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Havenly's Top Interior Designers in Denver

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Robyn Pleggenkuhle
Available in over a month
No matter the specific aesthetic, I love marrying form and function in an attempt to create spaces that feel elegant, enlivened, easy and engaging. I enjoy partnering with my clients to pull together different style inspirations with the needs of their space to create a look and feel that's all their own.
Sydney Stetzel
Available in over a month
I love design that is deeply personal: mixing and matching to fit the needs of the space and the people spending time in it. A combination of different elements is the best way to accomplish that personal touch, so I focus on getting the right materials, textures, colors and shapes over sticking to only one design style.
Sarah Gruenewald
Available in over a month
I believe how you decorate a space is a form of self-expression in a way. You can tell a lot about a person by what they put in their home - whether it be artwork, a color scheme, or a collection of decorative pieces. I appreciate different design styles and finding a way to mix more than one. A functional space equates to a comfortable space, and helping my clients reach their design goals is one of my favorite feelings.
Taylor Gold West
Available in over a month
I love the midcentury modern aesthetic that has become popular over the last several years. This is the style I use to decorate my own home and I love how flexible it is. I think it is a great combination of new and old and allows you to have a wide variety of styles and colors in your space without having to stick to strictly one furniture type, etc.
Alexis Gonzales
Available in over a month
My favorite design aesthetic is Scandinavian. I love the warm and cozy vibe that is created with warm neutral color pallets and soft organic textures. Plus all the plants!
Stephanie Rice
Available in over a month
I love the clean lines of Mid Century Modern and Scandinavian design. I love to use natural elements in my designs with lots of texture and warmth without business or clutter. I love to gain inspiration from nature, and I am not afraid of color. I spent about 8 years in Albuquerque New Mexico so southwestern elements also always pull at my heart strings, and I am a true Pisces fish with a love of the water!
Halley Ross
Available next week
I love transitional spaces with unique textures to add interest. I love mixing patterns and colors to bring personality and fun to any room! Most of all I love a comfortable space that will bring you joy whenever you are in it.
Alexandra Schlitt
Available next week
This is a tough question, because I have especially loved to explore and experiment through my designs, professionally. But personally, I love clean and calm surroundings. I gravitate towards warm neutrals, modern minimalism, and texture. Mixing natural elements and textures is one of the ways I bring warmth into a room.
Kylie Sanford
Available in 2 weeks
I admire so many different design styles! My favorite esthetic is eclectic because I mix old and new pieces to bring out the personality of a home. I love playing with colors and texture, so my designs lean towards bohemian. I also have a great appreciation for midcentury modern furniture, and it's ability to anchor and balance a room.
Lydia De La Garza
Available in 2 weeks
My favorite design aesthetic is Eclectic. I love bringing together things that shouldn't work together, but just do! This style allows individuals to express more of their personality in their space, and if they love something, it will show in the design.
Christa Baradat
Available next week
While I don't limit exercising my joy for decorating in all styles I personally love the geometric design behind Art Deco. I also enjoy transitional because it challenges me to create more than one style into a design.
McKenna Johnston
Available next week
My favorite design aesthetic is a modern farmhouse with natural colors and minimalistic decor and furniture. I love a room that looks cozy and inviting with a lot of natural light and elements.

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In order to use the title "Certified/Registered Interior Designer," a person must be licensed. Each state has its own rules and restrictions.

An Interior designer creates functional, beautiful spaces tailored to your unique needs, style, and budget. At Havenly, our interior designers are here to help you bring your dream home to life.

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