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If we could welcome 2021 into our homes with a hot cup of tea and open arms, boy, would we. Hello, 2021. Sooo nice to meet you! Come inside, take a seat and a good look around.

We’ve already started refreshing the place in your honor, 2021, because we know that an inspiring, well-designed space can make us feel so much better. And after 2020, well…

Consider these 21 fresh ways to refresh your home in 2021. You can achieve any of them without major spending, a huge investment of time or serious elbow grease. 

Here’s to a happy new year at home!

Shop Your Home

Repurpose goods you have on hand to create new and interesting vignettes. Maybe an old wooden chair becomes a side table, an oversized serving bowl gets displayed on bookshelves or tapered candlesticks find a new home on the mantle. Play around with what you have on hand, rearranging, editing and most importantly, just having fun.

Hit Refresh on Your WFH Space

You spend so much time there, you might as well make your office or desk a little prettier and more primed for productivity. Turn a bud vase or handcrafted mug into a container for pencils and pens. A dainty tea cup can hold paper clips. A beautiful tray can contain other odds and ends.

Upgrade Your Hardware

Swap out cabinet hardware in your kitchen or bathroom. Or change the pulls on a chest of drawers or vanity.

Toss in Some New Throw Pillows

Stained, permanently squished or just plain sad throw pillows don’t belong in your life anymore. Pick up a few new pillows and don’t be afraid to mix different styles — tapestry, fabric, faux fur, needlepoint — for a visual festival of color and texture.

Trade Out Your Textiles

Switching textiles is one of the easiest ways to infuse new life, style and personality into your space. You can emphasize a new color palette or introduce new patterns through subtle changes in throws, or even swap your area rug if you’ve got a little saved up. (If your throw blankets or throw rugs have seen better days, consider donating them to an animal shelter, where they will be put to cozy good use by very good dogs.)

Swap Your Bed Linens

With so much time spent at home, now is definitely the time to create a peaceful bedroom retreat. Consider getting a new duvet or coverlet, adding a knitted throw to the foot of your bed or upping your pillow game for a fresh new look.

Head in a New Headboard Direction

Paint, wallpaper or refinish your current headboard or hang a new piece of statement art behind your bed.

Bring in the Green

Adding elements from the natural world to your home will boost your mood and create a more calming environment. Science says so. So make this the year to feature potted plants.

Living room with teal accent wall

Pick Flowers

Make it a habit to display fresh-cut florals. It doesn’t have to be a fancy florist arrangement. A go-to designer hack is arranging a bunch of the same stems (think hydrangeas, peonies or tulips) in a vase for a simple yet elegant touch. Or you lean into stems of greenery for a more organic feel.

Discover Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

It’s easier to use than you think, and it’s not just for walls. Use it to refresh a lacquer tray, a bookshelf, a set of drawers or even a staircase.

Revisit Your Bookshelves

There is so much that can be done to elevate your home aesthetic through simple styling tricks, starting with the perfect shelfie. Tackle your shelves using these designer secrets: 

  • Remove the jackets from hardcover books for a cleaner and more sophisticated visual. 
  • Arrange books horizontally and vertically for variety. 
  • Group books by similar colors — not rainbow style — to create a cohesive visual.  
  • Layer decor objects into your bookshelves. Vases, picture frames and candles add depth and dimension.

Swap Lighting

Changing out lighting fixtures is one of the biggest ways to create an impact in your space, whether you own or rent. Swap your existing pieces for a statement pendant or glam chandelier that can help you see your space in a whole new light. Literally.

Invest in Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are a designer’s best styling friend. They fill in a space and add height variety to a vignette. And, they’re budget-friendly when you don’t buy them new. Our “works for every style” favorites include Made for Living by Amber Lewis, Live Beautiful by Athena Calderone, Pacific Natural by Jenni Kayne and Houses: Atelier AM by Alexandra and Michael Misczynski.

Style a Bar Cart

If you have an unused corner or sparse wall in your home that could use some love, consider introducing a stylish bar cart, and garnishing it with stylish mixology accoutrements, for visual interest. 

Treat Yourself to a New Candle

A fresh aroma cues a fresh start. 

Go for Granny Chic

The granny chic trend is going strong into 2021. Do you have any beloved family pieces tucked into closets that could make a space feel more personable or homey? Now is the time to display them and add an element of story to your space.

Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

Your “me time” deserves an upgrade, too. Pick up that bathtub caddy, that plush robe, those new fluffy towels or that indulgent bath product you keep thinking about to help create a spa-like experience.

Subtract, Don't Add

A good home edit makes any space feel more spacious, better organized and a little new again. 

minimalist interior designs

Enjoy Touches of Christmas All Year Long

Don’t put away the holiday decorations just yet. If you have non-traditional ornaments that you love, why not display them year-round? Gather silvered balls and mirrored globes in a bowl for a centerpiece that overflows with nostalgia. Drape a beaded garland along a fireplace mantel or chandelier, or use it to tie back curtains. String white lights wherever your space could use a little sparkle.

Keep Colors Simple

Stick to a simple color scheme when styling a coffee table, a console or shelf by gathering items from several rooms that share the same color scheme. Picture the drama and sophistication of a styling moment in a single neutral shade with a sole pop of color.

Hang a Gallery Wall

Don’t just dream about it, do it!

Embrace a new look for a new year with the help of a Havenly designer. The first step: take our style quiz

Words by Staci Sturrock