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WORDS BY Kelly O'Reilly

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Published on June 8, 2021

When Havenly CEO and co-founder Lee Mayer set out to write Design the Home You Love, she knew the Modern Farmhouse look would feature—after all, it is one of the two most popular classic-related styles sought after by Havenly clients these days. Because who doesn’t love that sophisticated-but-down-home vibe?

Kylee’s Modern Farmhouse home is just one of the approachable decor styles that Lee breaks down in the book, which also includes practical styling tips, what to splurge (or save) on, style recipes, and pages upon pages upon pages of eye-catching inspiration. Just to further whet your design appetite, we give you a peek at Lee’s laid-back Cali Cool home, as well as Katy’s vibrant and eclectic space.

But back to Kylee’s lovely home. Havenly lead designer Brady Burke shows us how to pull off her look. And if you’re craving more design details, this is your sign to go ahead and grab your copy of our comprehensive styling guidebook today.

Balance modern with traditional.

Kylee and her husband bought their home when they were expecting twins—so think of the space as a designer’s approach to family-friendly design. In true parenting fashion, her home aesthetic is all about balance. She juxtaposes clean lines and a modern layout with classic features and rustic accents for a look that is both on trend and timeless.

Just take her dining room, which features a traditional farmhouse table and Windsor dining chairs alongside a black and white plaid rug. But to put the “modern” in “farmhouse” and give the space a fresh twist, she adds in organic touches like oversized woven pendants and rattan bar stools alongside brass accents and even (wait for it…) faux fur throws.

Embrace a classic color scheme.

As with most Modern Farmhouse designs, Kylee’s home begins with a crisp and clean canvas of white walls and wood floors. She then keeps to a high contrast color palette of white and black, layering in muted tones for a soft pop of color.

“The space feels grounded and comfortable by her artful use of light and dark neutral tones,” says Brady. “Black and white will forever be chic and in vogue, but it’s the subtle addition of earth tones that makes the space feel more approachable and homey.” Adjectives synonymous with the modern farmhouse vibe.

Add plenty of texture.

Organic textures, like jute, rattan and wood, add depth and dimension to the overall scene, creating a sense of warmth and visual interest. “Kylee’s home is an enduring and approachable mix of earth tones, rich textures, subtle modern touches, and global influences,” says Brady. 

Feel free to get a little playful.

Remember what we said: they call it “Modern” Farmhouse for a reason. It’s the contemporary details alongside the more rustic and countryside elements that ensure the space doesn’t go the predictable way of “shabby chic” (remember that early 2000s country floral phase?). So don’t be afraid to take some risks and mix in a variety of design influences.

For Kylee, that looks like audaciously pairing a sculptural accent chair in a rich green velvet alongside a curvaceous mid-century inspired floor lamp in her. Quite the statement. 

Or note the angular task lamp in her bedroom, coupled with a modern spin on floral prints. No pressed flowers here.

And did we mention the cheetah print rug and Moroccan wall hanging in the nursery? Simply feast your eyes on the design goodness.

Let comfort reign.

At the end of the day, Modern Farmhouse style should feel warm and welcoming, a space built upon tradition and comfort – like the design equivalent of homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Kylee certainly nails it on that front. A plush and comfy sectional ready to sink into? Check. Plenty of pillows and luxurious throws? Check. Vases filled with florals and greens for a touch of life? Check check. We love how Kylee’s home invites you to pour a glass of cab, kick up your feet, and stay for a while.

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Words by Kelly O'Reilly