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Havenly's Top Interior Designers in Los Angeles

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Tara Stallion
Available in over a month
Bohemian/Scandinavian are by far my favorite design aesthetics, as they bring a clean and bright look to any room. I love beginning with a neutral palette and adding pops of color and greenery throughout the space.
Ashley Yonan
Available in over a month
I love creating bespoke interiors that interpret design with fresh eyes and give each aesthetic its own special twist. Exceptional design lies in the details so I gravitate toward designing extraordinary interiors that feel effortlessly liveable, combining materials that create dimension and interest while curating a cohesive environment.
Shahana Behbahany
Available in over a month
Filling a space with different textures, shapes, and colors, all while keeping a space uncluttered, cohesive and calm is what I'm about.
Marisol Lazcano
Available in 4 weeks
Aesthetics, mood boards, palettes and themes are just a few of my favorite things! From boho chic to glitz and glam, I love any interior that is inviting, warm and flows! A home must be personal and a true reflection of our individuality. I love seeing how personal styles are reflected in the spaces we spent the most time in.
Roxanna Westover
Available in 4 weeks
I love helping turn houses into homes by creating beautiful and unique spaces for every person. Creating a space that is elevated but still cozy is important to me. I love seeing how a space can come to life when you add the right pieces making it your perfect space.
Meagan Hallen
Available in over a month
My favorite design aesthetic is a mix of vintage Eclectic with a sprinkle of Classic that has a functional and homey Transitional flair! I am also happy designing with other styles, such as Vintage and Minimal. I love a space where I can mix classic and timeless pieces with modern or eclectic unexpected statement pieces to fully encapsulate all the possibilities of the client's space. I like spaces that tell a story with the use of patterns, textures, and pops of colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

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In order to use the title "Certified/Registered Interior Designer," a person must be licensed. Each state has its own rules and restrictions.

An Interior designer creates functional, beautiful spaces tailored to your unique needs, style, and budget. At Havenly, our interior designers are here to help you bring your dream home to life.

When choosing an interior designer, it's important to identify your style, look at designer portfolios, set a budget, and have an open mind!