13 Dining Table Decor Ideas That Will Never Go Out of Style

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WORDS BY Morgan Goldberg

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Published on October 18, 2022

After years of social distancing, your dining room might be a little neglected. But this holiday season will mark a proper return to celebrating with family and friends (we hope), so it’s time to stop using your dining space for extra storage and whip it into shape for entertaining. If you’re looking for beautiful dining table decor ideas, our Havenly interior designers have you covered.

Our designer-approved dining table decor ideas range from simple suggestions, like using a tablecloth, to more involved advice, like juxtaposing vases of different heights. But all our recommendations are easily doable and totally timeless — keep scrolling for more inspiration.

1. Elevate the everyday

Dining room decor ideas

This is one of those Pinterest-worthy looks that’s so easy to achieve. Cluster everyday objects like vases, cloth napkins, and your favorite ceramic dinnerware to create a ready-to-go, lived-in still life display that will make guests feel right at home. Plus, setting the table will be super easy when it’s time for dinner. Pro tip: stack plates for added height, and layer in a couple of bowls for a more asymmetrical approach. 

2. Add drama with candlesticks

Dining room decor ideas

For a dramatic, romantic vibe, cluster a collection of brass candlesticks alongside fresh florals. This pairing is chic and impactful, so it works well on both large and small dining tables. Of course, flickering flames add a lovely ambiance in the evenings, too.

3. Add texture & pattern with a tablecloth

Dining room decor ideas

It might seem obvious, but tablecloths are a great way to dress up a dining table. At the very least, the fabric will add a sense of softness to the space and offer a warm backdrop for your tablescape. But you can also have fun with it and go for a bold print that makes a statement. 

4. Use cloth napkins

Dining room decor ideas

If you have a beautiful wood dining table that you want to keep exposed, then incorporate fabric using cloth napkins. Not only do they feel special and adult, but they’re also more sustainable than the paper variety.

5. Juxtapose vases of varying heights

Dining room decor ideas

Add visual intrigue and dimension to your dining table by juxtaposing vases of different heights. Consider limiting the greenery to just one vase (we love an elongated branch moment) to allow the other to feel like a sculptural piece of art. 

6. Use your fruit bowl as a centerpiece

Dining room decor ideas

Store your fruit in a large bowl on the dining table, simultaneously creating a beautiful, bounty-inspired centerpiece and saving space on your kitchen counter. Pair it with a vase of fresh flowers to complete the lush, harvest aesthetic.

7. Embrace a playful color palette

Dining room decor ideas

There is nothing more festive and celebratory than color—so use it! Layering playful candlesticks with vibrant florals and pastel-hued tableware will infuse your dining room with joyful energy and encourage lively conversations.

8. Showcase herbal arrangements

potted plants for dining table decor

Proof herbs aren’t just for gardens. Plant mini terracotta pots with herbal green beauties like sage, rosemary, and thyme. Scatter along a runner for a natural centerpiece moment that’s both gorgeous and functional (simply pluck stems as needed for seasoning). But make sure to use an odd number of arrangements—it just feels better.

9. Consider a table runner

Dining room decor ideas

You don’t have to commit to a full table cloth—a table runner can also soften up the space and ground the serving ware beautifully. For a more dramatic look, let the fabric hang off the edges. Or keep it all on the table for a modern, streamlined result.

10. Add height with pampas grass

Dining room decor ideas

Florals might not be your thing, and that’s totally cool because faux pampas grass achieves an organic feeling without the flowers. Fill your favorite vase with a bouquet of the fake fluffy grass and you’ll be glad you did. Dried florals are really having a moment, so there are so many non-traditional floral options to play with.

11. Draw the eye up

Dining room decor ideas

In dining rooms with high ceilings, go vertical with your table decor decor ideas. Not only will tall candlesticks and vases accentuate the architecture of your space, but they don’t take up much real estate so there will be plenty of room for food.

12. Start with a tray

Dining room decor ideas

Use a tray to curate a portable vignette of decor items like ceramics, wooden beads, and candles. It serves as a fun, eclectic centerpiece for the dining room table during the day, but you can easily move it away for meal time.

13. Invest in placemats

Dining room decor ideas

We love a functional decor moment, and placemats provide just that. Placemats will protect your dining table from damage and facilitate cleanup while adding texture and warmth to your overall aesthetic. Consider a natural woven material to give your dining table decor an organic twist.

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Words by Morgan Goldberg