Easy Guest Room Updates for Hosting Family

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on June 2, 2021

You heard it here first—guest rooms are about to make a major comeback, just like wide leg pants and chunky heels. Summer trips are stacking up, and many of us are ready to welcome in friends and family we haven’t seen in far too long. If your guest room has become a cobweb collector or been repurposed as your makeshift home office, don’t fret. It doesn’t take much time, effort, or money to create a welcoming space (we promise!).

From fresh linens to details for the day-of, our designers share five simple guest room decor ideas to make your visitors feel right at home.


The most important part of a guest room is the sleeping arrangement. When it comes to bedding, comfort is key. We all know the frustration of a disruptive night of sleep due to scratchy sheets, feeling too hot or too cold, or trying to find the perfect place on a rock-hard mattress. Prepare the bed with fresh, luxurious linens sure to give your guests a sweet slumber. Go the extra mile with a duvet paired alongside a lighter quilt on the end of the bed to allow guests to rest in their preferred temperature at night, and stash extra blankets in the closet for even more coziness.

And don’t forget to place a clean set of towels out on the bed or in the bathroom so they don’t have to ask where they are or poke through cupboards. There’s nothing worse than getting out of a guest bath, dripping wet, only to find the towel has ghosted you.

When selecting new linens for your guest room, our designers often opt for white towel and sheet sets. They go with everything and are easy to bleach when needed — all while giving the room that hotel-like quality to cue “vacation mode.” Pro tip: if you’re concerned about foundation stains on light towels, offer makeup remover wipes on the bathroom counter for use instead.


It’s all in the details! Up the luxe factor and make your home feel like a retreat for your guests with a few choice additions: consider leaving out clean guest robes and slippers, place an eye mask (bonus points for silk) and ear plugs on the nightstand, and provide lavender oil or pillow mist for some relaxing aromatherapy. 

If your guest is a bookworm, stack a few books or current magazines on the nightstand. Pass on your favorite novels so they have something to read before bed or when they need quiet alone time. These unexpected details will make your guests feel extra special and welcomed, but be prepared that such thoughtfulness might encourage them to immediately book their next stay at your lovely casa.


Since we’re not the ones sleeping in our guest rooms, it’s easy to overlook the need for curtains or window treatments – but that’s a guest fail. If you’re not up for installing blinds or shutters, go for curtains. Drapes offer not only a sense of privacy, but give the option for blocking more light for those night owls who prefer to sleep in. 

Select fabric lengths that fall all the way to the floor to make the room appear larger. If the room tends to be on the darker side, sheer white linen drapes still let in a soft light and can make a room feel more spacious and put together — and add a gentle softness. Cue that picture perfect vacay moment with an open window and curtains billowing in a subtle breeze.


Bring an element of the outdoors in with fresh-cut flowers. A vase of blooms is a thoughtful touch that instantly livens a space. Whether you clip them from your garden or pick up a bunch from your local florist or grocery store, anything goes. It doesn’t have to be a big fancy bouquet — a few pretty stems will do. 

Create a sense of calm in the space with a few strategically-placed candles. Because who doesn’t love that warm, flickering glow? Opt for a lighter-scented candle, perhaps something in citrus or lavender, as some guests may be more sensitive to strong fragrances. Be sure to place a book of matches nearby so they can light it on their own when they please. 

For a truly spa inspired moment, add eucalyptus to the guest bathroom. Simply tie a strand of twine around a bunch of stems and hang them from the shower head. Steam will release the intoxicatingly fresh scent for a zen escape.


The bed is made, the flowers look glorious in a vase on the dresser, and fresh towels are stacked in the bathroom — so now what? Set out a carafe of water and glasses on the nightstand so guests don’t have to wander down to the kitchen to quench their thirst in the middle of the night. And, right before they arrive, light a candle on the nightstand or dresser to fill the room with welcome. Last but not least, a handwritten note welcoming them makes a sweet touch to their pillow.

May your reunions be many, and merry! 

Need a little more inspiration to bring your dream guest room to life? Our designers are standing by. Get started on your serene guest sanctuary with our Havenly style quiz.

Words by Avery Johnson