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Giving your bedroom the bohemian treatment can make you feel like you’ve traveled around the world from the comfort of your bed. The eclectic, vibrant, and rich design combines the relaxed spirit of a jet-setter with the inspirational eye of an interior designer. 

The only draw-back? Too much bohemian inspiration can make your bedroom feel like a flea market. To bridge the delicate balance between too much and not enough world traveler vibes, follow these five tips designer tips.

Start With a Clean Slate

Bohemian design is all about vibrant colors and patterns. But, to avoid the design getting too busy, start fresh with a neutral shade on the walls. A white, gray, or somewhere in between can create the perfect canvas for your art across the room. Don’t worry about a bright or loud color on the walls—let your design shine in the decor instead.

Embrace Luxe Fabrics

Incorporate luxe, tactile fabrics as a layer in your bedroom design. A rich velvet reading chair or settee perfectly compliments the patterned pillows and throws you’ll pile on top of it. Pick a bold, dark color such as royal blue or deep midnight purple for a funky and eclectic design moment.

Layer Similar Bright, Bold Patterns

A hallmark of bohemian design is layering prints to create a playful moment in the space. You can layer pillows on the bed, or throws on a chair. The key to layering patterns in bohemian design is keeping it carefree and playful. Don’t worry about color schemes matching up perfectly. Keep a few colors consistent across each element, but switch things up with different sizes, patterns, or shapes.

Mix Materials

The bohemian design draws inspiration from a variety of styles, so you don’t have to feel limited to using one type of material in furniture and accessories. Similar to layering patterns in your textiles, you can layer wooden desks with metal accessories, pairing it with a natural fiber chair and metallic mirror.

Create an Escape with Greenery and Plants

Including houseplants in your bohemian bedroom design creates a feeling of a lush, tropical getaway. Not only do plants make the air fresher, but they’ll also lend another layer to the room. If you’ve got a green thumb, pull in lots of plants of different sizes, shapes, and textures. Bring in a tall dracaena marginata to add dimension and liven up a drab corner in the room. Make your plant collection even more appealing with fun and varied pots.  

Thumb not so green? Don’t shy away from a few strategically placed artificial plants for easy care. 

Bohemian design is a fun and care-free style for your bedroom. The key to nailing bohemian bedrooms is taking risks, having fun, and layering finds for a lush place to rest each night. 

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Words by Emma Diehl