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Spring always puts me in a mood for change and progress. The air is beginning to feel warm, the sun is out just a little bit later, and as I emerge from winter hibernation, suddenly I hate everything in my house and need to fix it ASAP! Unfortunately, I’m not blessed with the kind of home decor budget that allows for seasonal redecoration, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make small changes to switch up the feel of my space. So, I’ve been looking everywhere for inspiration. I’m in the mood for something fresh!

Like any millennial, I turned to my favorite social media platform, Instagram, to search for design ideas. Going down that black hole resulted in some great new accounts to follow. Here are my newest Instagram design crushes, fresh for spring!

Tessa Neustadt

👌🏻 @dekorla

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Tessa’s feed is full of neutral interior shots and lots of bright white. I love her use of negative space in vignettes like this- it feels more modern than a close-packed gallery wall. Plus, she’s inspiring me to mix wood tones for a naturally elegant feel. I’m especially loving this blonde bench. Her fashion is also on point, so you’re killing two birds with one stone if you throw her a follow.

Jenny Komenda

Jenny Komenda is an OG design blogger, but I’m just now following her Instagram so I don’t care. I really like her unusual color and pattern combinations, and the way she deftly mixes traditional pieces with more modern silhouettes. It appeals to the classic East Coast vibes I grew up in, but feels like a playful twist. Plus, she uses olive green a lot in her spaces, and that’s my favorite color.


Tiina Treasure

So showering has been nice, but I miss my bed. Maybe it was all the First 48 or maybe just a different mattress but I woke up soooo many times in a mini “where am I” panic. I suppose that’s how I really know my college days are behind me. That’s a joke about being drunk and waking up in random places. In case you needed clarification. 🍻 . . So tonight we can (allegedly) go home to a functioning toilet. Rumor is the floors are in and tile is going up today AND I HAVE SEEN NONE OF IT. In one way it’s good that I can’t DI-Obsess but in another way it just stokes my fears that others will screw it all up. Because I’m an asshole (slash perfectionist) that can’t trust anyone. Even professionals. 🤦🏼‍♀️ . . Anyhow. Those all all my deep dark secrets and unfounded fears for the day. What about yours? 🖤 . . . . . . . . . #itsadecorthing #howyouhome #instahomeflavor #apartmenttherapy #theeverygirlathome #ourtruehaven #hometohave #simplystyleyourspace #decorcrushing #decorthatmakesmesmile #doingneutralright #littleaccountlove #sweetsimplehome #seasonsofsimplicity #ambularinteriorsaintgotnothingonme #showusyourhygge #smallspacesquad #thenowlook #homeinspo #interiorwarrior #earthinspiredhome #mypotterybarn #handmademodernhome #beckiowensfeature #curateyourcasa #thelighthome #oursimplydecoratedhome #decorhashtagfeed #inmydomaine #mycuratedaesthetic

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Tiina is a Brooklynite whose Instagram account is full of artistically staged photos of her apartment. It feels attainable yet super stylish, and is a great primer on design for renters. I love her taste in art and the color scheme of the home– it’s full of dramatically painted walls. Plus, her collection of vintage rugs is to die for! She’s also really creative about incorporating functional storage into a small space, which is something everyone can use.


We Live Here Now

we live here now. somedays l am so filled to the brim with joy over the whole thing that l don’t know what to do with myself. my hands are so full of it and l don’t know where to set it all down, so l put some on the mantle next to our wedding photos. l clip some off and arrange them in tiny vases all over the house – one by each sink, one on the kitchen table, one on your nightstand, one by the work bench in the garage, just because l can, because l have that much. l roll it out real thin and lay it over the quilt on our bed. l grind it up and fill the whole bathtub with piping hot water, epsom salt, and glittering joy. l pour you a glass of the stuff when you get home from work. l drink it straight down first thing in the morning. l keep it in a carafe on my side of the bed. l bake it into a cake and cover it in strawberries. l plant it in the garden and watch our love grow. l write it on a sticky note and put it on the fridge. l paint it above the doorway so you’ll never forget “WE ARE SO HAPPY HERE.” l put your face between my hands and say it over and over “l love you, l love you, l love you” and l do, l do, l do.

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Okay, sue me, this isn’t an interior design account. BUT it is both visually inspirational for those of us who love old homes (aka me), and creatively inspiring for those of us who love to write (also me). Each post is a photo of a home accompanied by a micro-story in the caption. Some are happy, some are tearjerkers, and others make you really think. This account also makes for great scrolling because you really want to read each caption. Save it for a long wait at an airport!

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