12 Entryway Lighting Ideas That Will (Literally) Give Your Home a Glow-Up

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on September 6, 2022

Creating a welcoming, stylish, and personalized home starts with a beautiful entryway (or more specifically, sublime entryway lighting ideas). From compact foyers to grand staircases, this seminal space sets the aesthetic and atmospheric tone for your entire home, starting with mood lighting.

From head-turning chandeliers and dramatic pendant lights to eye-catching wall sconces and table lamps, your chosen lighting will add drama, ambiance, and warmth to your entryway space and beyond.

If you’re tight on ideas, you’ve come to the right place — Havenly designer Kasee Smith has rounded up 12 of her go-to entryway lighting ideas. Keep scrolling for the glow-up your foyer deserves:

1. Layer it Up

Entryway lighting ideas

Regardless your entryway size, don’t stop at a single light fixture! Instead, layer multiple sources of light for a warm, design-forward interior. Start with a pendant light, and add a wall sconce or two for added ambiance.

2. Embrace Natural Light

Entryway lighting ideas

If your entryway gets gorgeous natural light, consider keeping your fixtures pared back — a simple table or floor lamp near an entryway console will offer the perfect pop of light post-sundown. Sometimes, less is more!

3. Think Oversized

Entryway lighting ideas

If you’re trying to fill a spacious entryway with tall ceilings and a grand staircase, opt for oversized light fixtures. While we won’t discourage a dramatic chandelier in this situation, sizable twin table lamps can even do the trick (with the right styling, of course). Consider the scale of your space, and select lighting accordingly.

4. Stick to a Single Metal

Entryway lighting ideas

We’re not-so-secret fans of the mixed metal look, but sometimes, sticking with a single finish can tie a space together beautifully. In the above entryway, for example, the brass look is carried through the table lamp, wall sconces, mirror, console, and storage baskets for a perfectly glam look.

5. Aim for Balance

Entryway lighting ideas

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you can also use lighting, silhouette, and color to achieve a perfectly balanced entryway. Here, the acrylic table lamp lends a light, modern touch to the ornate mirror and bold black console. It’s thoughtful design at its finest!

6. Complement Existing Architecture

Entryway lighting ideas

You can also use entryway lighting to complement existing architectural features. In the above space, for example, the simple, straight wall sconces work beautifully with the wainscoting, while the vases and decorative baskets lend a softer touch.

7. Consider Shade Selection

Entryway lighting ideas

In darker entryways, opt for light fixtures with clear glass shades to maximize light and brighten up the space. And remember: just because you opt for a similar shade doesn’t mean you can’t switch up the styles! We love the sculptural chandelier paired with the angular floor lamp in the above space.

8. Don't Sleep on Floor Lamps

Entryway lighting ideas

Floor lamps are a quick, easy, and low-lift way to add height and light to a smaller entryway, especially if your space lacks overhead fixtures. Plus, they’re completely renter-friendly — who doesn’t want to skip hard-wiring altogether?!

9. Shop Semi-Flush Mounts

Entryway lighting ideas

Have low ceilings, but still want to add some design drama? Enter semi-flush mounts. These more shallow fixtures can feel just as grand as a pendant light or chandelier, but don’t require 12-foot tall ceilings.

10. Stick to an Aesthetic Theme

Entryway lighting ideas

We love mixing different design and furniture styles, but there’s something to be said for a cohesive, thoughtfully-designed space. In the above entryway, the linear light fixture complements the graphic art print and hat rack perfectly — it really shows attention to detail.

11. Keep it Simple

Entryway lighting ideas

Sometimes, matching wall sconces on either side of a design focal point is all you need to make a statement. We love how the linear design of the wall sconces elongates the vignette and makes it feel a touch more dramatic. It’s simple, yet effective. 

12. Embrace Texture

Entryway lighting ideas

Texture is a must-have in any space, including small entryways. A simple rattan table lamp, rope pendant light, or wicker floor lamp can add so much dimension and warmth to your space, especially if your color palette leans bold or moody.

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Words by Kelsey Clark