10 Chic Victorian Living Rooms That Prove This Old Style Is Having a Moment

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WORDS BY Rebecca Deczynski

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Published on March 20, 2024

Just because a style may be “old” doesn’t mean that it has to look dated — and that’s true of Victorian style (and Victorian living rooms). This decor style gets its name from the time period of Queen Victoria’s rule from 1837 to 1901, and the decorative stylings that emerged at that time. But Victorian style today doesn’t mean designing your home like a museum. Instead, it’s about pulling inspiration and details from that period to give your space an elegant, refined touch.

Some characteristics of Victorian style are architectural details, like elaborate moulding and sculptural mantels. Decorative details, like gilded mirrors and ornate candlesticks, can also help you achieve this luxurious look in your space — even if your home is far from historic. Victorian living rooms all have an air of elegance and a traditional feel, but they can still feel perfectly current.

In fact, sometimes it’s the details that make a space sing. Just take a look at our favorite modern Victorian living rooms for designer-approved ideas for how to bring a touch of old-school elegance to your space.

Victorian living room: Sophisticated structure

Victorian living room

The elaborate moulding throughout this Victorian living room — especially on its ceiling—enhances the space’s overall simplicity. All-white walls keep it looking fresh, contemporary, and streamlined, and modern furniture adds a welcome stylistic contrast.

Victorian living room: Crowning glory

Victorian living room

The crown moulding in this Victorian living room similarly gives a contemporary-leaning space a touch of refinement. We particularly love the architectural contrast in this interior: an arched doorway feels so modern that it enhances the historic feel of the moulding above it.

Victorian living room: Timeless taste

Victorian living room

Here’s a perfect example of a traditional space that looks perfectly current. Not only does the moulding and elegant fireplace in this living room give it a high-end look — the simple, pared-back furniture strikes a perfect balance of old and new.

Victorian living room: Focal point

Victorian living room

All you really need is one good decorative detail to transform a room. In this living space, it’s an ornate Victorian-style mirror that elevates the room considerably. Against a white brick wall and paired with minimalist, contemporary furniture, it’s out of place in a way that really works. Sometimes, you need that unexpected touch.

Victorian living room: Old school upgrade

Victorian living room

You can also draw inspiration from Victorian design details without adding them to your space in a literal way. The chandelier in this living room has a distinctly modern appeal, but it evokes the feeling of a more traditional light fixture. The fireplace’s moulding also adds a touch of Victorian-inspired details.

Victorian living room: Bright spot

Victorian living room

Once again, behold the power of a good Victorian mirror. Without this gilded touch, this living room would read hyper-modern, with its high-end designer details (see: the Jeanneret chair). The unexpected, ornate mirror gives this space a more editorial, curated vibe. 

Victorian living room: Little things

Victorian living room

Consider this space a lesson in details. Two pieces of Chinoiseries-esque ceramics — a lamp and a vase — bring a taste of tradition to this modern space, along with a detailed fireplace screen and a Victorian-inspired cameo print.

Victorian living room: Almost built-in

Victorian living room

Not blessed with stunningly preserved moulding? DIY it! An elaborate mirror with a white frame blends into the wall behind it to create a textural effect similar to a built-in design. The moulding around the light fixture, too, is an easy add with high impact. (Psst: the fireplace is a DIY too!)

Victorian living room: Artist’s way

Victorian living room

There’s no need to undertake a whole reno to give your home Victorian appeal. A few art objects — a bust and some prints or paintings in gilded frames — will lend your space the right touch of luxury.

Victorian living room: Today’s take

Victorian living room

One feature of Victorian architecture? Ample windows! While this living room definitely feels contemporary, it draws its lineage back to much earlier designs. The space’s sage green couch, too, makes reference to days of yore with its historic hue. 

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Words by Rebecca Deczynski