7 Brilliant Ideas for Bedrooms Without a Headboard

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WORDS BY Morgan Goldberg

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Published on December 7, 2022

Hot take: You don’t need a headboard. Yes, headboards dress up your bed nicely, but there are so many other ways to add visual intrigue to a bedroom than a standard headboard. From creating an accent wall with wallpaper to hanging statement artwork to simply playing up your throw pillows, the possibilities are endless. Keep scrolling for the creative no headboard ideas that Havenly designers swear by.

1. Create a moment with wallpaper

No headboard ideas

Usually, a headboard serves as the focal point of the bedroom—but you can create an eye-catching moment with a bold wallpaper behind the bed instead. An accent wall still draws attention to the bed, while adding an element of fun that a headboard simply can’t achieve.

2. Go whimsical

No headboard ideas

In a child’s bedroom, a tent is a whimsical swap for a headboard. A tent inspires the imagination and provides a sense of coziness that kids love. It’s the perfect place for playing pretend or cuddling up with a bedtime story.

3. Pile on the pillows

No headboard ideas

If you like your walls clean and crisp, leave them blank and play up your throw pillows instead. Combine different fabrics, textures, colors, and patterns for a layered vibe that feels lived-in and inviting.

4. Hang statement artwork

No headboard ideas

Hanging a massive, statement piece of art is always a great idea because it creates a striking focal point above the bed. Choose a work that encourages relaxation, evokes nostalgia, or inspires creativity so that your bedroom can be a restorative oasis.

5. Highlight windows

No headboard ideas

When your bed is placed between two windows, a headboard is superfluous. Focus on the windows instead, adding dramatic drapes or flowy curtains that highlight the views toward nature and frame the bed perfectly.

6. Create a focal point

No headboard ideas

For all the comfort of a headboard without needing to buy one, craft a DIY tufted wall. If you’ve upholstered a piece of furniture before, it should be easy—all you need to do is mount stuffed fabric to the wall. Plus, you can customize it however you please.

7. Highlight architectural details.

No headboard ideas

Not all homes have charming historical details—but you can add them. Install shiplap, add crown molding, or put up brick wallpaper behind the bed to make it look like you’re sleeping in a beautiful old home.

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Words by Morgan Goldberg