Try These Designer Tricks for Hiding Electrical Cords

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Published on February 28, 2016

Our ever-digital world keeps us connected. It puts the wealth of human knowledge at our fingertips, and it ensures we’re never far from expert help when designing a space. But, no matter how on point your design game is, all those wires can be an eyesore. Before you resign yourself to living amongst the cables and cords, check out these clever design tips to hide your cords and cables like a design expert.

How To Hide Cords and Cables

1. Hide Your Router In A Decorative Box

how to hide electrical cords how to hide electrical cords how to hide electrical cords how to hide electrical cords

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Whether your style leans toward the modern, classic, contemporary, or eclectic, it’s unlikely that an internet router fits your decorating vision. Instead of staring at that ugly black box, cut a hole in a prettier container for cords, and place the router inside. This feat of design magic takes only minutes to accomplish and can easily integrate into your room’s feel.

2. Charge Your Devices In A Drawer Or Box

hiding electrical cords

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hiding electrical cords

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Power strips are another designer. To hide away the usual power strip mess, use nails or command strip to mount the power strip in a drawer, box, or even to the back of your furniture. Charging our devices is a necessity, but with this style hack, watching the process doesn’t have to be.

3. Hook Cables To Furniture

hiding electrical cords hiding electrical cords

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Power cords are especially necessary for artificial lighting. But, that random cord running off of every end table, side table, and shelf can be irritating. Instead of letting them hang limp, tape or velcro the cord down a leg. You can even paint the cord the same color as the furniture to disguise it further. While the cord is still there, it’s much less of an eyesore.

4. Hide Desk Cables Behind Cabinet Doors

hiding electrical cords

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Desks come with a big tangle of power cords. That’s why we love desks with a back panel, which can help hide the mess. But, if you don’t already have one, you can create your own with some wood (even cabinet doors work) and a bit of paint. We love the way this hack incorporates the style of your desk to blend into the room’s tones and textures.

If you’re looking around your space and realize that unsightly cables are the least of your problems, it might be time to consider your design options. And with Havenly, you’re never far from connecting with an interior designer that will get you into your dream room.