35 Bedroom Decor Ideas to Help You Design Your Perfect Sleep Sanctuary

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WORDS BY Rebecca Deczynski

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Published on April 3, 2024

Your bedroom is one of the most important and personal rooms in your home. So of course you want it to perfectly reflect your sense of style. When it comes to designing this room, some decisions — like choosing a color palette — might come easily. But figuring out the details that can make your space sing can be a bit more challenging.

There are so many elements that come together to create a beautifully designed bedroom, after all. Your bed frame, nightstands, light fixtures, and other small pieces of bedroom decor are all equally important details to consider, whether you’re a minimalist, maximalist, or something in-between.

The exciting news: There is no shortage of great bedroom decor ideas that can help you create a room of your own. The not-so-exciting new: There are so many ideas to choose from. 

But don’t worry — that’s why we’re here to help. Here are 35 of our favorite bedroom decor ideas, to help you put together a space you’ll be happy to wake up in each and every day.

Bedroom decor ideas: light and bright patterns

Bedroom decor ideas

You don’t have to be an unabashed maximalist to appreciate a bit of good pattern-mixing. In this bedroom, The Inside’s Modern Wingback Bed in Black Market Stripe makes a great neutral base for a patterned blue bed covering. Some natural textures — in the jute rug and the Regatta Table Lamp — give this space a breezy touch.

Bedroom decor ideas: statement piece

Bedroom decor ideas

Sometimes just one standout piece of bedroom decor will suffice. Why not consider The Inside’s Regency Bed in Cornflower Martinique Encore, which steals the show in this space? Considered, neutral details — like matching white table lamps — let this piece shine.

Bedroom decor ideas: organic minimal

Bedroom decor ideas

Neutral colors and streamlined yet soft, silhouettes create an enduring sense of calm in this space. Interior Define’s Celia Upholstered Bed practically melts in the room’s white walls, while Four Hands’s Hayden Nightstand brings in a modern sensibility.

Bedroom decor ideas: contemporary chintz

Bedroom decor ideas

A mix of floral textiles — paired with some other small-scale patterns — makes for whimsical bedroom decor. The sophisticated, modern silhouette of The Inside’s Slipcovered Bed makes a sleek contrast to the more precious details in this space, while The Citizenry’s stonewashed linen bedding brings in some welcome texture.

Bedroom decor ideas: tuxedo style

Bedroom decor ideas

Black and white bedroom decor is always a chic choice, especially when it favors clean lines and graphic elements. Case in point: Kara Mann’s Polar White Cement Table Lamp for CB2, is striking with its conical style and pops when surrounded by charcoal-hued elements. 

Bedroom decor ideas: sitting room

Bedroom decor ideas

Few things feel quite as luxurious as a bedroom outfitted with a seating area; the cream-colored armchairs blend easily into this room’s neutral color palette without making the space feel crowded.

Bedroom decor ideas: 0ttoman accent

Bedroom decor ideas

It’s time to reconsider the end-of-bed bench: Instead, two curved ottomans, like The Inside’s Waterfall Ottomans in Pearl Velvet, can bring a playful, yet high-end look to your space. Other soft-looking features — like Interior Define’s Apollo Table Lamps — round out the room.

Bedroom decor ideas: compact cool

Bedroom decor ideas

When designing any room, it’s crucial to work with the space you’ve got — that means being mindful of scale. In this smaller bedroom, The Inside’s Arched Back Bed in a dynamic rust color (topped with a pretty floral lumbar pillow) makes a great statement without taking up unnecessary space. A petite, spindled table acts as a nightstand, keeping the room looking airy in spite of its constraints.

Bedroom decor ideas: layered effect

Bedroom decor ideas

How do you make a mostly white bedroom look interesting? With layers! In this space, a cream-colored area rug sits on top of a natural jute rug, perfectly framing the bed area. Off-white drapery makes a lovely, subtle contrast against pure white walls, too.

Bedroom decor ideas: pretty pastel

Bedroom decor ideas

If you’ve learned anything new about bedroom decor by now, it’s that unexpected decorative choices are often the best. The Inside’s Modern Platform Bed in a stunning light blue may not be the most anticipated choice for this warm neutral room, but it’s the piece that really takes it to the next level.

Bedroom decor ideas: old-meets-new

Bedroom decor ideas

Here’s the key to embracing traditional style, while keeping your space looking contemporary: Opt for old-school patterns and textures, packaged in modern silhouettes. The Inside’s Classic Wingback Bed is sleek and streamlined, but its chintz pattern gives it a cheeky nod to historic prints. A dark walnut chest is another classic piece of bedroom decor — but brass details and a boxy shape make it current.

Bedroom decor ideas: mixed materials

Bedroom decor ideas

Want to make a neutral, white space feel a bit more textured? Bring in some pops of leather and wood accents! This bedroom’s leather headframe and wood-and-metal-framed armchairs provide a great contrast to their surroundings.

Bedroom decor ideas: hobbyist home

Bedroom decor ideas

When considering bedroom decor for a teen’s space, it’s all about balancing an elevated, “grown-up” foundation with playful nods to their interest. Graphic, minimal Marvel prints look perfectly artistic when neatly framed above a gray-and-tan bed.

Bedroom decor ideas: dark romantic

Bedroom decor ideas

In this striking space, The Inside’s Modern Platform Bed in Black Bamboo Garden provides a lovely dose of pattern — and it looks especially great against a textured black wall. A subtle touch of animal print (in the form of antelope-print throw pillows) brings an extra bit of oomph.

Bedroom decor ideas: earthy calm

Bedroom decor ideas

This down-to-earth space looks bright and breezy thanks to its lightweight white drapes and cream bedspread, but a few pops of earth tone colors, through an area rug and throw pillows, help to style it out.

Bedroom decor ideas: simple sophisticated

Bedroom decor ideas

Here’s a bedroom decor combo that we think is underrated: Dark wood furniture, like this nightstand, looks modern and chic alongside inky black pieces, like a modern bedside light, a shag rug, and shams.

Bedroom decor ideas: natural ease

Bedroom decor ideas

Earthy, organic-feeling textures in this space’s bedroom decor add a slight bohemian twist to an otherwise simple, minimal room. A waffle throw blanket, woven bench, and a sculptural side table — among other details — add dimension, while sticking to a pared-back color palette.

Bedroom decor ideas: mirror mirror

Bedroom decor ideas

If you’re styling a bedroom for two little ones to share, take a cue from hotel design and pull together a matching look with two mirrored beds. A neutral color palette with subtle pops of color keeps this room looking and feeling tranquil. 

Bedroom decor ideas: fancy frame

Bedroom decor ideas

There’s no piece of bedroom decor quite as regal as a canopy bed. An angular, metal-framed option looks contemporary and cool — a great contrast to more ornate bedside tables and a dramatic, gilded light fixture.

Bedroom decor ideas: kaleidoscopic cool 

Bedroom decor ideas

A vivid pink area rug, an intricately wallpapered accent wall, and a few pigmented throw pillows come together to create a maximalist, bohemian-inspired bedroom. A white bedspread and simple nightstands help those patterns and colors really pop.

Bedroom decor ideas: wild touch

Bedroom decor ideas

With white walls, white bedding, and even a modern white nightstand, this bedroom looks sophisticated thanks to its simplicity. So, a black shearling-inspired rug and a zebra-printed throw pillow add in a bit of playfulness.

Bedroom decor ideas: light and airy

Bedroom decor ideas

The intricate, gray wallpaper of this bedroom provides a pretty foundation, against which a light blue bedframe — topped with peachy bedding — looks elevated. Like a breath of fresh air!

Bedroom decor ideas: easy elegance

Bedroom decor ideas

Sophisticated touches, like an upholstered bedframe, refined chandelier, and framed artworks, give this bedroom a luxurious finish, but a few modern accents — like two striking, nightstands — keep it feeling of-the-moment.

Bedroom decor ideas: natural textures

Bedroom decor ideas

A good piece of wall art can easily transform a bedroom — especially positioned just above a headboard. And you don’t have to stick to canvases or frames! Arranged together, a bunch of sisal baskets make an eye-catching element of this interior.

Bedroom decor ideas: tasteful tie-ins

Bedroom decor ideas

To create a harmonious bedroom, pay attention to how your artwork aligns with the rest of the space. In this interior, abstract black-and-white prints play up the graphic patterns of a quilt and throw pillows.

Bedroom decor ideas: secret storage

Bedroom decor ideas

Let your bedroom decor work harder for you! Interior Define’s Graham Upholstered Bed offers sneaky storage that makes it great for smaller spaces. Styled alongside a simple wooden side table, it’s effortlessly elevated.

Bedroom decor ideas: grandmillennial cool

Bedroom decor ideas

The woodland print of The Inside’s Slipcovered Bed gives off such a sweet, nostalgic look — but topped with a medley of throw pillows and styled with modern pieces of furniture, like a burl nightstand and a velvet ottoman, it feels perfect for the moment.

Bedroom decor ideas: tropical flare

Bedroom decor ideas

A good accent wallpaper can easily transform a room — especially when paired with glamorous bedroom decor, like a lucite-framed canopy bed, vibrant textiles, and textural accents, like a rattan table lamp. There’s just something about a palm leaf print!

Bedroom decor ideas: low profile

Bedroom decor ideas

No wall art, no problem — this organic modern bedroom makes a very compelling case for a simplistic approach. A gray bedframe, with an extended headboard, practically blends in with adjacent nightstands and the low-profile lamps atop them, for a grounded, relaxed look.

Bedroom decor ideas: bright spot

Bedroom decor ideas

An upholstered bedframe is a great piece of bedroom decor to give your space a luxurious feel — and you can emphasize it even more by arranging it against an accent wall, as in the case of this interior. A largely black-and-white palette makes the daring design look clean and modern.

Bedroom decor ideas: all-over drama 

Bedroom decor ideas

This one’s for the maximalists. Graphic-patterned armchairs, a modern chandelier, black curtains, and sculptural table lamps are all the definition of high-impact design. Thanks to this space’s edited color palette — and its commitment to going all-out — they all work together.

Bedroom decor ideas: built-in comfort

Bedroom decor ideas

One way to give a bedroom a high-end hotel feel: Install a built-in headboard that expands beyond the edges of the bed itself (think of it as upholstered wainscoting). Not only does it provide a dose of color, but it also makes the space look more dimensional.

Bedroom decor ideas: well-made bed

Bedroom decor ideas

A stunning bedspread may be all the color and pattern you need to make your bedroom feel inviting — but a few final touches are essential. An area rug that frames the bed itself gives the space a more “finished” look, as does a complementary piece of wall art. 

Bedroom decor ideas: precious things

Bedroom decor ideas

When decorating any bedroom — but especially a kid’s bedroom — special little details are key! A large map print above the bed and a decorative globe on a nightstand make inspiring touches for an aspiring traveler.

Bedroom decor ideas: something blue

Bedroom decor ideas

Never underestimate the power of a single accent color to make a room feel a bit more intentional. Navy bedroom decor — a throw, lumbar pillow, and area rug — give this interior a sense of cohesion.

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Words by Rebecca Deczynski