No Paint, No Problem: Check Out 10 Designer Faves for Peel and Stick Wallpaper

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WORDS BY Avery Johnson

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Published on October 25, 2021

Whether you’re renting, wanting to spice up your space in a bold way, or possibly just afraid of commitment, there’s one design trend you’ll want to get behind right now—removable wallpaper. Peel and stick wallpaper adds a pop of pizzazz to your space (almost) instantly. No paint, no tricky adhesive, no need to scrape it all off later. All you need to do is what the name suggests: peel, then stick. 

But this new trend isn’t just your grandmother’s faded floral wallpaper. No. These days, wall adornments come in a hefty variety of pretty colors and patterns, both bold and subtle, vintage and modern, to suit your space and style. Easy to apply (with no need for dry time and no lingering paint smell!), removable wallpaper gives your room an upgrade in minutes — no accidentally paint-splattered t-shirts (or dogs or crawling babies) required. 

Our designers rounded up the best peel and stick wallpapers, tested and vetted across countless projects, to spark your imagination.

Boho Vibes

boho peel and stick wallpaper

from left to right: Line Item // Pablo Portraits

If you’re looking to compliment your relaxed, unique style, boho wallpapers like these create the perfect background. Boho style thrives on a bit of eclectic flare, and both of these patterns will create a surprising pop. 

For a more simplistic look, opt for a line pattern. Try picking just one or two walls for this one to avoid pattern overload (or jail cell vibes). For something a little more free spirited, this abstract portraiture sketch will make a stellar accent wall and conversation piece to boot. And while you can certainly go for something more colorful, we love leaning into these more tonal backdrops for bohemian spaces as they will allow you to really dial up the color in furnishings and textiles.

California Cool

grasscloth ikat peel and stick wallpaper

from left to right: Faux Grasscloth // Faded Dream

A sea salt breeze, the Pacific sparkling in the distance, a crisp white wine in hand — both of these removable wallpaper patterns cue that effortless style that’s quintessential Cali. The muted tones and unique, yet simple, patterns are both on-trend and timeless, making for a wallpaper refresh you’ll love for years to come.

California casual is a blend of classic simplicity and laid-back vibes — think cool ocean tones and repetitive, line-like patterns with a sense of movement.

Luxe Living

luxe peel and stick wallpaper

from left to right: Tempaper Bird Watching Wildlife // Boutique Marquise Geo

Luxe style incorporates glimmering brass tones, rich fabrics, and more ornate embellishments. 

You’ll be feeling all The Great Gatsby feels with a classy art deco pattern of connecting diamonds on a deep teal background. Try this one as an accent wall in a larger room, or get sassy with it and break the design rules — completely deck the walls of your powder room with this bold pattern for a dramatic effect. Add a gold-framed mirror and some 1920s-inspired light fixtures to complete the look. After all, a little party never killed nobody. 

Take it up a notch with a black wallpaper adorned with metallic gold birds and branches. If it feels like taking a design risk, never fear. What makes removable wallpaper so great? It is removable! If you ever tire of the pattern or have to move, down it goes — easy peasy. Again, this dark design makes quite the statement in a bathroom or lining a hallway, or even creating a dramatic bedroom or dining moment. (OK, go ahead and use it anywhere, and everywhere.)

Modern Cottage

floral peel and stick wallpaper

from left to right: Floral Leaves // Petal Floral

You’ve probably been hearing, and seeing, the new cottagecore trend — a countryside-inspired aesthetic that embraces florals, vintage details, and lots of reclaimed woods. And what better way to bring the style to life than through removable wallpaper in a pastoral print.

Opt for floral patterns in natural tones, like shades of beige and blush, in a more abstract and artful swirled motif. Or go modern and bold — with a crisp white sketch on a deep navy backdrop. It’s eye-catching and captivating, as well as oh so charming (a cottagecore prerequisite).

For the Kiddos

kids peel and stick wallpaper

from left to right: Avelar Removable Scandinavian // Rennick X Marks the Spot

Good design should be available to all (that’s our MO after all), including your kids. Peel and stick wallpaper adds a touch of whimsy to children’s rooms of all ages. Simple repeating patterns in black and white or muted colors modernize the traditional primary color crayon box rooms of our youth.

And yes, kids grow up. But, rather than painting over zoo animals or other wall adornments, just peel off the wallpaper — and replace it with something more their style — when tastes change as they get older.

From finding the perfect wallpaper or paint color, to helping design the best layout for your space, our designers are here to take your home to the next level. Get started with our style quiz

Words by Avery Johnson