30 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas Straight From the Minds of Interior Designers

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WORDS BY Rebecca Deczynski

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Published on November 1, 2023

As the place where you start and end each day, your bedroom should look and feel perfectly welcoming. And while you might have strong design opinions on core bedroom features, like your bed frame and bedding, figuring out what exactly to put on the walls can be more of a challenge. Lucky for you, Havenly lead designer Kelsey Fischer is here to help.

The reason that coming up with good bedroom wall decor ideas may be difficult is that there are just so many options to choose from: Do you go for a statement-making mirror, or hang up a bold piece of art? And how do you style your wall decor so that it feels elevated, purposeful, and in line with your sense of personal style? It can take a good eye to determine which bedroom wall decor ideas are right for your space, but styling your room is a lot easier when you have a good sense of your options.

That’s why Fischer has pulled together 22(!) styling ideas that can take your bedroom walls to the next level. These features can transform your bedroom into your own personal sanctuary. After all, who doesn’t want to wake up in the space of their dreams?

1. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: DIY a Headboard Wall

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

If you’re up for a reno, you can completely elevate your bedroom with a DIY built-in headboard (see our designer’s tutorial here). It can run wider than your nightstands or the full width of the wall to add dimension and color to your bedroom. We especially love this look when it’s upholstered in a statement hue, like this luxurious blue velvet.

2. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Go Minimal, But Purposeful

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

You don’t have to go all out to achieve a balanced wall decor look. You can add in just a few simple pieces, as long as you are purposeful and strategic about the size and placement. The colorful wall art in this space complements the patterned bedding.

3. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Layer Leaning Artwork

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

If you don’t want to make holes in your walls or just need a great place to start with wall decor, try leaning some layered pieces on your nightstand or dresser to give you some depth and richness to that area. Mix up the sizes and textures of your frames for an artful look. Discover our designer’s fail-proof art combos here.

4. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Play With Scale

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

A fun thing to do with wall art and decor in your bedroom is to play with the scale. A really oversized piece of artwork makes a unique addition to your bedroom walls, especially if you keep the rest of your walls fairly unadorned.

5. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Bring In a Floor Mirror

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

If you have an awkward corner or a darker wall recess, bring in a floor mirror. Not only is it a great way to check out your outfit each morning, it also reflects light to brighten up your space. Pick a mirror with an interesting frame to add in some texture.

6. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Keep it Neutral

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

If you want a calm and bright bedroom, keep your wall decor similar in tone and style. Simple art in a light wood frame makes for an eye-catching moment that doesn’t distract too much. 

7. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Create Impact with Wallpaper

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Maximalists, this one’s for you: For a rich, full look that doesn’t seem cluttered, opt for a patterned wallpaper. You can go light on the wall art (or skip it entirely) and your space will still look dynamic and exciting. 

8. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Add a Bedside Mirror

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

When placed strategically, a mirror can brighten up your space by reflecting light. In this room, a mirror over the nightstand brings symmetry and balance to the wall space over the bed. 

9. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Make it a Matching Set

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

A matching set of artworks can seriously refine your space. Stage them over a dresser, like in this bedroom, or hang them on an empty wall. Abstract pieces like these are a great way to add in bold patterns without committing to the whole room. 

10. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Play With Palette

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Colorful bedrooms can still feel tranquil and balanced, especially when leaning into calming greens and blues. Notice how the artwork pulls in green to complement the botanical wallpaper, but then adds in a pop of welcomed blue for a more dynamic moment.

11. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Install Wall Sconces

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Wall sconces are a great way to make your bedroom look instantly elevated. Plus, they’re functional, since they save space on small nightstands. For a more polished aesthetic, have an electrician hardwire your bedroom wall sconces (or catch our DIY $23 hack), but you can also opt for an exposed cord for a more laid-back, effortless approach.

12. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Go Woven

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Add some texture to your bedroom walls with the help of woven wall decor. These baskets, for instance, bring some welcome contrast and warmth to this bedroom.

13. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Display Your Passion

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Instead of keeping instruments tucked away in closets or cases, use them as bedroom wall decor—they’ll be in easy reach whenever you want to practice, and they’ll do double duty as intricate pieces of art in the meantime.

14. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Think Outside of the Box

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

No need to stick with framed prints or mirrors—more unexpected pieces of bedroom wall decor, like these wall-mounted sculptures, can make for a really dynamic, designer moment. 

15. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Create Contrast

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Especially if you have white walls, choose wall decor that delivers a bold impact— like a high-contrast diptych. The dark frames of these moody floral prints complement the black bed frame and also help to draw the eye upwards.

16. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Utilize the Space You Have

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

If you have a smaller, functional bedroom wall space, lean into utilitarian decor moments that blend form and function. This bedside ledge may be teeny, but it creates visual interest with books, a floral accent, and a wall-mounted light—impressive! 

17. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Add Decorative Shelving

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Decorative shelving makes it easy to showcase personal items and smaller design details. It’s a great option for bedrooms with a large, blank wall, and helps add vertical interest to your space. Plus, you can easily create a cozy bedroom reading room moment, so you can curl up with your latest page-turner before bedtime.

18. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Repeat It

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Create an impactful gallery wall moment featuring simple repetition of a similar visual theme. Notice how the graphic line drawings, bold black frames, and asymmetrical layout makes your bedroom wall decor feel more modern and fresh.

19. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Mix & Match

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

It’s time to bust a design myth: symmetry isn’t everything. The asymmetrical art arrangement in this bedroom is untraditional and exciting—but it’s not so bold that it overwhelms the room in the slightest. 

20. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Go Vertical

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Especially if you have a large headboard, arranging framed artwork above your nightstands can spotlight your bed beautifully. The simple black and white art in this space plays well off the matching bedding.

21. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Consider Statement Drapes

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Curtains can serve as both a beautiful, and functional, bedroom wall decor. They add lovely texture and movement to your space, while also an opportunity to weave in color and pattern. But don’t forget our essential designer rule when it comes to curtains: hang them high and wide for a more elevated look.

22. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Let a Bold Headboard Shine

Bedroom wall decor ideas | Bedroom design inspiration

Don’t want to invest in countless decorative knick-knacks to fill up bedroom wall space? Simply invest in a statement patterned headboard, like this Modern Wingback Bed in Multi Bamboo Garden upholstery, and let it shine. The printed headboard not only doubles as wall decor, but it sets the entire aesthetic tone for the space — especially with a complementary paint color on the walls.

23. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Display a Canvas

Bedroom wall decor ideas | Bedroom design inspiration

For a more creative, unique take on standard wall art, consider buying or thrifting a pretty easel and displaying a favorite work of art (bonus points if you or a loved one paint yourself!). When placed in an empty corner, like in the above bedroom, it fills up the space in a more interesting, eye-catching way. Plus, we love the addition of wood for a mixed-material accent.

24. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Paint an Accent Wall

Bedroom wall decor ideas | Bedroom design inspiration

While our thoughts on accent walls are ever-evolving a bit complex, sometimes it just works. In this smaller bedroom with sloped ceilings, the black high-gloss paint feels design-forward and edgy. Paired with a black patterned bed frame and neutral bedding, the finished look is unique and perfect for a fun guest bedroom.

25. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Embrace Push Pins

Bedroom wall decor ideas | Bedroom design inspiration

Whether you’re decorating a kid or teen’s bedroom or your very own rental apartment, push pins are a great way to play with decor and ephemera without damaging the walls. Hang a pin board with command strips and decorate it with photos and heirlooms, or pin up some fun tassel garland. This aesthetic route is particularly fitting above a desk for more of a mood board look.

26. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Add a Statement Plant

Bedroom wall decor ideas | Bedroom design inspiration

A statement plant that reaches at least four feet off the ground can easily function as bedroom wall decor. When placed in a corner in front of textured curtains, like in the above bedroom, the branches add a little color and create a sculptural moment reminiscent of actual artwork. When in doubt, add a plant stand to take your greenery to new heights!

27. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Style Mis-Matched Nighstands

Bedroom wall decor ideas | Bedroom design inspiration

For a slightly eclectic look that feels more interesting than picture-perfect symmetry, consider mis-matched nightstands. Go all-out with contrasting furniture styles, decor, and even table lamps to create unique vignettes that double as bedroom wall decor.

28. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Curate a Gallery Wall

Bedroom wall decor ideas | Bedroom design inspiration

If you’re dealing with a large, blank wall in a spacious main bedroom, consider a gallery wall above a bed, dresser, or vanity to efficiently fill up space. We love the asymmetric yet balanced look of the above vignette — while the frames and layout feel mis-matched, the color palette and photography style ties the look together.

29. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Draw the Eye Up

Bedroom wall decor ideas | Bedroom design inspiration

Installing a fun light fixture — particularly set against bold, all-over paint — is a quick and easy way to make a statement in a pinch. We love how the warm rattan pops against the bold black walls and ceiling in the above bedroom — it’s simple but incredibly effective.

30. Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas: Play with Wall Moulding

Bedroom wall decor ideas | Bedroom design inspiration

From picture moulding (seen above) to board and batten, wainscoting, and beyond, wall moulding is an excellent way to add texture and visual interest to a space. Picture moulding in particular leans timeless Victorian if you’re into that classic, city brownstone feel!

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Words by Rebecca Deczynski