11 Chic Desk Decor Ideas For a More Inspired Workspace (And Home)

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WORDS BY Rebecca Deczynski

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Published on September 13, 2022

When it comes to desk decor items, it doesn’t have to be all work and no play. When you have a well-designed space where you actually enjoy spending time, sitting down to knock out your to-do list can actually feel pretty enjoyable.

Not to mention, the right desk decor ideas can have some tangible benefits. For instance, did you know that there’s research that shows that indoor plants can help increase productivity? And there are plenty of practical decor decisions that help you stay organized, like pinboards and decorative boxes. It’s all about form and function.

If you’ve been wanting to give your desk a quick and easy refresh, now is a perfect time. Think of it as a fun project to take on during back-to-school season—whether or not you, or anyone else in your household, is headed back to the classroom. After all, who doesn’t love an excuse to buy some fresh office supplies?

These desk decor ideas from Havenly designer Kelsey Fischer will help you to elevate your workspace and create your perfect home office.

1. Plants & Greenery

Desk decor ideas

There’s nothing like a few plants to make your work environment feel fresh. They’re a welcome pop of life year-round, but especially welcoming as we get into colder months. If you’re a plant beginner, try a hard-to-kill option like a pothos.

2. Meaningful Momentos

Desk decor ideas

Your desk is a great place to arrange all your favorite trinkets and mementos—souvenirs from your travels, small heirlooms, and artful ceramics. They might just be the thing to spark your inspiration!

3. Artful Lighting

Desk decor ideas

“Nothing adds more design flare to a desk than an artful lamp,” Fischer says. Look for something special, whether it’s sculptural, funky, or timeless. Not to mention, it will keep your workspace nice and well-lit.

4. Decorative Storage

Desk decor ideas

It can be hard to keep your workspace organized, especially if you have a lot of papers, office supply, and the like—that’s why decorative boxes can be a total game-changer. Just tuck anything you don’t immediately need out of sight!

5. Aesthetic Stationery

Desk decor ideas

Your office supplies don’t have to be boring! And if you want your desk to look extra-nice, these little details can have a big impact. Deliberately select notebooks, pens, and more that all speak to your own personal style.

6. Inspiring Books

Desk decor ideas

No matter your field of work, having a good selection of coffee table books in easy reach can help you feel inspired. Plus, they also add texture and height to your desk decor—they’re great as a layering element! 

7. Chic Picture Frames

Desk decor ideas

“Nothing is better than seeing your friends and family displayed beautifully on your desk,” Fischer says. To make your favorite photos look even better, put them in statement picture frames that will make them pop.

8. Layered Artwork

Desk decor ideas

Adding a larger piece of artwork behind your computer monitor can add dimension to your desk. If your style errs on the side of minimalist, opt for a simple work of art, like the line art portrait in this design. And if you’re a maximalist, feel free to go a bit bolder! 

9. Leather Tech Accessories

Desk decor ideas

Swap your mouse pad for a larger leather desk pad for a stylish touch. Not only will it help protect your desk against scuffs and scratches, it will also create a super-sophisticated, textured look (bonus points if it matches your desk chair!). 

10. Decorative Storage

Desk decor ideas

If you have a smaller desk, you probably don’t have all the storage space you could use. So, set a decorative box or basket (like this one) beside it to tuck away any clutter, like extra notebooks, paperwork, and the like.

11. Inspiration Pinboards

Desk decor ideas

A classic pinboard is a great place to organize your thoughts, but it can also function as an easy-to-update moodboard. Plus, you can use it to display sweet mementos, like children’s artwork and cards.

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Words by Rebecca Deczynski