quiet, and serene — making it a perfect spot to curl up with a book. Keep things clean and minimal during the day, and simply snag a favorite throw blanket and your read of the moment come dusk and bam: you have a reading nook.

9. The Shelf-Care Santuary

reading nook | reading nook ideas

When you’re a published author, you obviously make space for a dedicated Reading Room in your home. Just ask Austin Channing Brown — author of I’m Still Here and owner of this stunning, whimsical reading space (designed by Havenly’s own Melissa Wagner). She utilized an existing gray couch and added matching armchairs and ottomans for extra lounge options.

10. The At-Home Library

reading nook | reading nook ideas

Havenly’s Chief Business Officer Veronica Collins decided to go all-out on a library-inspired home office. The discreet desk and hidden storage checks the “WFH” box, while the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and matching upholstered armchairs are full-on Reading Room.

11. The Beloved Couch Corner

reading nook | reading nook ideas

Remember: a “Reading Room” can simply be a favorite corner of your most comfortable couch. Thanks to the task-style wall sconce, trio of pillows, and coffee table just within reach, his cozy nook in Collins’ home is perfect for weeknight reading sessions.

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Words by Kelsey Clark