This Is Exactly How Designers Store Kids’ Toys: 7 Discreet & Chic Hacks

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on April 26, 2022

Toy storage is a never-ending battle for design-minded parents. Even if you swore you’d never let your home devolve into a glorified playroom, finding a place for every stray Lego and Paw Patrol stuffed animal is a challenge for even the most accomplished interior designers, let alone busy parents.

Without a proper plan of attack and a never-ending stream of storage bins at your fingertips, that fast-growing action figure collection will encroach on the “adult” areas of your home, like the living and dining rooms.

We know firsthand that it’s far too easy to allow kid clutter to go rampant, so we tapped our design team for their pro tips and tricks. From built-in window benches to intentional storage displays, find their creative toy storage ideas fit for every family and home.

1. Under-the-Bed Storage

Toy storage ideas

Built-in bed storage is an oft-missed opportunity when looking for a place to stash toys. It’s beautifully concealed yet still easy to access for your little ones. Not to mention, they now come in a range of styles and sizes to suit every space and taste. In addition to beds, you can always turn to desks, dressers, nightstands, and the like for hidden storage — always take advantage of every nook and cranny in kids rooms, nurseries, and playrooms!

Toy storage ideas

Munich Twin Mate’s Bed // Malcolm Wood Storage Bed // Kenan Storage Bed

2. Sleek Lidded Storage

Toy storage ideas

When storing toys to main living areas, bathrooms, or even a home office or Reading Room, always opt for sleek lidded bins. That way, all toys are essentially camouflaged in “adult” spaces, even if they’re labeled “slime” and “guts” (as so hilariously depicted in this ultra chic but still kid-friendly real-life client home).

Toy storage ideas

Vinto Storage Box // Clear Bin With Bamboo Lid // Plastic Bin Set

3. Hidden Hampers

Toy storage ideas

Pro tip: Large woven hampers make for great storage baskets, especially when you’re looking for a place to stash extra bedding or your five-year-old’s 40-piece stuffed animal collection. Form and function? Check and check.

Toy storage ideas

Seagrass Basket Set // Woven Nursery Hamper // Sedona Grey Hamper

4. Decorative Bookshelves

Toy storage ideas

There’s no better place for cute open shelving than a kids room. Put family photos, vacation mementos, and cute artwork on display up top, somewhat aesthetically-pleasing toys within reach in the middle, and a few pull-out storage bins or baskets on the bottom for smaller pieces and general clutter.

Toy storage ideas

Dunkelberger Ladder Bookcase // Arlo Bookcase // Angled Catch-All Bookcase

5. Built-In Benches

Toy storage ideas

Built-in or stand-alone storage benches are perfect nooks for concealed toy storage, whether in a play room, nursery, or even the living room. If space and budget allows, utilize space beneath windows or awkward, unused corners for additional seating and a hidden home for stray stuffed animals, legos, dolls, and more.

Toy storage ideas

Whittenburg Storage Bench // Nolan Bench // Juan Storage Bench

6. Stacks on Stacks on Stacks

Toy storage ideas

We’re convinced that stackable cubbies were made for kids’ rooms. Use these handy bins to double up on storage where you need it (like a playroom), or create modular storage units custom-fit for closets, cabinetry, empty corners, and the like.

Toy storage ideas

KidSpace Toy Organizer // Rue Storage Caddy // Wood Stackable Bin

7. Statement Storage

Toy storage ideas

Rather than trying to disguise your toy storage with sleek, nearly invisible bins, create a little design feature with colorful, textured, and patterned baskets. This is a great approach in a bedroom, basement, or playroom, where 99.9% of the space is dedicated to toys and play anyways — lean into it with fun numbered or even alphabetical cubbies!

Toy storage ideas

Sprout Crate // Trellis Cube // Hardy Leather Baskets

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Words by Kelsey Clark