5 Interior Designers Share the Under-$30 Amazon Home Finds They Swear By

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WORDS BY Kelsey Clark

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Published on December 14, 2022

Love it or hate it, Amazon is a treasure trove of affordable, practical, and surprisingly elevated home finds. From organization and storage to decor, linens, and even furniture, the e-commerce giant is quickly becoming a go-to for all things home (and you can’t beat the Prime shipping, of course).

Unsurprisingly, Havenly designers have racked up more than a few Amazon home finds in their own order history — all of which are top-rated, personally vetted, and under $30. From the handy (rug tape, anyone?) to the decorative (budget-friendly vases and candle holders, coming right up), the following gems all have an interior designers’ seal of approval.

Ahead, shop 25 under-$30 Amazon home finds our design team actually uses, courtesy of Havenly’s own Kelsey Fischer, Heather Goerzen, Toussaint Derby, Brady Burke, and Kasee Smith.

Amazon Home Finds: Designer Kasee Smith

1. Leather Tray

Amazon home finds

This leather tray is a mainstay on my desk and my nightstand — it adds a touch of organization while still adding style points! I can’t recommend it enough.” – KS

2. Incense Burner

Amazon home finds

“This elevated burner is great for those who love incense and interior design in equal measure. It’s modern and sleek, and blends well with any design style. I have it on my TV stand!” – KS

3. Fluted Glasses

Amazon home finds

“These fluted glasses are a favorite — they make iced coffee drinks look so delicious! Plus, they look way more expensive than they actually are.” – KS 

4. Glass Plant Mister

Amazon home finds

“This little glass plant mister looks so much better sitting out in my living room than a standard plastic spray bottle. It elevates my entire plant care routine!” – KS

5. Candle Holder Set

Amazon home finds

I have these glass candle holders on my dining room table, and they’re just as beautiful in person. I love the warm amber color, especially paired with colorful tapers!” – KS

Amazon Home Finds: Designer Heather Goerzen

6. Design the Home You Love by Lee Mayer

Amazon home finds

“I know, we’re biased — but this coffee table book maybe the best gift you can give your home this year. It has all the designer tips and tricks to help you fulfill your home’s potential, and doubles as pretty decor.” – HG 

7. Ginger Jar

Amazon home finds

“I have this cute porcelain ginger jar in my kitchen and it was such a good buy! It’s incredibly high-quality, and I love the vintage, cottagecore touch it lends to my cookspace.” – HG

8. Pantry Baskets

Amazon home finds

“I have these wire baskets in my pantry and nearly every closet in my home. They’re such a great organization tool, and so sleek and affordable!” – HG 

9. Lint Shaver

Amazon home finds

“Pills be gone! This lint shaver from Conair is a godsend — it keeps my sofa (and sweaters) looking like new. It’s magic!” – HG

10. Outlet Remote Controls

Amazon home finds

“As a designer, I always recommend having two to four light sources per room, and these outlet remotes help me pull it off in my own home. Stash the clicker somewhere central, and it gives you Dumbledore-level powers (IYKYK).” – HG

Amazon Home Finds: Designer Brady Burke

11. Minimalist Wall Hooks

Amazon home finds

“Wooden hooks are typically expensive, and these are a welcome exception. I love how easy they are to install and the simple, chic touch they add to our closets, bathroom, and entryway.” – BB

12. Neutral Ceramic Vases

Amazon home finds

“Every home needs florals, and these neutral vases are the perfect way to add greenery and life to any space. I have them on a shelving unit in our living room.” – BB

13. Rug Tape

Amazon home finds

“We have these corner rug grippers all over our house. They’re especially helpful when you can’t use a rug pad, or when a door needs to open over a rug. They keep everything in place, are hardwood-friendly, and can be re-used!” – BB

14. Steamer

Amazon home finds

“Every home needs a steamer! From drapes to towels to bedding and obviously clothing, a steamer is a must-have home essential. This Amazon find is a workhorse, and so affordable.” – BB

15. Pot Organizer

Amazon home finds

“If you’re tired of fishing through pots, pans, and lids when attempting to make a quick dinner, these organizers are for you. They free up so much extra space in cabinets and cupboards — you’ll never go back!” – BB  

Amazon Home Finds: Designer Toussaint Derby

16. Drawer Pulls

Amazon home finds

“The best way to update small cabinets with minimal effort? Swap out the hardware. I love these modern, matte black drawer pulls and have them in our bathroom!” – TD

17. Bedside Carafe

Amazon home finds

“Stylish, functional items make me happy, and this carafe tops the list. I love the simplicity of the design, that the glass keeps the water crisp and fresh. It lives on my nightstand.” – TD

18. Ceramic Foaming Soap Dispensers

Amazon home finds

“I’m a hand soap fanatic, and currently in the process of teaching my son how to properly wash his hands. The foam lathers quickly, which he loves, and I love the sleek look of this dispenser set. Plus, they reduce plastic waste!” – TD

19. Washed Cotton Duvet Cover

Amazon home finds

“With family visiting during the holidays, you can never have too much bedding! This duvet set is 100% washed cotton, it comes in some lovely colors, and it has corner ties to keep your duvet in place. For the price, you can’t go wrong with this for yourself or guests.” – TD

20. Glass Taper Candle Holder

Amazon home finds

“I love the colored glass and fun shape of this candlestick holder. I use a set when hosting friends or family for dinner to up the whimsy factor.” – TD

Amazon Home Finds: Designer Kelsey Fischer

21. Gold Rechargeable Lighter

Amazon home finds

“You’ll always need a lighter, and this gold rechargeable beauty is not only more sustainable, it looks super chic. It lives in my TV room and I get so many compliments!” – KF

22. Turkish Cotton Kitchen Tea Towels

Amazon home finds

“I have these cotton tea towels in my kitchen and love them! I’d also use them in a guest bathroom or even gift them. They’re so handy and such a great, stylish staple.” – KF

23. Ceramic Hollow Donut Vase Set Amazon home finds

“This is such a good deal for a set of on-trend ceramic vases! They’re perfect for shelves or coffee tables, and so affordable. I have them in my living room and style each with a single stem.” – KF

24. Battery-Operated LED Picture Light

Amazon home finds

“Whether you’re renting or just want to skip the hassle of hardwiring (we get it), this LED battery-powered and remote-operated picture light is not only versatile and stylish, but so affordable.” – KF

25. Cotton Muslin Throw

Amazon home finds

“I’ve personally used this muslin throw in a lot of design projects, and it’s lovely. It’s light weight, comes in versatile colors, and really adds a touch of texture to your room or bed.” – KF

From top-notch Amazon home finds to perfecting room flow, our designers are chock-full of expert tips. Start with our style quiz to work with a design pro one-on-one.

Words by Kelsey Clark