From Home Gyms to Zen Dens: 7 Inspiring Ways to Make More Space For Self-Care in 2022

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on December 22, 2021

Full disclosure: we aren’t fans of the pressure that often comes with lofty New Year’s resolutions — we generally fall into the “new year, same me” camp. But, we do see the importance of prioritizing self-care come January, especially after the chaotic holiday season. Whether it’s a nighttime bath routine or reading one new book a month, carving out the time and space for self-care in your daily life makes a world of difference.

Of course, that shift starts at home. If you want to commit to cooking more homemade meals, for example, investing in an inspiring cookbook or a proper cast iron skillet can help you get there. If mastering a few new yoga poses is high on your list, consider a makeshift home gym or “zen den.” No matter your chosen self-care ritual, your home can act as a mental health ally and promote rest and rejuvenation. Carving out physical space for your self-care rituals is an important first step.

Ahead, see how seven interior designers suggest optimizing your home for self-care in 2022, from Reading Rooms to outdoor oases.

Self-Care Resolution: Daily Meditation

relaxing interior design | calm interior design

Journal // Speaker // Incense // Hanging Chair // Incense Burner // Throw Blanket // Floor Pillow // White Pillow // Blue Pillow

“Downloading an app and meditating once a month or so is relatively easy, but making meditation a daily habit is another story. To commit to this self-care resolution for the long-haul, create a little zen den in your home — whether it’s a corner of your bedroom or a dedicated room. Think: a hanging chair, floor pillows, candles and incense, a sound machine, and a throw blanket or two.” – Havenly lead designer Brady Burke

Self-Care Resolution: Read One Book a Month

reading room design | calming design

Throw // Pillow // Lamp // Candle // Wine Glass // Vase // Bookcase

“What better way to commit to reading as self-care than to create your very own book nook? Invest in an extra-comfy arm chair to start, and build out the space with a floor lamp, comfy pillows and blankets, and a side table topped with your favorite candle and a coffee mug or wine glass. Better yet, design your very own Reading Room dedicated to your bibliophile lifestyle.” – Havenly Lead designer Heather Goerzen

Self-Care Resolution: Regular Exercise

calm interior design

Water Bottle // Jump Rope //  Stability Ball //  Floor Mirror // Wall-Mounted Bookcase //  Basket Set //  Quick-Dry Towel //  Wall-Mounted Ballet Bar // Yoga Block Set // Framed Watercolor

“Whether you’re a dedicated yogi, HIIT enthusiast, or simply enjoy walking around the block, regular physical exercise is always a worthwhile pursuit. But as the saying goes, the most difficult part of working out is showing up. Bring the gym to you with an at-home setup complete with a floor mirror, jump rope, stability ball, yoga mat and block set, and a wall-mounted bookcase for weights and exercise equipment.” – Havenly lead designer Vivian Torres

Self-Care Resolution: Gardening

healthy new year's resolutions

Market Basket // Plant Mister // Pruning Shears // Watering Can // Hanging Planter // Reusable Flower Tote // Planter // Herb Plant Stakes

“When trying to embrace a new hobby, investing in the right equipment goes a long way. To sufficiently grow your green thumb indoors and out, create a little porch, garage, or indoor ‘greenhouse’ setup with a proper plant mister, pruning shears, watering can, planters and pots, and flower and vegetable seeds. Start with a nursery plant or two from your local flower shop, and watch your hobby literally and figuratively spring to life.” – Havenly lead designer Kelsey Fischer

Self-Care Resolution: Adopt a Bedtime Routine

healthy bedtime routines

Boucle Throw // Wellness Journal // Candle // Essential Oils // Oil Diffuser // Bedding // Mug // Sleep Mask

“From Arianna Huffington to Oprah, some of the most successful people in the world swear by a restorative and repeatable bedtime routine. If your nightly wind down could use some structure, keep a few relaxing essentials on-hand, like a sleep mask, essential oil diffuser, wellness journal, comfy pillows and throws, and a favorite candle. While you can (and should) personalize your space according to your chosen routine, start with a few of your favorite creature comforts and go from there.” Havenly lead designer Melissa Wagner

Self-Care Resolution: Try A New Recipe Each Week

self-care resolution

Cutting Board // Apron // Oven Mitt // Mixing Bowls // Blender // Wooden Spoons // Skillet // Measuring Cups

“Sure, you can cook a perfectly fine meal with an old skillet from college and your mom’s hand-me-down plates, but any budding home chef knows that proper culinary ware makes all the difference. Commit to your recipe goal by up leveling the fundamentals, like a beautiful cutting board, apron, mixing bowls, blender, skillet, measuring cups, and an inspiring cookbook or two — you won’t regret it!” – Havenly lead designer Heather Goerzen 

Self-Care Resolution: Spend More Time Outside

patio design

Rug // Pouf // Grey White Patio Chair  //  Textured Terra-cotta Pot // Black String Lights // Lantern // Cane Pitcher // Cane Tumbler Set

“While meditation and journaling are always worthwhile self-care pursuits, nothing holds a candle to spending more time in the great outdoors. Catch some fresh air and amp up your vitamin D intake with a proper outdoor setup, even if you only have a tiny balcony to your name. Start with a lounge chair or bistro table setup, and add a planter, string lights, a rug, and a side table for drinks, a book, sunnies, and a straw hat.” – Havenly lead designer Vivian Torres

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Words by Kelsey Clark



Seven healthy self-care New Year’s resolutions, plus the essentials you need to get there.