18 Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas Sure to Impress Your Guests

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WORDS BY Sara Watson

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Published on October 12, 2021

“A feast for the eyes” takes on a whole new meaning when talking about dining room decor. It’s a space you not only use daily, but is where you wine and dine your guests — so your dining area has to balance that precise mix of everyday beauty and entertaining-worthy appeal. While we could go on and on about the best dining tables and chairs (and we have, by the way), today we’re excited to dish on our favorite dining room wall decor ideas (well, 18 ideas, to be exact).

So, what’s on the menu? A mix of sculptural elements, textures, graphic black and white, diptychs, and so much more. There’s truly something special for every dining space and taste.

1. Opt for a Layered Console

dining room sideboard

There’s no better place to feature a statement console or sideboard than your dining room. You can spotlight favorite works of art, leaning them directly on the walls for a more layered appeal, adding in lamps, florals or greenery (bonus points for foraging elongated branches from your own backyard), and other decor for a stylized vignette.

2. Add Abstract Art

dining room abstract art

If your style skews modern or even classic, consider a singular, abstract piece. It needs to be oversized to anchor the eye, and choose tones that feel cohesive with the room’s existing design scheme. Abstract landscapes in particular can add a sense of calm while still offering enough visual interest.

3. Dining-Worthy Diptych

dining room diptych

A diptych is a longstanding approach where the artist creates a scene across two corresponding panels. These pieces are usually larger, taking up a lot of real estate on the wall to create a dramatic statement. Since the dining room is often a designated hosting space, you can — and should! — embrace a bolder look.

4. Small Pieces in a Linear Series

dining room wall decor series

A linear series is a structured arrangement of related images. Not only is it an eye-catching artistic moment, but it’s a great way of adding a personal touch to the space while working with what you might already have on hand. A few ideas: frame photos, favorite pages from books, or stationery like letters, postcards, or even lovely invitations.

5. Go for a Gallery Wall

dining room gallery wall

If you want to create a focal point above a dining room buffet table, consider the always-sure-to-impress gallery wall. Our experts suggest working within a color palette that ties the room together and highlighting pieces you personally love (be it discovered on travels, curated from local vintage shops, or a more eclectic mix and match approach). Need even more tips? Check out three surefire ways to make your gallery wall shine (with step-by-step tutorials), as well as our tried-and-true designer do’s and don’ts.

6. Spotlight a Sculptural Piece

dining room sculptural art

Whether it’s a large-scale piece or several smaller pieces arranged in gallery style (see above), lean into a more dimensional piece of art that (quite literally) stands out in the space. Think papier mache sculptures, wall baskets, thick woven tapestries, and other freeform additions.

7. Mirror, Mirror

dining room mirror

Mirrors reflect light, creating the illusion of a larger space. Circular, square, rectangular, ornate — all shapes and sizes are welcome. Use a frame in a finish that adds some contrast to your dining room, and reiterate that same finish in at least one or two other places for a sense of visual balance. Put simply: if you have brass table silverware, go for a brass mirror. Matte black accessories? Try a similar black mirror.

8. Curated Collection

dining room cabinet

Another bold idea is to ditch artwork and accessories altogether, opting for a statement furniture piece instead. Whether a singular bookcase for a stylized vignette, or a more expansive feature, it adds depth, dimension, and vertical interest to your dining room. Curate your glassware or wine collection (great talking point for dinner parties), or use to highlight personal mementos, heirloom artifacts, and favorite books for a layered, intriguing aesthetic.

9. Top Shelf Moment

dining room open shelving

We’re all for an open shelving moment in your dining area, especially when featuring reclaimed woods with all the rustic character. Use it to display your favorite cooking ware and plateware, from stacked china to dutch ovens, and of course, a cake stand or two. Pro tip: work within a cohesive color scheme that nods back to the room itself.

10. Textural Statement

dining room textured walls

Sometimes leaving your dining room walls unadorned, but decked out in an on-trend texture, is the best move. Whether you makeover all walls, or highlight an accent area, there are so many ways you can add character and drama simply through wall treatment. Consider embracing the limewash trend for an organic look, install molding in a geometric pattern for an architectural feature, or feature a statement wallpaper (whether relaxed and refined, or more bold and luxe).

11. Photo Finish

dining room photography

Do you have a cherished photo? Consider enlarging it (travel or architectural photography works well in a dining room), then print it in muted tones or even black and white, for a more dreamy and chic quality. Full color works well, too, just make sure it complements your overarching palette within your space (notice a theme there?).

12. Show Off Vintage Finds

dining room vintage art

Create a timeless look with a vintage find. We’re partial to portraits, landscapes, and even botanical prints. A little insider trick: consider reframing a vintage print in a more modern frame. It’s the best of both worlds.

13. Sconce Style

dining room sconce

We believe lighting is one of those wonderful form-meets-function decor elements, and certainly is a great way to dress up your blank walls. For the dining room, consider sconces. Whether a more classic and understated style, or something a bit more funky and dramatic, it adds a sculptural detail to your walls and also helps create an ambiance (dimmers approved). Either flank a central piece of art, mirror, or windows, or space evenly around your walls.

14. Green Dream

dining room plants

If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful view from your dining room, there’s no need for statement art (at least during daylight hours). But if your room lacks an alluring vista, don’t overlook the power of a tall plant. It’ll draw the eye up and add organic interest to an otherwise-empty wall space.

15. Think Outside the Frame

dining room wall basket

There are so many different forms of wall decor beyond artwork itself. Wall baskets, large plates, woven objects or tapestries add depth and dimension while simultaneously making for a beautiful wall feature. This works especially well for more boho and global-inspired dining rooms.

16. Draped to Perfection

dining room drapes

And don’t forget curtains and window treatments. They add texture and fullness to your dining room walls, creating a more seamless and put together look.

17. Black and White

black and white glam dining room

When in doubt, go with black and white photography or artwork. Bonus: if you change up your dining room furniture later, your artwork will likely still work! 

18. Embrace Asymmetry

dining room asymmetrical artwork

In case you missed it, we shared all of our thoughts on how to pull off the art of asymmetrical balance in interior design. And this dining room is case in point on why you should consider it for your room. Rather than featuring a central piece of art, or even a series, consider anchoring a signature piece off to one side of the room, balancing it with a potted plant or bar cart on the other side.

Dine out on even more great styling ideas when you match with your own personal interior designer.

Words by Sara Watson