Modern Bedroom Ideas that Will Turn Your Space Into an Oasis

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WORDS BY Gillian Grefe

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Published on November 20, 2019

Dream of resting your head in a simple, yet polished space each night? Do you covet that sleek modern look of a hotel room, with crisp white linens and an uncluttered space? 

Modern design in the bedroom creates a streamlined and tranquil space to get some shut-eye. The best part with modern interior design in the bedroom is that less is more. With a few key elements, you can create a calm spa-like space perfect for getting some quality relaxation. 

 These modern bedroom interior design ideas will help overhaul your bedroom from waking nightmare to modern design dreamscape. 

A hallmark of modern design is its simplistic quality that embraces natural materials and nature. When decorating your modern bedroom, bring in a few natural textures pieces like a jute rug, woven basket, or mirror with natural fiber

You can also style the space with a few easy to care for houseplants. They’ll not only bring in a fresh pop of natural color, but they’ll also clean the air and create a more calming space. 

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Modern Bohemian Bedroom Interior Design

One of the benefits of modern design is you don’t need much to achieve the look. The style is simplistic, and when it comes to accessorizing a modern space, less is more. In terms of art for the walls, select one or two large, high-impact minimalist prints or paintings. Refrain from too many large pieces, especially if your room is small—modern design is all about the open spaces with room to breathe.  

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Contemporary Modern Bedroom Design

You don’t want too many accessories in a modern bedroom, but you also want storage hidden away. Refrain from using open shelves, or rolling clothing racks. Instead, opt for a natural wood dresser or bedside tables with drawers to keep knick-knacks from piling up. 

The more you can trend towards the look of a hotel room, or spa, the more tranquil and modern the space will appear. Remember, a cleared room means a clear mind and a good night’s sleep.  

Bedroom decluttering

The modern bedroom is clean. Clean lines, clean spaces, and a clean white color palette. To create a calming, modern atmosphere, try neutral colors on the wall, and in your bedding. Avoid too many bright pops of color, and instead up the texture with warm natural fiber pillows or luxe linen sheets

The modern bedroom is a simple, calming space where you can relax and unwind from the day. It doesn’t take much to achieve this look, and by bringing in a few elements, you can create that spa space for yourself.

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Simple modern color palette

Words by Emma Diehl