Swoon-Worthy Kitchens with Painted Cabinets

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on May 19, 2020

With restaurants closed during these past few months, we’ve spent more time in our kitchens than ever. And if you’re starting to feel a bit blah about the space you’re in, consider one change that makes a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the room. Painted cabinets bring a pop of personality to sleepy kitchens—think bright turquoise, deep ocean blue, stunning black, and even fresh white

Even if you’re not ready to commit, daydream about your next project with a tour through these kitchens with painted cabinets. 

A kitchen like this needs to introduction—it speaks for itself. Let your true colors shine with an unexpected turquoise shown here in Lauren’s “happy place”. This kitchen proves that even your wildest paint dreams can come true—and will probably look fabulous. When going this bold, look for contrast and then commit. 

Even with the unique color of this cabinetry, don’t worry too much about keeping the rest of the room muted. White marble countertops and a matching backsplash creates the perfect canvas for the turquoise to shine—but a patterned rug in a surprising bubblegum pink plays nicely within this colorful space without being too overwhelming. Pendant lights, gold stools, and gold cabinet hardware add a pop of glitz and shine bright in the space. Continue the theme into the dining area with a simple yet statement piece of artwork on the wall and a funky light fixture. Might as well go all out with a design style this stellar. 

blue kitchen cabinets

Stray from the land of neutral while still evoking a sense of earthiness with cool gray-blue painted cabinets. This blue is like playing truth or dare—it may push your comfort zone, but ends up a fun decision you won’t regret making. A light blue of this shade paired with clean white evokes a sense of modern farmhouse chic. 

When going with a bolder cabinet color, avoid busyness by playing it cool with other design elements. Here, shiny white countertops, simple white painted walls and open shelving let the cabinets themselves stand out sans-competition. Simple brass hardware keeps it modern and a standout farmhouse sink transforms dishwashing into a downright enjoyable task. 

cat with painted cabinets
blue cabinets

Who says white isn’t a color? In these two kitchens, white cabinets with gold metallic handles lighten up the space for a bright, inviting kitchen. Lighter hardwood floors and white granite or marble countertops make for a fresh, clean look. Make your own style sing with accessories, furniture and smaller design elements. 

The nice thing about white is that literally almost anything goes—brass light fixtures and faucets stand out like paint on a canvas in one space, while over the sink shelves of chotskies adds interest and becomes a conversation starter. Continue to avoid the washed out, asylum look by further adding personality with rugs and fixtures. A pop of whimsical black and white wallpaper in the dining area and a patterned floor runner make a house truly your home. 

Classic white kitchen cabinet
white cabinets

Sometimes you just gotta go for the dark and mysterious type. But remember when going dark, it is important to keep the rest of the kitchen lighter or more neutral in order to invite in natural light and avoid a boxed in, overwhelming feel. Havenly’s own office kitchen boasts dramatic matte black cabinetry paired with sleek white counters, a white subway tile backsplash, and pops of gold chrome accessories. 

Switching up the cabinet hardware is an easy and often cost-effective way to play with your kitchen’s style. Metallic accents such as drawer pulls and handles look especially sassy against darker surfaces and help reflect light about the room. Pull the theme further into the kitchen with a brassy faucet, shiny gold vases and fruit bowls, and bright gold barstools just begging you to pull up a seat and stay awhile. With a kitchen this bold and beautiful, it’s a surprise we get much work done. 

black cabinets

Words by Avery Johnson