6 Designer-Approved Paint Colors for a Stunning Bedroom Retreat

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WORDS BY Erica Buehler

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Published on September 13, 2021

As investing in our spaces—and the rooms in which we spend most of our time—continues to be a top-of-mind priority, we find ourselves reevaluating our bedrooms especially. Bedrooms are meant to be peaceful retreats, providing the utmost in comfort, rest, and relaxation. So, choosing the perfect paint color is a pretty big deal. The right paint not only serves to set your chosen mood, but also becomes the leaping off point for your bedroom design. We’re sharing our favorite bedroom paint color ideas to help you decide on your next—and new favorite—shade.

Neutral and Natural

When it comes to a solid foundation color, neutrals and nature-inspired Earth tones are always a good choice. These colors are soft, subtle, and calming, but still add a little bit of color to liven up your bedroom. Plus, they’re super versatile and design-buildable, lending themselves easily to most aesthetics and making styling a breeze. 

white bedroom paint color

For those looking for a clean canvas, Snow Day (also by Clare Paints) is high on our leaderboard of epic white shades. It brings the crisp coolness of new-fallen snow into your bedroom with just a subtle hint of warmth. 

green bedroom paint color

If you’re looking for a soft and soothing tone, Money Moves by Clare Paints is a beautifully balanced green that’s light enough not to be distracting while still offering enough pigment to make a space sing. Not to mention, it follows our 2021 trend color of the year, so safe to say we’re very into it. 

Moody and Modern

There’s just something about a sultry, moody bedroom that invites all the coziness (and yes, a little bit of sexiness, too!). Rich, bold colors are great statement-makers, bringing drama to a space without overwhelming it. If you’re into more modern and luxe design styles, then lean in here. 

navy bedroom paint color

We’re currently crushing hard on Benjamin Moore Hale Navy and all it’s wonderful versatility. If it catches your eye, here’s a multitude of ways to use it to create the bedroom of your dreams.

dark bedroom paint color

We’re also loving Benjamin Moore Onyx right now, too—this deep gray has all the makings for a bedroom that’s a bit moody and a lot style-savvy.  As seen in the design above, we suggest pairing with crisp white linens and plenty of wooden accents to both lighten up the scene as well as infuse warmth. We’d cozy up in here all day, every day if we could!

Light and Bright

Airy, whimsical bedrooms are trending now—but we consider them always in style as they combine comfort and serenity with a sense of inspiration and energy (perfect for a peaceful bedtime and rejuvenating wake-up call). 

For a white that simply shines in natural light and is easily accented with pale wood and organic textures (like rattan or woven pieces), we suggest Fresh Kicks by Clare Paints. A full-sized, light-reflecting mirror, bright white trim, and a pop of color by way of bed pillows creates a cool, breathable space to both relax and make big things happen. We love a good win-win situation.

warm white bedroom paint color

Always a favorite for lighter shades is Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak, too. It works effortlessly in big or small spaces and is an all-around top choice for pretty much any room of a home, but plays especially well in a bedroom given its warm undertone. Another crowd-pleaser, this shade has a wide ranging style-appeal, from more classic and traditional bedroom spaces to hygge-filled and boho vibes. Pro tip: feel free to use the same neutral hue on the walls as the ceiling for a more immersive setting.

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Words by Erica Buehler